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Ye Wen once again experienced the benefits of being born into a rich family. Today, her wallet was filled with more than one thousand Yuan (chinese dollars). This was the amount of pocket money her mother gave to her every day. Ye Wen even suspected that if she were to ask her father for a thousand Yuan he would not refuse.

Spending at least 100 Yuan a day is too extravagant! On the first job Ye Wen got after graduating, the daily salary was one hundred! What’s more, ten years ago at this time, payment is quite lower compared to that time. A hundred Yuan a day was a good wage, but for Ye Wen it was only pocket money….

Ye Wen looked intently below the boxed Barbie doll that Lu Yu watched where there was a bid price of 199 yuan.

For adults, this was considered a high price, not to mention for a child, but now Ye Wen was thick in cash, with more than a hundred dollars in her purse.

“I’ll get it for you!” Ye Wen planned to buy for Lu Yu. As the saying goes, help others who lack, eat from those who have, hope Lu Yu can understand this…

“Really?!” Lu Yu excitedly asked.

“Of course.” Ye Wen made a relaxed expression and walked into the bright and clean shop.

“My lovely Xiao WenWen is really good! Is your house rich?”

“Oh…um kinda…”

“How much pocket money do you get a day?”

“One hundred…”

No one answered, Ye Wen looked back and saw Lu Yu wearing a faint look. She secretly mumbled: "Same salary as my mother…"

Jin Jing was also astonished. “I did not expect Ye Wen’s family to be so rich…”

“Cough, doesn’t matter, not important…” Ye Wen didn’t want the gap between rich and poor to create a distance between them as friends. “I am an ordinary person, I really am.”

“Great hypocrisy!” Lu Yu wrinkled her nose.

“Ah…? Hey? Wait…no…” Ye Wen incoherently replied. She looked at Jin Jing worrying that she would become estranged from her.

“Ayah~Ayah.” Jin Jing smiled and touched Ye Wen’s head. “Lu Yu is only teasing you.”

“Oh! I didn’t expect Xiao WenWen to react so amusingly!”

Ye Wen looked in her eyes. “I don’t want anything anyways…”

“That’s nice of you! But it can’t be done. Can I repay you in installments?”

“Yeah…” Ye Wen thought for a while. It was originally intended to be given freely. However, it seems that it makes it somewhat difficult for people to accept. In the end, they nodded. “That’s good.”

Lu Yu was very happy.

So Ye Wen bought the delicately packaged Barbie doll. Jin Jing and Lu Yu were surprised to see Ye Wen’s money.

This 199 Yuan Barbie doll contains a lot of things and really, with the various accessories will not be less than a hundred Yuan.

There was a variety of shops in the pedestrian street. Shopkeepers displayed their goods in the windows in their most suitable ways. Various trendy items could be found there.

“Look at it! Look at the pillars!” Lu Yu lively shouted, holding a large box of Barbie dolls as she pointed towards the divination hall.

“No…” Ye Wen was quite familiar with the things in the pedestrian street. “That kind of thing is deceptive.”

“Let’s enter and play.” Jin Jing proposed.

“Let’s go and see it,” said Ye Wen.

Lu Yu looked at Ye Wen and turned back to Jin Jing again. She grunted and tried to hold back before she spoke.

It seems that she developed a sense of being unpersuasive.

Inside the Divination House sat a woman with short purple hair. She seemed to be in her thirties, and resembles a legendary witch under deliberately dimmed lighting.

“Children, do you want to divorce?” asked the shopkeeper with a hoa.r.s.e, enthralling voice.

Lu Yu could not help but take two steps back. Jin Jing clung to Ye Wen’s right arm, her soft chest pressing on it, leaving Ye Wen feeling elated.

“I have a lot of tests here, what kind do you want to play?” The owner asked with a smile, but it was a bit strange under the shadow of the lights.

“How much money?” Lu Yu replied with a more realistic question.

“Two yuan for each test.” The owner replied.

“What are the tests?”

[Although I used to come around here to take a stroll, I rarely bought anything because the things on the Pedestrian Street were somewhat expensive. For me at that time, I didn’t have much pocket money. The Divination House just came up to mind once, but the divination’s content has long been obscure and that was an issue.]

The owner skillfully handed out a menu which listed a mult.i.tude of quirky and varied tests.

“Testing a past life?” Jin Jing pointed to one of the options on the menu and looked at Ye Wen requestingly.

“Whatever you like, even if you want to try it again, there’s no problem,” said Ye Wen.

“Then it’s time to test our past lives first,” Jin Jing slightly smiled. Under the shade of the purple light, she was enchanting.

“Who goes first?” Ye Wen asked.

"Me! Me!" Lu Yu showed a hundred and twenty points of interest and quickly sat in the chair opposing the owner's little table.

“This kind of thing, if you believe in it then it is real, but if you do not believe then don’t worry too much about it.” The owner said, taking out tarot cards from a drawer. She skillfully shuffled them over and over again, and then laid them out in front of Lu Yu, “I feel relaxed and I don’t want to think about anything. So I’ll just draw a card.”

Lu Yu took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She reached out and pulled out a card. The owner verified the card, smiled and said: "In your past life you were a happy kitten. You lived a carefree, free life and finally died.”

“What? I turned out to be a cat!” Lu Yu complained.

Jin Jing touched her hair and lightly smiled. “A little cat is so you.”

“Do you want to pick together?” asked the shopkeeper.

“Can we?” Jin Jing asked curiously.

“Of course you can.”

So the two each took a card.


"Uh… this one…" The owner took up the Tarot card that Ye Wen pulled out and carefully observed it. "Hey… this card… Your past life may have been hidden. Maybe… What is this? This is so confusing. There is nothing about your past life on this card, but one thing for sure is that your past lives didn’t end with a normal death…”

“Not a normal death? Was it a.s.sa.s.sination?” Lu Yu asked.

“An unnatural death refers to supernatural detachment. Maybe she left her past world and was received in heaven by G.o.d?”

“What’s that? ? Too much!” Lu Yu said with a grudge.

“Haha… this kind of thing. It is only good for fun. Seriously you lose.”

However, Ye Wen was immersed in meditation, if there was a past life…


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