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Sorry... As you can read the t.i.tle. There won't be any update this week. I want to show my sincerity by updating two chapters next week but I'm not ev...

[I Am My Wife] No Update

June 24, 2017

I decide to translating a Chinese Novel called 'I Am My Wife'

Here is the summary:

After traveling to the past, Qiu Yi turns into a girl, however, in th...

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June 14, 2017


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August 1, 2017

Chapter 2: The Seaside Villa

A red sports car is traveling on a highway and heading to the coast of H city.

It is an outskirt that has yet been developed, located far away from the city. There is only a very thin road that can barely fit two cars to pa.s.s through the forest connecting  them but it usually has wild animal roaming around so even though there is a sea with beautiful scenery across it, people don't usually come here.

"16 years old......" Ye Wen tries to recall her memories when she was sixteen years old...... On the other side of this forest, there is a golden yellow sand beach and a boundless sea...... At that time she was still young and easily stunned however when she remembers the matter was exposed to her parents and received a scolding from them, Ye Wen cannot help to hide her smile.

(TL's Note: I don't really get this paragraph but my best guess is when Qiu Yi was sixteen, he had come to this beach alone and was stunned at the beautiful scenery. However, he was too young at that time to be able to go out somewhere deserted alone therefore when he came home, he was found out by his parents and received a scolding from them. Now that she remembers this it can only make her smiles. Better suggestion is welcomed.)

"What's the matter? Good daughter? Why are you smiling?" Mother Ye asks ironically, "Is it lovesick?"

"Eh? No......it isn't......." Ye Wen is drawn back to reality from recalling her memories and gives a frantic response.

"Oh~" Mother Ye gives her a meaningful 'oh' cry.

"Drive carefully......" Ye Wen truly feels anxious because Mother Ye hasn't looked at the road at all that she may just accidentally run into a tree.

"Don't worry, there will be no cars around here.

"I am afraid that you might run into a tree...... Ye Wen silently retorts in her heart however since she is not very familiar with Mother Ye, she can only swallow these word that is possible to be said to friends, into her stomach.

Right now, Ye Wen regards Mother Ye as a stranger......um, maybe they are a bit familiar than simply a stranger.

The red sports car finally comes out from the forest and not far from them, stood a three-storey and half-floor villa with a large area of courtyard around it.

It is too luxurious. Even if Ye Wen has seen this kind of villa with a large yard only in television, but it is rather poetic that it is located at the seaside, with no other building around it, plus the sound of waves constantly slapping the sh.o.r.e

.As the sports car approaches the entrance, two security guards come to pull the big iron gate open, so Mother Ye slows down and slowly comes inside.

There is a garage inside the yard with a very s.p.a.cious interior, Ye Wen estimates that there should be at least 100 square meters......

Thinking that she once rented a small apartment with a dozen or more square meter s.p.a.ce to live, Ye Wen sighs, being rich is truly something.

Ye Wen and Mother Ye get off from the car before following a stone path to the front of the villa and find a middle-aged man with a white formal attire already waiting for them there.

"Welcome back, tài tai and xiǎo jie."

"I already said this many times, Old Liu, you are not in old society, you can call us by name."

tài tai: equivalent to Madam 

xiǎo jie: equivalent to Young Miss

Old society: Indicating old-fashioned or ancient

"Ah, very well."

"Where is Dr. w.a.n.g?" Mother Ye asks.

"He has been waiting for you in the living room."

Ye Wen feels that she has entered an ancient family because even though there are not many servants here, it gives the impression that there is always somebody.

(ancient family indicates a very uptight family, it made you feel unrest and always under the watch)

Pa.s.sing through the security door and the villa's steward, Ye Wen sees several young maids make a commotion when they saw Mother Ye comes into the room and hastily stand up to bow and greet them.

"It's alright. If you don't have anything important to do right now, you can play with this, you are still young, there is no need to be cautious." Mother Ye seems to be very casual while pulling out something that girls will like from her pocket and gives it to them.

A bright smile immediately blooms on the maids' face and a head maid reminds them from the side, "Why haven't you thank the Madam quickly?"

"Thank you, Madam~" The maids say in unison.

"Clever." Mother Ye pinches the round face of one of the maids while smiling.Ye Wen sees some of these girls are staring blankly at her and there is even one girl who dares to naughtily wink at her, secretly waving her hand while softly saying: "Young Miss~"

Ye Wen stares blankly before reacting to them by giving them a small smile.

Afterward, Ye Wen is pulled by Mother Ye to the living room and a man who is wearing a clean suit has been waiting there."Dr. w.a.n.g, sorry for the wait."

"I haven't waited for long, Little Wenwen's stomach is hurt?""Um. she said it was hurting before," Mother Ye pats Ye Wen's head and asks, "Is it still hurting now?"

"No...... It doesn't hurt." Ye Wen carefully uses a shy tone, because she is frightened that the fact she is a boy will be exposed.

However, even if she admits that she is a boy, no one will believe her anyway but as a human being, she still has some guilty conscience...... even if she does not want to be a girl.

"Well... let's take a look." Dr. w.a.n.g takes out a stethoscope from the medical box on top the table and uses a torch to look at her eyes and the inside of her mouth before saying, "There is no big problem, only a cold and nothing more. Just make sure to let her stay warm and the stomach ache will be gone."

"En, thank you, Dr. w.a.n.g."

"Don't mind it, don't mind it." Dr. w.a.n.g repeatedly waves his hand. "Then, if there's no more important, may I excuse myself first?"

"How about staying for dinner?" Mother Ye urges.

"No need. I have matters in the evening."

"Then, it's rude of me to insist. Please take care."

"En, don't mention it." Dr. w.a.n.g carries his medical box then sits on top his old car's seat before slowly drives away.

"This is the life of wealthy person......" Ye Wen continues to sigh in her heart.

"Wenwen, go play by yourself, Mother is busy."



Ye Wen stands on the rooftop of the villa, it was surrounded by the fences and she is leaning on the fence while looking at the blue sea.

The salty breeze from the sea blows her hair."In the past...... there is no villa......"

If she remembers correctly, it should be 2004 now. It is the time when the world rapidly develops the most.

Countless old houses and streets were demolished. The whole of China in the development of modernization and a variety of high-tech products were being spread rapidly.

At this time, it is an era where the computer in rage. Ye Wen did not have a computer in that time, so she usually went to a computer cafe whenever she wanted to play a computer. In her memories, she only got her first computer after she went to university.

Naturally, now that she is a young miss, having a computer and so on is a trivial matter.

"To be able to return to the past...... perhaps, I may also be happy?" Ye Wen wears a bitter smile to comfort herself. "Unfortunately, I have become a girl......"

Returning to the past, for her own sake, in the end, will it be good or bad?

Although she has turned into a girl, Ye Wen does not over-react, it is only hard to accept at the beginning. That's all.

Since becoming a girl does not put her in any danger, she certainly won't do anything to harm herself and end her life, right? Her life was hers and other people won't be responsible for it. If she keeps claiming herself as a boy, others will surely regard her as an odd person and Ye Wen does not desire to be a mental patient in someone else's eyes.

Moreover, this body is so cute and beautiful, it is impossible to make a young man feel disgusted.

"I hope this is just a dream......" Ye Wen says to herself. "Once I wake up tomorrow, everything will return to normal."

After all, if she has to stay as a girl, she will not be able to discuss about a girlfriend.

"I...... am still a virgin ah!" Ye Wen's mind snarls.

Indeed, this is her greatest regret......

I'm sorry for the very, very late update. I am still on the hiatus though. Next week I will be sitting on a mock exam then I have another two months to prepare for the real exam. This might just be the last update for this year but who knows~ 

Hence, while waiting for me to come back from my hiatus, you can spend a bit time to read my own original novel called '' It'll be really great if you do!

Of course, if there is anyone who wants to pick this up while I'm gone, you can do so. But make sure, you contact me beforehand. Click on '' page to see how to contact me.

I hope to see you soon!

Ah! Also I put on something interesting on the index. You may want to check it out! And don't forget to read my own original novel! (shameless advertising)


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