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With Blood of the Hero used as bait, the militants who just had a sip of the wine and whose yearning for it had not yet subsided could not put up much of a fight.

Besides, they were going to be here for about ten days and they had so many ulterior plans to be carried out in the dark; it would not be beneficial if they got into a fight with this appointed tour guide of theirs.

Yun Yang, you want to act? You won't be the only one who knows how to do so!

An eye for an eye, this is what we’re the best at!

"Good, good. Young Master Yun is straightforward indeed."

A bearded general stood up and laughed. "We must have some more of this wine indeed."

"Of course. One thousand and five hundred silver taels for a pot, how many are we taking?" Yun Yang said breezily, "Who’s paying?"

The bearded generals stared mutely at him for a long while. He breathed for some time but could not manage to spit a number out.

Did you not just say you wanted to get us the wine?

Yun Yang looked back at him with clear, gla.s.sy eyes that screamed justice and righteousness, saying frankly, "I said I would buy you all a few pots of wine; I’ll definitely do it but it’ll indeed only be a few pots. Are you sure a few pots can satiate the whole bunch of you? Are you intending for me to pay for the rest? What’s the reasoning for this?"

Who could have defended against such nonsense delivered with so much righteousness?

The bearded general fumed quietly but did not dare argue with Yun Yang. After all, all the generals here would not be this child's opponent even when they combined forces to see who was more shameless. What was more, he was alone; it was better not to humiliate himself.

"I will!"

The bearded general rummaged for bank notes while gritting his teeth and clenching his jaw tightly.

His first move here was actually footing the bill!

Although he knew that to put up a tough front was important, he was still indignant that he had scrambled to be the first to suffer the loss.

"Just exactly how many pots are we planning to buy? We have quite a number of people here, there's a total of two hundred people." Yun Yang asked generously, "Would a hundred pots suffice?"

The general gritted his teeth, holding in his anger. "A pot is twenty catties so a hundred pots will make two thousand catties. How can we finish so much? A hundred pots?"

In the end, the bearded general gave in with a generous wave of his arm upon catching the odd gazes of the other generals around.

He would not lose his face here.

"General is easygoing indeed! A character to behold, effortlessly forthright!"

Yun Yang accepted the bank notes and laughed. "I shall proceed with the purchase of wine now. Hmm, and the side dishes… Shopkeeper, keeper! Come here! Pick your signature dishes and serve these twenty tables… See that easygoing general over there? He’ll foot the bill!"

Yun Yang exited the place, face glowing. "I shall go get the wine now, I’ll be fast. Returning in a second!"

Before he finished his words, he was already out the door and disappeared into the crowd.

The aforementioned general glared but his entire being was in a stupor.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He actually tossed the dishes’ bill to me as well?

How… how many silver taels did I bring?

These silver taels are for my brothers’ wine when I go back!

By the looks of it, he would be bankrupt after this meal.

The other generals who were from the same country stood up quietly and said, "Dayuan will pay for this meal."

A glint erupted in Han Sanhe’s eyes – it seemed that Dayuan’s generals were rather united after all.

According to what he knew, this bearded general was hot tempered and did not share a good relationship with his comrades. However, the rest of them did not push him further down the h.e.l.l hole this time round, but chose to forgo their personal grudges and bought this meal under Dayuan’s name.

Even though Yun Yang’s trick to expend their wealth was a shot right in the gut, sharing the cost out among fifty people reduced the pressure greatly. They would suffer a loss but it was not unbearable.

That night, the Tower To Heaven Inn was brightly lit with lanterns in a merry atmosphere. Yun Yang held on to the wine and was going around, toasting anyone he could see.

"Come, come. Cheers!"

"Let us have another bowl!"

"Let us drink this together!"

"Everyone is forthright indeed, come!"

"Men of military indeed, have another go!"

"This wine is really good. I can feel my blood on fire drinking it. Come, come, let’s drink!"

As the drinking went on, some of the generals were unhappy.

"Each of us drinks one full bowl but you’re only taking a sip. What’s the meaning of this?"

"You have drunk with all of us but this bowl of yours hasn’t even gone down by even half yet, has it?"

"This child is cheating!"

A few of them charged over.


Yun Yang emptied his bowl in one gulp. "Alright, let’s begin for real!"

The gathered crowd felt slightly faint upon hearing his words. Was the earlier drinking session just for show?

Admittedly, Yun Yang’s alcohol tolerance was commendable, holding his own ground after downing bowl after bowl of the potent brew.

As the group drank late into the night, most of them were strewn all over the place, collapsed from drinking too much.

Yun Yang’s sight was still sharp, however, as watched the proceedings intently.

There were those who had too much to drink and those who were already intoxicated; there were also a few people who had quietly left the scene to somewhere... unknown.

After some more drinking, another seven to eight people disappeared, along with an increasing number of intoxicated men.

If it had been anyone else, they would think that these bunch of people had too much to drink but were still courteous enough to leave in search for a place to sleep. Yun Yang would never a.s.sume so.

These people had come with ulterior motives. How could they miss this chance to act on their covert missions?

He had intentionally created this chaotic drinking opportunity to force their hand… How could they miss this G.o.dsend chance?

Those who had disappeared had most probably gone to the Residence of Nine Supremes.

Yun Yang’s gaze flickered before he hopped onto the table, swaying like a drunkard and called out, "Who else? Who else is a man? Come, drink with me! I… I shall make all of you drink to your deaths today…"

After another session of wine pouring, another seventeen to eighteen people vanished from his sight once more.

Yun Yang could clearly see that those who were missing were the generals’ guards or followers while not even a single one of the generals from the various empires had so much as moved from their spots.

Go, all of you; the more the better.

When Yun Yang felt that the time was about right, he stumbled towards Han Sanhe. "Marshal Han… uh, hic- uh… er uh… let me provide a toast to you, here, cheers!"

He raised his wine bowl and straightened his neck; the crimson liquid gushed out of the bowl but most of it ended up on his neck…

Young Master Yun then rolled his eyes, chuckling. "Good wine! Good Wine! So f*cking satisfying!"

Before he finished his words, his eyes clamped shut and he had collapsed right into Han Sanhe’s embrace. Right then, thunderous snores erupted from the seemingly comatose man. He snored as he slept, wine-mixed saliva gurgling outwards from the corner of his lips.


Han Sanhe did not expect such a turn of events and could only look helplessly at Yun Yang who was sleeping in his embrace – with such an odd sleeping posture too. The exasperation he felt at that moment was unparalleled.

Han Sanhe made a few attempts to revive him and could not help sighing after being certain that he was indeed unconscious. This fellow really knew how to pick his targets; he would have been tossed or kicked away had he collapsed in someone else’s embrace but he had fallen into Han Sanhe’s arms. He was crowned the top notable general in this continent, the continent’s G.o.d of war; even if he wanted to, he would not be able to actually kick the child away…

However, did he have to hug him while he slept?

Han Sanhe thought about it and felt gooseb.u.mps spring up throughout his entire body.

"Send him to a room."

Watching Yun Yang being carried away, Han Sanhe’s gaze turned thoughtful. The youth clad in black, who was beside him, looked at Han Sanhe with a questioning glance.

"Don’t go." Han Sanhe sucked in a deep breath and said, "The operation on the Residence of Nine Supremes, give it up."

"I beg your pardon?" The youth in black was puzzled.

"If those people who have gone there is able to return, it’s not too late for you to go tomorrow."

Han Sanhe continued in a low voice, "If they fail to come back. I hope that you give up this idea outright."

The youth in black lowered his head and nodded without saying a word.

"This Young Master Yun… what do you think about him?" Han Sanhe asked.

"He's just a popinjay, what’s there to think about him?" The youth pursed his lips in contempt.

"What’s there to think about him?" Han Sanhe inhaled, his gaze clear as day. "This person… is a terrifying person to trifle with! There’s no doubt about this."

"A terrifying person? Can ‘extremely terrifying’ even come close to describing him? For goodness sake, he collapsed in your embrace earlier, without any caution!"

The youth rolled his eyes and said, "Besides, even is he’s truly terrifying, he will no longer be a threat in the future!"

Han Sanhe questioned, "What did you do?"

"I tested to see if he was really drunk with a Soul-Sealing Spike."

Murderous intent burst from the youth’s eyes. "The poison on the needle will react after half a month… I’ve made sure just now that the poison from the Soul-Sealing Spike has turned into a blue line melting into his blood vessels."

"So even if this person could reach heaven, his fate is sealed." The youth in black smiled smugly at his own cleverness.

Han Sanhe frowned and said, "Are you that confident?"

"There is no antidote for the Soul-Sealing Spike." The youth’s eyes were icy cold. "Just like… that poison…"

Han Sanhe sighed softly, his frown a sign of his disapproval about such doings but he did not comment, only saying softly, "This old man is old already…"

The youth dressed all in black said, "Marshal is at the prime of your life. What do you mean old?"

He then stopped speaking and brought Han Sanhe back to his room for his rest.

In the guest room. Yun Yang was sprawled on the bed, his snores deafening as he slept like a dead swine. In spite of it, his right hand was stuck to the base of his thigh.

Yun Yang’s snore was rhythmic; his eyes were closed with his eyeb.a.l.l.s unmoving. He was even mumbling occasionally and gurgled wine out of his mouth every now and then.

Anyone who saw him would never have the slightest idea that this fellow was actually faking his intoxication.

Yet his right hand that was on his right thigh had jerked swiftly. A faint blue glow flashed on his thigh before a needle as thin as a cow’s hair was held between his fingers.

In the blink of an eye, the fine blue needle vanished.

Despite his apparent drunken state, Yang’s head was clear.

"What a wicked tactic!"

"It’s a Soul-Sealing Spike!"

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