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"The Soul-Sealing Spike has no antidote. There’s no cure for whoever has been p.r.i.c.ked. The entire world knows this."

"The Soul-Sealing Spike is known for where it comes from, the School of Spring and Autumn. it is common knowledge that it is their uniquely secret weapon."

"Could it be that this young man is related to the School of Spring and Autumn? Does the School of Spring and Autumn have anything to do with the Four Seasons Tower? Spring and Autumn? That’s half of the Four Seasons; is there a mystery behind this or is it just pure coincidence?"

"In addition, the poison in this Soul-Sealing Spike is slightly similar to the poison that courses through His Majesty’s body… Could it be…"

The cogs in Yun Yang’s mind turned like the gears of an intricately built gigantic machine. He knew that he had caught on to something, something just at the edge of his thoughts…

Yun Yang did not sleep that night, he was only pretending to be comatose; in fact, he had pretended to be deeply asleep from his drunken state throughout the night.

There were many people who did not manage to get a good sleep that night. The entire Tiantang City was hard pressed to get anything close to peaceful slumber.

For most of the period after midnight, lightning and thunder struck, alongside gusting winds. They had only stopped when dawn arrived.

The deafening thunder and ferocious wind that bellowed shook Tiantang City; later at night, several odd cries and ominous roars could be heard, but they, too, were drowned by the ceaseless thunder.

Everyone was waiting – for an end.

For all that had happened, it seemed to everyone that Yun Yang was in deep slumber. They had concluded that after checking on him numerous times through the night. Young Master Yun had never changed his position, snoring loudly as he slept like a log. Those who saw could only shake their heads in speechlessness.

This fellow could really sleep.

He had slept so soundly despite the weather outside looking like the end of the world, with thunderous storms that almost overturned the ground. Could it that his thunderous snores had countered the thunder outside?

Was it that effective?

However, all of them were no longer interested in him anymore, as what happened last night had shaken fear and bewilderment into everyone.

The loss suffered by each foreign country at the Residence of Nine Supremes was gravely terrible.

Yun Yang had guessed right. Their reconnaissance in the day was actually to pave the way for their actual intentions towards the Residence of Nine Supremes in the night.

The existence of the Residence of Nine Supremes in Yutang was akin to a hovering blade above the neck of all the other countries. The peerless valiance of the Nine Supremes back in the day saw them dominating the battlefield and the enemies by combining the powers gifted by the Nine Heavens Demesne with their insignificant cultivation base.

How could the other nations not covet it?

Nine Supremes seemed to be dead now – they had disappeared, but traces and signs showed that someone among the Nine Supremes was still alive! Even when it was certain that the majority of the Nine Supremes were dead, the remaining few could not be ignored as they still had the capability to stir up a storm and turn the world around.

Besides, the Nine Heavens Demesne was here. What if the Empire of Yutang filled the positions of the Nine Supremes once again?

It was not an impossibility.

They had to destroy this hidden disaster; they had to prevent the unimaginable from happening!

They could not move the Nine Heavens Demesne back to study it nor use it as their own but they could certainly make sure no on else could.

It was on this basis that even when there were two grave examples of Dayuan’s legends who had perished and Brother Fei who was severely injured in the morning, each country had still sent a great number of people – eighteen experts and six high-level mystical beasts.

This was a star-studded squad. They were confident that if this squad had attacked together, they could take down even Ling Xiaozui himself.

This highly capably squad that all the foreign nations had high hopes for had divided itself into twenty-four different directions and charged into the Residence of Nine Supremes at the same time.

It was a pity that none of them came out.

Not only did the experts fail to escape, the six high-level mystical beasts, including the two flying beasts of the eighth level, had not survived the attempt.

Thunderstorms in the Residence of Nine Supremes bellowed throughout the entire night. It was only about dawn that peace was regained. The Residence of Nine Supremes stayed as it was, though; it did not sway nor did it look any different from yesterday. The eighteen experts and six mystical beasts that had gone in, however, had all disappeared without a trace. They were like statues of clay tumbling into the ocean, melting into the seabed and never again seen.

It was after losing this star-packed squad that the flow of information regarding the Residence of Nine Supremes ceased. They could not deal any damage to even a single piece tile at the residence! The perpetual fog that hovered above the residence was also impervious to their efforts to disperse it.

Such a result was absolutely unacceptable to the foreign countries. Other than the Empire of Dongxuan, the other three nations were filled with immense remorse – they had really suffered a great loss this time.

When Yun Yang woke up the next morning, he exited his room in staggering steps to wash his face shakily before finally looking a bit more alive.

Han Sanhe and the youth in black observed him out of the corners of their eyes in the foyer.

Yun Yang had only taken two steps before his right hand scratched his thigh seemingly subconsciously. He scratched hard, taking another two steps before he resumed scratching it again.

"So itchy, why is it so itchy…" Yun Yang frowned. "The renowned top suite of the Tower To Heaven Inn must have mosquitos. It certainly doesn't live up to its reputation."

The eyes of the youth clad in black showed hints of a triumphant smile.

Han Sanhe exhaled softly. It looked like the Soul-Sealing Spike had really entered Yun Yang's bloodstream; it looked like they were not going away empty-handed after all.

"Where are we going to have fun today?"

Yun Yang had a big piece of mystical meat between his teeth somehow as he mumbled inaudibly with an oily mouth, "Bosses, which brothels do you all want to go? Have you finally thought of it after one night? Just tell me frankly, it’s no problem."

The youth in black frowned and said haughtily, "Can you stop talking about brothels?"

Yun Yang was quick to reply, "Certainly. Then which cathouse do you all wish to go to?"

The youth was incredulous. "Can you speak of something less lowly?"

"Alright. Which bordello do you all want to go? Cla.s.sy enough?" Yun Yang asked.

The generals from the Empire of Dongxuan ignored him, while the generals from the other empires wore dark looks; no one was speaking to him for the time being.

They were not in a good mood; who would feel like entertaining him? They did not even feel like picking a fight.

Han Sanhe sighed and said, "Let us go pay our respects to the family of generals today."

As the words left his mouth, Han Sanhe immediately felt uneasy. It would mean that they had totally given up on the operation against the Residence of Nine Supremes.

Dongxuan did not send anyone out last night. Despite maintaining their force, Han Sanhe was all the more alert. If the Residence of Nine Supremes was so powerful, would there be a chance that it could be reutilized in the future? Would there be a new Nine Supremes?

They would need to search for the remaining Nine Supremes who were still alive and terminate them all, regardless of what it cost.

Otherwise, this sharp blade that hovered above everyone's necks would fall at any time.

Han Sanhe’s suggestion was well received by all the old marshals from the other countries. Those who wore deep frowns nodded in agreement as well.

When they were exiting the inn, Yun Yang casually counted heads and shouted in shock, "This isn’t right. The number of people isn’t right. We have two hundred of you in total; even if one of you were stuck at the Residence of Nine Supremes and one more was severely injured yesterday, that should at least leave me with a hundred and ninety-eight people. Why is there only a hundred and eighty? Where’s the rest of them? Have they gone to heaven?"

The generals glared at him.

This fellow was really sharp-tongued, aiming for where it hurt most!

However, Yun Yang’s question was perfectly reasonable. He was now a tour guide from Yutang; it was within reason for him to do a headcount and ask for the whereabouts of those who were not here. The foreigners did not know what to answer though, for they could not possibly say, "Those people had died going out for their missions last night.".

They were here as guests; at least, that was their ident.i.ty out in the open.

"Quickly, go find them."

Yun Yang reminded kindly, "It’s not good to miss them out. Could it be that they’re still sleeping from drinking too much last night? They don’t have much of an alcohol tolerance, do they? We drank so little!"

One of the generals said with a dark expression, "There' no need to find them. Since they’re not here now, it just means that they don’t want to join today’s activities."

"What do you mean?"

Yun Yang said incredulous, "Do they not respect the Shangguan Family of Generals?"

Before the sound of his last word even ended, his tone turned indignant as he said angrily, "Why are they not going to pay respect to the family of generals? What is the meaning of this? Call them out quickly! This is shameful, overly so!"

All the generals felt like strangling him. Those people were dead, how could they call them out? If they had really gone to call them, not only would those people fail to reply, they would not have returned either!

"Things go deeper than what can be seen on the surface. The Shangguan Family of Generals has been enemies to the generals of all nations for generations; the resentment is set deep. It is not compulsory that everyone must revere them. Our standpoints are opposite after all. Let them be; if they’re not going, let us go on our way."

Han Sanhe said with a stern expression, "There's no need to quibble over such petty matters!"

Yun Yang glared but did not say much, choosing to mumble inaudibly instead. One of the men had gotten closer to him and heard, "These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, arriving at Yutang but not paying homage to the family of generals. I curse your entire family to die completely without descendants and that your ancestors’ grave will bless your entire family to die horribly by the plague..."

That man had almost stumbled and fallen down.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s curse was a brutal one indeed!

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