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CHAPTER 9: Adorable Young Maid

The black off-road vehicle started off fast and steady, it never had the need to press hard on the brakes, and the driver's handling is very professional. 

In this world my mother... ... or rather my mom, for the time being, her skills in driving is somewhat better or worse if I have to judge it.

The car's time of arrival at the villa was fast, and the Butler Liu has already been waiting at the front door, w.a.n.g Hui didn't go further any longer.

"Huh? Why didn't you come in?" Ye Wen asked curiously.

"I am only responsible for your safety and cannot enter the villa." w.a.n.g Hui replied, and then came back inside the SUV.

There's a lot of rules from this family... ... Ye Wen thought and did not care too much.

"Where's my mother?" Ye Wen asked the Butler Liu by the side.

"Miss, madam hasn't come back yet," Butler Liu said respectfully.

"Oh~" Ye Wen exclaimed, then declined the request of Butler Liu of carrying her bag, "I can do it myself."

Ye Wen said and walked toward the upstairs.

Speaking of which, Ye Wen haven't observed the villa properly, she was absent-minded yesterday, and now she doesn't even know where her own room is 


The walls of the villa are hung with a lot of tasteful and very delicate paintings, a variety of antique was placed in every suitable location, and the 

layout is very reasonable, one can feel the atmosphere of a distinct family but at the same time, it can also be scholarly.

The villa has a total of three floors and Ye Wen's bedroom is located on the third floor.

"Well... where is it?" Ye Wen bit her finger, trying to remember where is the location of her room.

At the end of the corridor, Ye Wen stopped walking, she vaguely thinks that her room should be around here.

"Oh, anyway, I'll just look first." Ye Wen then opened the door.

A young maid who was about to fall asleep suddenly heard the door opening, she looked towards the door, then immediately jumped up at once and embraced Ye 

Wen with her head rubbing against her chest.

"Eh?" Ye Wen was scared silly and took several steps backward, for a virgin like her, this sensation was too exciting.[1]

Ye Wen couldn't help but think about the phrase from a manhua who's the main character turned into a dog——This sudden tenderness, for a single in 26 years, 

if I still don't yield then... ... I am not a man![2]

Ye Wen's mood at the moment was probably like this... ... Of course, for just a moment she also thought that it's nice being a girl.

"Miss~ Welcome back~," the young maid said with intimacy.

Ye Wen withdrew a little distance, to take a closer look, this is the same young maid who lunged on her chest in the morning, the young maid who has a doll 

face that looked naughty and cute.

Although she didn't know the name of the young maid, Ye Wen thought that it was not a good time to ask, in order to not let the people doubt anything, and 

think that she has a bad memory, or looking down on people's feelings. After all, the people here are very intimate to themselves, so if they suddenly knew 

that she doesn't remember their name, then how is she going to explain?

Fortunately, the family is not old-fashioned, Ye Wen looked at the young maid's chest and saw a card with her name and photo attached that's obviously used 

for identification.

Shui Zhishi? What a strange name, and it's long, I've never seen a surname with a character of water on it![3]

"Zhishi, what's the matter?" Ye Wen asked.

"I just finished cleaning the room and decided to give the young lady a surprise!" Then Zhishi walked two steps forward as if wanted to rush again.

Ye Wen quickly stops the action of Zhishi, she said: "Don't call me young lady or miss from now, it feels awkward, just... ... calling me by my name will 


Ye Wen hesitated, she still thinks that being called Wenwen is too nauseating, but didn't speak it out.

"En, but I will only call you by your name in private." Zhishi said, "Young lady, from now on I'll call you, Wenwen?"

Ye Wen nodded. 

Being always called a young miss is too much, it reminds me that I am now a girl, It's very unpleasant!...

"Miss... ... sister Wenwen, do you have any homework today?" Zhishi took Ye Wen's bag, then put it on its own specialized shelf.

It's Wenwen again, but also a sister, It's a double mental attack... ... Ye Wen sighed and compromised, "You still called me Miss... ..."

"Ah!" Although she doesn't know the reason, Shui Zhishi still simply agreed.

"I've already done my homework."

Ye Wen said, then turned on the computer, while Shui Zhishi leaned to the side to watch, the things like computer, at this time, for ordinary people can be 

considered a novelty item.

Taking advantage of the computer's boot time, Ye Wen briefly glanced at her side and carefully looked at the clothes of the young maid.

Well, it's very conservative, this young maid's outfit has an ankle length skirt, wearing black stockings, with a cute bow tie on the chest, and below is a 

leaf-shaped badge, probably it was the family's logo.

In 2004, a lot of popular games emerged, whether its a single player or online games. At this time, World of Warcraft is still not available, so the 

leading game is still The Legend of Mir 2.

Ye Wen does not really like playing The Legend of Mir 2, in fact, she didn't even play it, in 2004, her favorite game to play was the relatively popular 

game, Counter-Strike.

The rich are really different, in this time she can already use an LCD screen, and it was unlikely that she's not accustomed to using it.

The young maid who was standing at the side watched Ye Wen play a shooting game, the image on the screen was dazzling, that made her feel dizzy. Is there 

anything wrong with the young lady? The young maid's heart is full of doubts.

"Shi, Shi——" suddenly the voice of the head maid in the corridor sounded, Shui Zhishi was startled, and quickly hid under the computer table, Ye Wen who is 

playing, felt a pair of soft little hands that are tightly holding her thighs and made her feel somewhat ticklish.

"Miss, can I come in?" said the maid who knocked on the door.

"Come in." Ye Wen said who is still playing, probably not aware of what's happening.

"Kacha." The door was opened, the head maid came in and respectfully bowed toward Ye Wen, she then went around and found the hiding young maid under the 

computer desk.

"Lazy again?" The head maid sighed and shook her head, "Let's go, the master is coming back today, you should do a good performance, at this time, the 

master is not getting along well with madam."

"Master is coming back?" Zhishi asked.

Ye Wen nervously raised her head.

"Yes, so hurry up." the head maid placed her hands around Zhishi's hips, then pulled her out of the room.

"Hu... ..." After a while, Ye Wen took a deep breath and turned off the computer, her little face was pale, she rubbed her temple, and said to herself, 

"Not playing for a while made me really dizzy... ... d.a.m.n it! 


1. 处男 - chǔ nán, literally means virgin but only for males. In this case, this is what Ye Wen thought in her inner dialogue.↩

2. This manhua's translated name is "I Became A Dog?!" and it's being translated by Buka Manga.↩

3. 水稚诗 - shuǐ zhì shī, literally translated as water, young, poem.↩

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