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Chapter 1077: The Plan Has Been Decided!Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The so-called fire of life was the most intuitive manifestation of the life force. The fighting power increased by the fire of life could only last for a moment, and the consumed fire of life could not be replenished. Even Mount Penta-Tier could not make up for the loss. Besides, this kind of mystic art must be activated before the battle.

The current condition of this Uncle-Master of Beast Trainer Sect was probably slightly better than that of the two old men from the General Commerce League, Zhang and Li. Although his life had almost come to an end, he could still live for decades. He had hoped to find opportunities to break through, or rare herbs to prolong his life. He was still hopeful.

However, if he consumed his fire of life this time, his lifespan would be further shortened, and he might not be able to wait for his opportunities, while early death was certain.

But, it was the only match that they could win, so Beast Trainer Sect must give it a shot!

If he did not do that, Beast Trainer Sect would definitely lose.

“Uncle-Master!” Everyone looked sad.

“This is my battle, and it is decided.” A serene smile appeared on the old man’s face. “I can’t stand to watch the heritage and glory that took thousands of years to build up by our ancestors get lost in front of me. Otherwise, I will have no face to greet all the ancestors when I die in the future.”

Qin Ruogu took a deep breath as he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright! Uncle-Master’s match is decided then.”

Everyone bowed their heads and remained silent for a long time.

“Next, the second match,” said Qin Ruogu.

“The second match will be the match of disciples. Our sect should have a seventy-percent chance of winning. Each of Residence of Nine Supremes’ disciples is a genius, as we all can see without even using divine sense. However, it is precisely because they are young geniuses that they inevitably have the characteristics of being young and less experienced. They will certainly be caught off guard and thrown into confusion when our disciples fight them with mystical beasts. When the time comes, as long as we find the right time to deal them a killing strike, our chances of winning will still be very high.”

“Great! Let’s make the second match a one-on-one fight between disciples. How should the third match be carried out then?” Qin Ruogu asked.

The old man gave Qin Ruogu a meaningful look. “The third match will be a match of sect leaders.”

“A match of sect leaders?” Qin Ruogu blinked.

“I’m just a peak second-tier Saint but that Yun Yang is already a peak fourth-tier Saint. Uncle-Master, do you mean to let me sacrifice…”

The old man smiled faintly. “No, I’m sure you can win. Have you forgotten about our Divine Beast…”

Qin Ruogu perked up when he heard that. “Our Divine Beast…Yes, YES!”

The sad look on his face was instantly replaced by a smile and the pressure on his mind was relieved by at least half in this moment.

‘According to Uncle-Master’s plan, our odds could surely be increased to more than eighty percent! The old saying is right…the older, the wiser!’

“If everything goes according to our plan, the winning rate of these three matches should be above eighty percent,” said the old man. “But, just in case, we still need to prepare for one more match. It is still unknown whether Residence of Nine Supremes has played all its cards. When they were fighting Cangwu Union, the strength of Shi Wuchen they sent was only second cla.s.s. But through such an arrangement, they made everyone misjudge him as their second strongest. We have already played all our cards, so we must not make such mistakes.”

“This disciple has an idea!” A young disciple broke in. “We can propose a match of mystical beasts, that is no human will be in the field, and the match will be fought between mystical beasts only.”

“Nonsense!” Qin Ruogu was displeased. “Residence of Nine Supremes doesn’t even have a mystical beast…Hmm!”

He had hardly finished when he saw the significance of the suggestion.

“It is true that Residence of Nine Supremes doesn’t even have a mystical beast, and it is absolutely unfair and unconvincing to rely solely on mystical beasts to decide the outcome. However, since Thousand Mountains Sect could avoid the match of sect leaders with a match of free will, why can’t we? The meaning of a match of free will is that we can control the rules, so we can fight however we want. Although it would bring disgrace on us in doing so, we will have a match that is sure to win.”

After listening to the disciple, everyone’s eyes lit up. It was really an excellent idea!

‘Our sect is famous for controlling beasts to begin with, and it is reasonable for us to fight with mystical beasts or spiritual beasts. In fact, no one can blame us even if we fight with demon beasts. After all, we are the Beast Trainer Sect!’

“A brilliant idea!” Qin Ruogu burst out laughing. “In this case, we can really be said to be in an una.s.sailable position. If we win the first three matches, then we will naturally not use this disgraceful tactic. However, if the situation really becomes unfavorable for us, we’ll have no other choice but to use this tactic to turn the tables!”

“A wise decision, Sect Leader!”

Qin Ruogu looked at the disciple and said, “Come to me for your reward when we return home in triumph.”

“Thank you, Master!”

The whole Beast Trainer Sect was jubilant. But, the old man only sighed softly and closed his eyes because he felt a chill in his heart.

‘It is understandable to include me in the starting lineup because there are no other means to win, but now that there is such a tactic to win a match, they can put me in the fourth or fifth match as a backup.’

‘But, why didn’t anyone think of it or bring it up?’

‘Is it just because the tactic is disgraceful and they refuse to give up that little bit of honor?’

The old man saw that all the people around him looked hopeful and full of joy as if victory were already in their hands, while no one thought that the life of their Uncle-Master would come to an end after the battle. He slowly closed his eyes again and felt that the chill in his heart seemed to grow stronger.

‘I have been guarding Beast Trainer Sect all my life, and I am even willing to sacrifice myself at this most important moment…But, why do I feel so sad?’

The next morning…

Although the whole venue was shrouded in a boundless thick fog, the morning air here was fresher than outside.

Everyone, including Huo Yunfeng, came to the stands one after another. They were all staring at the waving seventh-ranked Celestial Luck Banner with a complicated look in their eyes.

The Battle of Celestial Luck Banners had not seen such an incident in many years.

The Battle was held every three years. Each time, a challenger was born to challenge the last sect with a lower-cla.s.s Celestial Luck Banner, and Cangwu Union was the sect that had been challenged every time in recent years, but had never been replaced.

Over the years, its position had only been threatened by another powerful sect, Wild Saber Sect, and there had been no one else.

However, Residence of Nine Supremes, a small sect that had just been established not long ago, had risen through the ranks soon after its emergence and was qualified to face the time-honored sects with Celestial Luck Banners. Then, after pulling Cangwu Union down from its position, it went on to challenge Thousand Mountains Sect and won by a big margin in the face of the rules maliciously changed by its opponent. After that, it even replaced the higher-ranking Illusory Sword Sect without a fight and obtained the right to challenge the Beast Trainer Sect, who was ranked seventh!

No one had expected that Residence of Nine Supremes would be able to bring down three sects with lower-cla.s.s Celestial Luck Banners in a row!

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