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The teams from each cla.s.s powerfully paraded out of the school building. The school sports club was open to both the middle school and high school divisions, so the whole playground was particularly crowded even though Wen Lan College’s playground was quite large. Their 400-meter runway was the only one out of the whole city’s schools.

All the students in the sixth grade brought their chairs to the playground. They were obligated to stay in group. Then they began to line up from oldest to youngest according to cla.s.s order. The next step was the formal entrance.

Each cla.s.s displayed their own style: serious, old-fashioned, easygoing or lively. Some also had spoofs*. The first and third cla.s.ses entrances were organized by w.a.n.g Xin and supported by their own squad leader and others with higher roles.

The first and third cla.s.ses entrance styles weren’t very formidable, nor eye-catching. They wore their ordinary school uniforms, took their fans out and walked onto the platform shouting the same slogans over and over.

“Which cla.s.s is that? The girl leading them is so beautiful!”

“Oh? You don’t know? It’s cla.s.s three. Their leader is Jin Jing. She’s their cla.s.s flower.”

“The prettiest girl in their cla.s.s? I think the current school flowers are more than enough. Well, they will be a recognized cla.s.s in half a semester.”

“You are talking about cla.s.s one or cla.s.s three? I’m telling you, their pretty girls are very beautiful.”

“I know, it is said that their two cla.s.s flowers are already at school flower level. The other one seems to be called Ye Wen. She seems to be a transfer student?” Said an unsure student.

"The overall quality of the girls in their cla.s.s are quite high."

“Holy Moly!”

“My mouth is watering.”


Each cla.s.s has to walk around the playground to be formally admitted at the podium. After they’ve completed a full circle, they could return to their cla.s.s’ initial position.

The other cla.s.ses watched as the team of high school cla.s.ses slowly walked through. Suddenly, someone crazily shook the shoulders of the people around him.

“Look! Look! There is still another flower in cla.s.s three!”

“Who? Ye Wen or Jin Jing?”

“No one I’ve ever seen before!”

“How is that possible? Did you forget her name?” The man was shocked. The one next to him who was known as the flower devil, the one who kept every beautiful girl in the school in his mind. Even he had never seen her…

“She’s so beautiful I’ll never forget her.” Mo Yan affirmed.

“A newcomer?”


Many people noticed the beautiful girl leading the boys’ team. There were many discussions, especially from the boys, filled with envy and hate. They took a look at their own cla.s.s, there was no way to compare them!

The admissions ended, but half of the boys’ attention were still on cla.s.s three’s girls while the other half was on Feng Yulan.

Ye Wen, Jin Jing, and Feng Yu Lan endured the burning gazes they received and sat in their seats. Jin Jing was already used to it so this sort of treatment had no influence on her and Ye Wen had already adapted herself to it, but she still felt the weight of the eyes on her. On the other hand, Feng Yu Lan hadn’t ever experienced the weight of so many eyes. He lowered his red face and sat on his seat peekingly. This action attracted even more attention. He easily raised the girls’ desire to protect!

Let’s just call him a “girl” already.

The entrance ceremony took a while to end, since the school leaders spent forever talking. It took half an hour to complete the school sports meet’s introduction. There were projects to prepare. The freedom they were given allowed many people to bring snacks, making the meet turn more into an autumn festival. Only the students partic.i.p.ating in activities on the playground kept everyone aware that this was in fact a sports meet.

"Students! Move your chairs back!" w.a.n.g Xin shouted, and then the squad leader and deputy squad leader repeated it. The students of cla.s.s three slowly moved their chairs backwards.

“There’s no more s.p.a.ce! I can’t move back any more than this!”

“There’s a wall behind right behind us!” the students in the back row shouted.

“Yeah, that’s perfect.” The students fell back. w.a.n.g Xin took out a lot of plastic plates and quickly set them up. With the help of the cla.s.s, about half an hour later, the plastic plates were successfully put up.

On a small grandstand that could hold about ten people, the high-profile cheerleaders cheering for w.a.n.g Xin. This was something that Ye Wen didn’t have in her memory. She suddenly felt a little nostalgic.

There were more than 20 girls in the cla.s.s. w.a.n.g Xin made sure to select only ten beautiful girls. This matter was discussed privately between the boys. The girls who were selected were somewhat excited and shy. However, they all stood up to the stands and Feng Yulan was pushed up with them.

The remaining girls cheered on the edge of the runway.

The girls were led by Jin Jing and Ye Wen with Feng Yulan between the two. The girls were somewhat embarra.s.sed to shout. Finally, Jin Jing took the lead. Once someone started, their uneasiness disappeared. Even Ye Wen couldn’t help but shout with her.

Although Feng Yulan was somewhat affected, it seemed that his shyness was much stronger. Although he did shout, but not very loud. The girls were very understanding and didn’t insist. After all, he is a boy wearing women’s clothing. Him just being there was enough to get many people to look at the stands, let alone him cheering.

Ye Wen looked at Feng Yulan and felt that she understood what he was going through, but she was already feeling used to her new ident.i.ty…

During the race, there were many boys who came to chat, and there were even people who were brazen and eager enough to touch. Those ones were pushed away by the boys who guarded the girls. Only a few boys still refused to leave. I don't know what they would think if they know that Feng Yulan is a man…

w.a.n.g Xin already told the students of cla.s.s three to not reveal the secret of Feng Yulan’s gender. Everyone in cla.s.s three watching the BL were laughing. Hey, what is cla.s.s three laughing about.

Of course, there were also many girls who came to see them. Most of them wanting to see how the two flowers of cla.s.s three grew. This time, there were actually three! The eyes of the girls were all filled with envy, but the girls were more reserved, pretending to pa.s.s by, not staying long.

The school sports meet had already heated up. Ye Wen recovered from her state of excitement at lunch, and her throat suddenly felt so dry.

Even Ye Wen didn’t believe it. She shouted for so long. She didn’t even feel like drinking water in the middle of it all. Is this integrated into a girl’s body?

[Yeah right, I was just purely excited!] Ye Wen said to herself.



Ancient Heartloss’ Note :
*Spoof (web-based genre in People’s Republic of China, acquiring cult status from 2005, involving humorous, satirical or fantastical videos, photo collections, texts, poems etc)

*Flowers (beautiful girl)

This was one hard to translate chapter. Sorry for the wait!

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