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Han Sanhe was quiet for a long time before he finally said in a low voice, "Has anyone realized something earlier?"

The three old marshals beside him nodded.

Realize something?

Yun Yang was curious – what have these old men noticed that I have not? I'm terribly interested to find out!

Han Sanhe said, "This old man has carefully observed that the thick fog of clouds that surrounds the Residence of Nine Supremes has always been there, we can perhaps ignore this since the residence has been this way all along. There hasn't been any change, so it’s likely to be a feature of the Nine Heavens Demesne, with the intention to conceal itself as much as possible."

"However, despite the formidable sight of crisscrossing thunder and lightning, the glaring radiance of crimson blood, the bellows of wind, and the blazing flame that worked together in attacking the trespa.s.sers earlier…"

Han Sanhe cautiously said in a low voice, "The rest, like Earth, Water, Wood, Cloud, and Gold didn’t appear in the battle. This occurrence requires some observation…"

Even as Han Sanhe explained his thoughts, a look of comprehension dawned on those present.

"Does that mean… there are still four people alive among the Nine Supremes?" Han Sanhe felt his throat getting dry. "That Supreme Thunder, Supreme Wind, Supreme Blood, and Supreme Flame are still alive in this world?"

"And that those whose energy that did not appear are already dead?"

The group fell silent.

Based on that reasoning, at least four of the Nine Supremes were still alive. These four people could sufficiently support the entire Yutang's defenses.

The question was, where were they now?

The sweeping sounds started again as the old veterans began cleaning diligently as before. One of the large brooms actually came close to their feet.

"Have you had enough of your sightseeing?" The veteran held his large broom, his gaze mocking and condescending as he said, "Leave quickly if you’re done. If you still want to meddle and probe, do it quickly too. We have to clean this area after all of you leave, with water."

Yun Yang was curious and asked, "Why do you have to do so?"

"Because this area is filthy, tainted!" the old soldier said coldly and began sweeping again.

Filthy? Tainted?

The generals were speechless.

We’ve only stood here for a short while. How can this piece of land be dirty or tainted?

What do you mean?

Are you implying that we have tainted it?

The group was forced to take several steps back as a few single-armed men carried buckets of water and poured them across where the group had stood.

Seven to eight veterans then lowered themselves to scrub the ground harshly, cleaning it meticulously.

Another bucket of water followed.

Rage flickered in the generals’ eyes – this was too much!

Yun Yang said nonchalantly, "Please don't get worked up just because you don’t see this often. This is the respect Yutang’s people have for the Nine Supremes; such respect won’t reduce over time. Lord Nine Supremes aren’t here anymore but this place is still off-limits to any desecration. If I have to say, cleaning the ground with water is already a courtesy to all of you. It’s a huge toleration of theirs to not step forth and give you a beating. As humans, we must know when to be content. Those who know to be content shall always be happy while those who don’t… well..."

Yun Yang crossed his arms and faced all the generals, including Han Sanhe, with a proud face. He asked softly, "Generals. you can ask yourselves, is there anyone who is confident enough to say that people would do the same for you once you are gone?"

"Anyone who has such confidence to say that years after he’s pa.s.sed, there will still be…"

Yun Yang did not finish his words, merely chuckling coldly as he ended his speech.

A few foreign generals were fl.u.s.tered by his comments.

Old as the marshals were, they could not help feeling ashamed, looking at Yun Yang’s contemptuous gaze. Their achievement of this lifetime was insignificant and incomparable to the Residence of Nine Supremes that stood silently in front of them.

"Of course the Nine Supremes are mighty. Otherwise, we wouldn't have to come to pay our respects."

The youth in black looked at Yun Yang coldly. "What are you so proud of? Look at you, as if you’re actually one of the Nine Supremes."

"Let us speak of your first problem. You said 'pay respects'."

Yun Yang’s expression was one of utter ridicule. "Child, does your family think of how to dig away the grave when paying respect to your ancestors? Perhaps they would ask some experts’ help to probe the ancestor’s grave? I’ve never thought that your country’s culture is so different than our Yutang’s. I have really gained enlightenment today, this trip is indeed eye-opening! But isn’t it utterly disrespectful to your ancestors to pay respect like this? Anyway, if my future generations dares to do so to their ancestors, they’d be considered lucky if I didn’t kill them outright."

The youth in black was caught speechless, his face a deep red as his eyes spewed fire. "You...!"

"What about me?" Yun Yang was relentless. "I am just a tour guide anyway, are you stopping me from speaking? I’m sorry, you can ignore if I’ve eaten or not but you can’t stop me from talking."

"Besides, I’m proud because the Nine Supremes are from Yutang! They’re Yutang’s people! You can ask the veterans if they’re just as proud as me because we are like the Nine Supremes, we’re all Yutang’s people."

Yun Yang raised his chin and said, "Also, not only does Yutang have the Nine Supremes, we also have the Shangguan Family of Generals! We have Lionheart Hall as well!"

"What do you all have?" Yun Yang chuckled easily. "We honor our heroes to such a stage that it comes from our sincere hearts. But the few of you… well, I’d rather not speak of it…"

The youth in black said angrily, "Go on! What would you say about us?"

"You? You know your issues best. Do you really want an outsider to talk about it?"

Yun Yang said coldly, "I didn’t want to peel your scabs open but since you want to hear it so much, I’ll speak then."

He paused and said, "Let’s start with the Empire of Dongxuan then. Let us begin with your G.o.d of war, Han Sanhe. He’s Dongxuan’s pride, isn’t he? It's too bad that this Marshal Han, ever meritorious in Dongxuan, is our irreconcilable foe who owes us a blood debt! That being said, how suspicious has your royalty been about your Marshal Han – do I really have to say it out loud?"

Yun Yang continued indifferently, "Let's just say if Marshal Han is stricken with mishap and pa.s.ses on… forget if he could be treated like how we’ve honored the Shangguan Family of Generals or the Nine Supremes here; I’ll ask Marshal Han just one question – after you have pa.s.sed on, how many more days do you think your family can continue living for?"

"Do you dare tell me your honest thoughts?"

Yun Yang’s gaze was sharp as a blade, his words similars; they were precise and aimed straight at the bullseye.

Han Sanhe turned pale then, momentarily at a loss for words temporarily, because Yun Yang’s words had obviously struck right at his Achilles’ heel.

If Han Sanhe were to fall, his family would lose the umbrella that had shaded them from harm… Doom was imminent, potentially on the same night. This was a fact that the entire continent was witness to, there was no way of denying it.

Without waiting for Han Sanhe’s reply, Yun Yang turned to look at the old marshal from the other three nations. "Marshal Xiao Yuntian from the Empire of Tianci, do you think your position in the Empire of Tianci is any different compared to Marshal Han? Perhaps you can confidently say that your situation is much better than his, but how much better is this ‘better’? Is it by a strand of hair?"

Xiao Yuntian trembled, equally at a loss for words.

"The old marshal who has fainted over there is from the Empire of Dayuan, is he not? Your situation must be better than Marshal Han's and Marshal Xiao's, so much better…"

Yun Yang said faintly, "Dayuan’s emperor and its officials are working well with each other so it seems that there are no worries, but this façade has its limits. Perhaps I should say that it’s only temporary because this young master has heard that… while His Majesty of Empire of Dayuan is wise and strong, giving birth to a little princess a few years ago, the emperor is already seventy-five years old now? He has terminated three to four crown princes throughout the years and the crown prince now has been in this position for nearly a dozen years. He’s almost forty… and seems to be rather anxious to be rid of this throne."

Yun Yang said nonchalantly, "These are the royalty’s affairs and should have nothing to do with old marshal but I’ve also heard that the old marshal had an unhappy past with His Highness, who hadn’t been t.i.tled crown prince then. His Highness, who was still only a prince, took a liking to the old marshal’s granddaughter but the old marshal was adamant on rejecting the relationship. The old marshal’s granddaughter then inexplicably committed suicide upon returning home from a trip… Rumor has it that the old marshal charged into the palace and attacked the prince, rendering him unconscious, just for this matter…"

Yun Yang continued, "I wonder how well will the old marshal’s family do when this crown prince ascends the throne. Perhaps His Highness is astute and wise, keeping no grudges. Anything is possible."

"Actually, these are bits and pieces of gossip that have no concrete evidence. I didn’t want to mention them and I shouldn’t too but why did all of you treat our national heroes like this? You can’t put the blame on me. Rumors remain as rumors for a reason!"

Yun Yang’s gaze set on the last marshal and he said softly, "You must be Marshal Zi from the Empire of Ziyou then. I’m speaking of you last because your situation is the most stable. There isn’t much to be said. After all, Marshal Zi is royalty yourself and is the blood brother of the emperor, sharing the same mother… the situation is safe and sound but… old marshal, should I speak directly?"

Marshal Zi gritted his teeth in reply, "There's no need for that."

Yun Yang turned to look at the Residence of Nine Supremes and said softly, "Our Empire of Yutang – our emperor is at his prime and possesses a strong cultivation base; it’s not a problem for him to keep his reign for another thirty years. What has happened in your countries will not happen here with us. I don't think you can deny this."

"Generations of Yutang’s generals and marshals hold the power to the military force throughout these hundreds of years. The military power in our generals’ hands exceeds a seventh of the total, yet have our past emperors ever suspected any one of them?"

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