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“Stop!” Xie Qingyun had picked himself up, wiping the blood off his face, his expression minacious as he ordered, “Hand the woman over to him!”

Then he glared at Yun Yang murderously as he spat, “Yun Yang, you’re doomed! To a.s.sault an officer of the imperial court, you are doomed I say!”

Yun Yang sneered coldly, “My doom has nothing to do with you. I’ll count to three. If n.o.body is handed over, then it is your doom that you should be concerned about.” Yun Yang’s gaze was icy, piercing right into Xie Qingyun.

Xie Qingyun could feel the deadly intent within Yun Yang’s eyes. Somehow, he knew that his death would be near at hand should he not hand the woman over!

This man in front of him was a lunatic! He was utterly confused. This was but a crippled veteran who lost an arm and had other injuries on his body; there was nothing on him that was worth salvaging. Moreover, he was not even related to Yun Yang. What madness would compel this man to turn berserk as he had? His actions were as violent as his decisions were rash. It was almost as if it were Yun Yang’s own wife that had been taken captive.

Was there really a need to resort to such violence? Xie Qingyun could not comprehend the entire episode and why it had even occurred.

Shortly, a distraught but beautiful young woman was brought out, breaking into tears as soon as she saw Chen San. Chen San went forth quickly and took her into his embrace, comforting her gently, “It’s alright, don’t be scared.”

A throng of guards and servants of the Xie Residence looked on, none of them daring to move a muscle. Chen San and his wife then turned and kneeled down on the ground. “Thank you, young master, for your kindness that is high as the heavens and as thick as the earth!”

Yun Yang frowned and told them curtly, “Leave, quickly. Bring your wife home and live well. You are a man among men, your obeisance is unbecoming.”

Chen San puffed out his chest and said, “Chen San will not leave! Young master has put himself at great risk Chen San today, how can Chen San just leave? Whatever you have done, it was caused by Chen San. Don’t worry, young master, I, Chen San, shalt not let young master a.s.sume this responsibility for me!”

Despite the tense atmosphere, Yun Yang could not help but chuckle, “What is this about a.s.suming responsibility? Would I have dared to make such a big fuss if I didn’t have any background to fall back on? If I were afraid of them, would I have been as presumptuous? Don’t you understand this? Now, quickly, go home!”

The more that Chen San thought about it, the more he realized that the young master was right, but he was still worried. “Alright, this lowly one will take his leave first. I will report to the Residence of Yun once I have seen my wife home safely. Whatever happens, Chen San will not run.”

He bowed deeply and left holding on to his wife. Those who stood around watched Chen San leave with a dozen troubling emotions. He had really met his savior who had saved him and his wife’s lives from utter ruination. One thing he had been right about though, this Young Master Yun had indeed gotten himself into dire circ.u.mstances.

Looking at the couple’s departure, Yun Yang crossed his arms as he walked leisurely towards the door.

“Hold up!” Xie Qingyun wiped at the blood on his face as he spoke in incredulous tones, “Yun Yang, you’re leaving just like this?”

Yun Yang turned, speaking with confusion, “You do not want me to go? Do you wish me to stay for a meal?”

It was right about then that Xie Wuyuan arose from his stupor as he let out a long moan of pain. “Yun Yang, your Residence of Marquis Xiaoyao and I, shall forever be irreconcilable!”

A murderous glimmer flashed across Yun Yang’s eyes as he spoke, “You speak as if I had enjoyed the co-existence with your family. Bring on all that you have! I shall be ready for you.”

Xie Wuyuan was huffing anger, “Just you wait! Just you wait!”

Choking on his anger, he spat blood amidst his furious tirade.

Yun Yang only rolled his eyes and continued to saunter out. Before he stepped out of the door, he spat on the floor as he mumbled, “This is what I think of your family. I don’t need to waste any brain power on the likes of you.”

With those terribly insulting words, he left.

“Well, I never!” Xie Wuyuan cried out in rage as he collapsed in a dead faint.

Just as Yun Yang stepped out of the Xie family’s door, a man dressed in green came walking towards him.

Covered in green from head to toe, he sported green robes, green pants, green shoes, and a green belt. Yun Yang felt the corners of his lips twitching in amus.e.m.e.nt. There was even a green bamboo shoot on this fellow’s green hat!

How f*cking much do you like the color green?

The curious fellow came forward with an earnest mien, his laughter rang loud and clear, “Oh my, oh my! How astoundingly marvelous! My admiration for you is unparalleled… hmm, Young Master Yun I believe? That was so very, very impressive! So impressive in fact, that I even feel awestruck just by watching!”

Yun Yang was stunned. What ailed this man? He found him impressive? Did he not understand the seriousness of what had just transpired? Yun Yang did not know this, but this green-clothed youth had been watching with shiny eyes since the moment he went head to head with Xie Qingyun and was slapping his thigh in glee throughout the drama!

“It’s so satisfying… so fulfilling! Look at him!” The youth in green chattered endlessly, his gaze towards Yun Yang admiring as if he had seen his ultimate idol.

“Not even words, right! Unreasonable, so what! Your father can’t stand the sight of it! So what he says! He’s too remarkable! Too… F*ck, this fellow’s got guts! He really gave them a trashing! It’s impressive, not only does he lay into the young one, he doesn’t spare the old one either! This… this is my idol!”

The young master bedecked in green had been gesturing wildly and commenting, impressed beyond himself as he exclaimed to the two guards beside him, “Did you see… did you see? This is what a popinjay truly is! Such a pity! I’ve been t.i.tled popinjay for so many years but have only understood the true meaning of it upon coming to Tiantang City today.”

“What was I doing previously, being a popinjay… This is the true founder of the popinjays… As a citizen of Tiantang and descendent of a marquis, he dares to trash these imperial court officers once they come to a disagreement. This is so much harder than me bullying people. What’s more, he beats them up as just as he said he would with such directness. The most incredible thing of all? He doesn’t even bother about the consequences! This is gratifying indeed, tsk , tsk…”

“A role model of my time!”

“It is such a pity that I, Guileless Young Master Dong Tianleng, have only discovered this after so many years. All my days before have just gone to waste!”

This youth in green continued to natter on; his two guards’ faces slowly turning black as coal as they listened to him.

You’re already lawless enough, now you are actually admiring this rogue who had a.s.saulted people so openly?

If you do the same when you go back, a.s.saulting people just because you can’t stand looking at them… your days would indeed be numbered.

Young Master Dong Tianleng had actually intended to go to Yun Yang’s aid when he started walloping the men but was forcefully held back by his two guards. Now that he saw Yun Yang had completed his affairs, he had quickly attached himself to him.

“Young master, you are…” Yun Yang was still somewhat dumbstruck by this colorful maniac.

“Your fa… I’m Dong Tianleng1!” The youth in green introduced himself with a serious expression. “Dongtian’s Dong, Dongtian’s Tian, Dongtianleng’s Leng.”

Yun Yang rolled his eyes. “Alright, winter… is indeed not hot.”

“My name is Dong Tianleng!” Dong Tianleng explained in exasperation. “My family name is Dong, my first name is Tianleng.”

“Good name!” Yun Yang’s compliment was genuine.

I have to say, I don’t know this fellow, so I’d naturally have to give him the benefit of doubt, but the person who gave him this name, now; I’m really impressed!

What kind of intelligence did the person have to possess to come up with ‘Dong Tian Leng’? ... Are the winters where you live not cold?

Dong Tianleng was beside himself with joy. No one he had met had pa.s.sed up the chance to mock his name but this paramount in front of him had actually complimented it without hesitation. He was overjoyed but managed to retain his composure as he asked, “What’s so good about it?”

What’s so good about it?

Yun Yang scratched his head and finally said, “It’s good because it’s… simple! Brutal! Direct! And it has a significant meaning in addition to being easy to remember. No matter who it is, no one would ever forget once they see you and hear your name! That, my friend, is the hallmark of a great name!”

The more he spoke, the more convinced Yun Yang felt that it was a brilliant name. “F*ck, this really is a good name.”

“Hahahaha! I never knew my name is actually this great… I wrongly held my father to blame for so many years…” Dong Tianleng chortled and slapped Yun Yang’s shoulder, “Not bad, brother! Very well! Even-tempered, just, and clear-minded! Let me buy you a drink!

Yun Yang had no intention or inclination to drink. He immediately rejected the offer politely, “Apologies, I have to retire to my home, as I still have many errands left undone...”

“No problem at all! I will just go back to your residence with you to drink! We can do so after you’ve completed what you need to do.” The great young master Dong Tianleng had finally found someone to his liking; how Yun Yang handled things and spoke matched his tastes to a T; how could he be parted from him so quickly?

Yun Yang rolled his eyes, “What can I do if you choose to follow me?”

“Why not drink together when we have nothing else better to do?” Dong Tianleng wrapped his arm around Yun Yang’s shoulder, beaming as he spoke with false melancholy, “Brother, in this life, it’s hard to find a friend who knows you well.”

You and I are not friends, and I wouldn’t confide anything in you!

“Honestly, I have encountered many popinjays in my travels, but to find someone who can be more simple, brutal, unreasonable, quicker to anger, and more inclined to poke his nose into other’s business than you?” Dong Tianleng spoke with reverent awe, “Why, I’ve never been able to do so! Brother, you can be considered the head of popinjays in the whole Tianxuan Continent!”

Yun Yang felt a terrible headache coming on.

What is this maniac going on about? Why don’t I understand anything?


How am I a popinjay?

I had intended to create some sparks from the ashes, the father and son pair from the Xie family convenient sent themselves straight to my door so I just started with them… Besides, I was standing up for a veteran… how am I a popinjay?

I wanted to ignite the fuse of conflict between the civil sector and the military; to create chaos in the imperial court. I’ve thought out all the steps, and this is only the beginning. I still have a series of plots up my sleeves.

Who knew it would sound so trivial when it comes from your mouth?

Head of popinjays?

If I were to carry this honorific, my t.i.tle as the think tank of the Nine Supremes will become a joke! I still have a brain, nonetheless.

“Leng is ashamed to pale in comparison to brother’s tactics. But this episode of yours today seems to have gotten rather serious.” Dong Tianleng had his arm around Yun Yang’s shoulder. ”But don’t you worry, you can’t possibly go wrong with big brother, me, here! At most tonight…”

He lowered his voice conspiratorially, “Tonight, we wipe them out…”

Yun Yang hummed with joy in his heart, he was surprised that this fellow shared the same view as him – great minds did think alike after all. He had the same idea himself.

Dong Tianleng’s guards followed behind two of them with dark expressions on their faces, feeling a hundred kinds of disbelief.

Such a tumultuous affair.

Young master’ is going to attach himself to it just like that?

Yun Yang had attempted to fend off the loon politely with all his wits and tactics but it was to no avail. Dong Tianleng kept his arm on his shoulder and off they went all the way back to the Residence of Yun.

When he got home, Yun Yang had simply instructed Lao Mei to set the table. “Prepare alcohol and dishes. Tonight, Brother Dong and I are… going to have a good drink together.”

Lao Mei’s gaze was filled with questions, and his expression grew worried.

I have just got word that you entered the Residence of Halcyon Marquis and attacked the father and son duo.

Now you are coming home to celebrate? Have a good drink?

Do you have any idea how much trouble you have gotten yourself into?

Translator Note:

1 Dong Tianleng(冬天冷 dōng tiān lěng): used here as a full name with Dong as family name and Tianleng as first name; the words as a phrase means cold winter day, i.e. 冬天 (dōng tiān) means winter day, 冷 (lěng) means cold.

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