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“d.a.m.n it!” Ximen Wandai growled as he stood up fiercely, flinging his palm up in a frenzied strike. A ray of gold flashed across the clearing, followed by weak cries of pain. The six Lightning Cats that had been running gleefully towards Yun Yang were flung bodily aside by the attack, their blood spraying like tiny raindrops drizzling from the sky.

“Stop it!” Yun Yang screamed as he rushed out into the open s.p.a.ce. Fast as he was, his cultivation base was still miles away from Ximen Wandai’s. He only managed to catch one of the kittens before the devastating mystical Qi enveloped him as well, wracking him with pain.


Trembling, Yun Yang spat saliva flecked with blood, his face pale as a sheet. Even as he stood swaying, his eyes sent razor-sharp daggers in the direction of his opponent, “Young Master Ximen, can’t you accept defeat?”

Ximen Wandai literally shook with fury, his eyes glaring at Yun Yang with rage of equal intensity. He was reluctant to accept the outcome of the challenge, but their wager had been witnessed by heaven, earth and the many people who had gathered to watch. There was simply no way he could get himself out of this.

“If it’s laid, it’s played!” Ximen Wandai’s expression was as vicious as a vengeful ghost, “These things… are all yours!”

Everyone present was still in a daze at the totally unexpected outcome. Ximen Wandai thought about the possessions that he had to surrender and his heart trembled with trepidation while his eyes remained dead.

Two seventh grade mystical beast pills, five hundred mystical stones, thirty mystical crystals, and one treasured saber!

Wealthy as the Ximen family was, the loss of these hefty a.s.sets would still cause significant damage to their coffers. Other than the blade that had only become his own after much begging to his father, everything else had belonged to the family treasury. He could foresee arduous days ahead of him after giving out these items; it would be impossible to maintain his current status now.

Yun Yang smiled wanly despite his pale face, “Young Master Ximen is indeed credible. Thank you, thank you! And as for the safety of my family, I’ll leave it to the Ximen family then…”

Ximen Wandai was tempted to spit a mouthful of blood at the insolent man, and his eyes bored holes into Yun Yang as he said, “Of course, as stated in our wager, I will do my best.”

The crowd’s gaze towards Yun Yang was that of mixed emotions.

Did he just win?

How? Why?

Ximen Wandai’s beast pills remained scattered on the ground, like everyone’s doubt. Members of the Ximen family left quickly, and eventually, the crowd dissipated as well. A few young masters observed Yun Yang with undecipherable expressions before they too took their leave.

Yun Yang held a Lightning Cat cradled in his arms, the same one he had saved earlier. It was heavily injured, in a weakened state, and its eyes were closed tightly as it mewled weakly in pain. Yun Yang fed a flow of mystical Qi into its tiny body to help it maintain its tenuous grasp on life.

The other three snowy kittens gathered by his feet as they looked at Yun Yang with tilted heads. Yun Yang grinned, happy for successfully getting hold of them. Beyond his expectations, he had managed to secure four of these kittens!.

“Young master, this…” the shopkeeper, however, was not as exhilarated at the outcome.

“Do not worry, I will pay for all of them, including the dead ones.” Yun Yang continued, “But I would ask a question of you.”

The shopkeeper heaved a sigh of relief. Ximen Wandai had killed his kittens and left without paying for them. He knew that he could not afford to further offend Ximen Wandai and was ready to accept this misfortune. Who would have known that Yun Yang would be so generous as to cover his losses? He gratefully replied, “Young master, you may ask anything of me.”

In reference to the kittens with exceptionally white fur, Yun Yang asked, “Where did you get those four kittens from?”

The shopkeeper’s face took on a flush of embarra.s.sment, “Well, around half a month ago, someone fainted in front of my door just before dawn. I took him inside and in his arms were these four kittens. Since they were also Lightning Cats, I figured I’d just put them on sale together with the others…” The shopkeeper gave an abashed cough.

Yun Yang became increasingly intrigued, “Where is this man now?”

The shopkeeper sighed, “He’s been unconscious ever since I saved him. I could only force him to consume some soup or water every day to make sure he stays alive. I would have called for a physician to check on him but… I can’t afford the large medical fee. I don’t think he can last much longer though…”

“Bring me to him,” Yun Yang replied.

If his a.s.sumptions were correct, a man who could carry four mystical creature’s offspring with him must have returned from the deeper parts of the mystical beast forest and faced unimaginable dangers. This man might have even killed a pair of adult mystical beasts to have been able to bring back the young. An individual with such abilities would definitely be a formidable presence. Ironically, this paragon had fainted outside a mystical beast shop and had to be saved by the shopkeeper who had mistakenly sold off his captured treasures as Lightning Cats.

The shopkeeper led Yun Yang inside.

Yun Yang held the injured Lightning Cat cradled in his arms as the other four kittens obediently tailed him in a beeline while the Thousand Illusion Monkey sat dutifully on his shoulder. The man was beginning to look like a street performer.

Ji Ling had already rejoined him some time ago and was now looking at him with a grin that said “Young master, I’ll need an explanation for all of this when we get home”. It may not have been widely known, but Ji Ling was absolutely certain that Yun Yang had indeed dealt a terrible blow to the Ximen family this time around.

However, she was puzzled about the rationale behind his actions. Yun Yang and Ximen Wandai were from two different worlds. With the status he currently held, why would he want to offend the Ximen family?

The scent of medicinal herbs greeted them as they entered the room at the back of the mystical beast shop. Inside, a man made only of skin and bones laid down, his breathing shallow and his face ashen.

“He can’t last long but I am truly unable to save him. I wished to let him pa.s.s easily without prolonging the pain, but I just couldn’t do it…” The plump shopkeeper was woeful, “I have been full of worries these days.”

Yun Yang stood beside the man to study him. Frowning, he exerted his skill and delivered some air of vitality over to him.

Then, he spoke, “You won’t be able to revive him here. Allow me take him from your hands.”

The shopkeeper was thrilled and incredibly delighted over Yun Yang’s willingness to take over; he had been worrying about this invalid for far too long. “Thank you young master, thank you.”

Yun Yang nodded, “I will let him know that you were the one who saved him when he wakes up.”

“Please, there is no need.” The shopkeeper only wanted to send this ticking time bomb away, he would not need any further payment for that!. “Just tell him that the young master is generous and kind. I have not done anything, and do not dare to take any credit.”

Yun Yang looked at him meaningfully and said, “As you wish.”

The shopkeeper was oblivious to the opportunity he had just lost. Aside from the four ninth level mystical beast’s offspring, the benefits he could reap from the expert owing him a favor alone would have been endless.

However, Yun Yang did not plan to disregard the entire incident, as the shopkeeper was not a bad person. True, he was timid and craven; but he had readily extended his help; he could not do much for the man who was near death but had still tried his best keep him alive. When he settled the bill, Yun Yang added on an additional 1,000 silver taels. He then called for a stretcher to carry the comatose man to the Residence of Yun. Ji Ling followed behind with a smile on her face but remained silent throughout the entire journey.

“So, you’ve made a fortune today. How do you intend to thank me for it?” Ji Ling came forward to claim her credit after Yun Yang was done settling the man down.

“Thank you?” Yun Yang pursed his lips, in disbelieve, “Why should I thank you? You vanished at the first sight of trouble, hid away when I was being bullied, and now you would still seek for my thanks?”

Ji Ling retorted angrily, “Would you have won if it wasn’t for me?”

Yun Yang rolled his eyes, women were indeed unreasonable beings. “Are you saying I wouldn’t have won without you?”

Ji Ling stomped her foot. “You idiot! Those people knew me. If they had seen me, you wouldn’t even have been able to make your bet. This would be the first reason...”

“...and the second?”

“Second, if my Thousand Illusion Monkey had not been sitting on your shoulder, would they have been as civil to you as they were?” Ji Ling grunted.

As Yun Yang thought further about it, she did seem to have a point. The young masters had been eyeing the monkey with uncertainty. Had it all started because of this?

“They were civil to me because, I appear to be of good breeding!” Of course Yun Yang would not admit the truth as he said, “What do you wish to gain, by being so insistent?”

Ji Ling replied, “Give me one of your four kittens. I’ll take that as a token of your grat.i.tude.”

“Absolutely not!” Yun Yang turned down the idea without a hint of hesitation. “Don’t even think about it!”

These were rare young mystical beasts that one could only come across by chance. How could you just simply ask for one? Are we even that close?

Ji Ling fumed at Yun Yang’s rejection. “You, you, you… you’re impossible! You were supposed to join me on a search for a mystical beast to purchase! I didn’t manage to bring even one home, and yet you’ve already taken so many by leveraging on somebody else’s disadvantage. I’m only asking for one puny third level mystical beast’s offspring, and already you display your reluctance.”

“How could you be so petty?” Ji Ling asked with a murderous glare.

Yun Yang smiled humorlessly. “Petty? I can’t afford to be generous about this. If you were my wife, well, I might give you one to protect you, but you aren’t…”

Of course, he knew better than to speak these words out loud.

“It’s not that I do not want to give them to you, but this third level Lightning Cat is too…” Yun Yang mind was racing, “Actually, I’ve been searching for a suitable one for you today and I’ve already found it. It’s certainly much better than this. Opposite the shop earlier, there was a fifth level pinnacle Silvermoon Celestial Wolf. I think that one would be better. If you choose that and also wish to keep this Lightning Cat, isn’t the cat food for the wolf? It wouldn’t make sense.”

Yun Yang was thinking fast on his feet, trying his hardest to persuade Ji Ling.

“Silvermoon Celestial Wolf?” Ji Ling’s ears perked up in intrigue.

“Right, Silvermoon Celestial Wolf. Its fur is a shiny silver coat, and it looks obedient and adorable, harmless enough to become a pet. However, it can also protect its owner when the need arises. Most importanty, a fifth level pinnacle Silvermoon Celestial Wolf can level up if taken care of properly. Once it advances, it has vast potential. It might even possibly continue to level up until the eighth or ninth level. The trick is in how one trains and tames it, and how one invests in it. Besides, I’ve noticed that the young Silvermoon Celestial Wolf is not even a month old. This would be the best time to bring one home.”

Looking at Ji Ling whose eyes had started to shine brighter as he spoke, Yun Yang grew increasingly motivated to continue his attempts at persuasion. “Of course, the resources required to nurture a Silvermoon Celestial Wolf would cost an astronomical figure. Ordinary people would not have such resources but you wouldn’t need to worry about that, would you?”

“Not at all!” Ji Ling’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Think about it, if the Silvermoon Celestial Wolf can progressively level up while in your keeping…” Yun Yang left his sentence hanging to allow her imagination to fill it in.

Ji Ling was already filled with eager enthusiasm. She could imagine the pride and honor she would garner by then.

“Of course, if you really want this Lightning Cat, I could just give one to you. I have four of them anyway. One less would be of no consequence…” Yun Yang continued, “Of course, if that’s the case, I’ll have that Silvermoon Celestial Wolf instead.”

“Says you!” Ji Ling shouted, “The Silvermoon Celestial Wolf is mine! I’m going to go buy it now!”

Turning around, she shot out the door.

Yun Yang coughed, wiping the sweat on his brow after making sure the girl was gone.

Buy the Silvermoon Celestial Wolf, and I’ll help you train it when you bring it back. Best if I can send this ‘great-aunt’ away as soon as possible in case she finds out she did nothing with the four ninth level mystical beast offspring right in front of her nose!

“I’ll probably be doomed then.” Yun Yang pursed his lips then sighed, “Women are so hard to deal with, especially when they’re angered. h.e.l.l hath no fury like a woman scorned…”

“...but that’s also in the future. What’s important now is… these four little critters are all mine!” Yun Yang looked at the four kittens surrounding him and smiled beatifically.

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