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It’s been one month since the time the students first left school and now when the students have become familiar with each other. As time pa.s.sed, the time for the painful monthly exam had arrived.

“Ah – hateful, we must test on the moon festival. Ah, a good headache.” Lu Yu complained.

Jin Jing sitting next to her smiled and said, “Yes, so many things left to figure out.”

“That’s it.” Lu Yu said, pushing Ye Wen who was in a daze, “What do you think?”

“Ah? Nothing…” Ye Wen returned from her daze. “What’s the matter?”

“Well, I just want to ask you to learn!” Lu Yu said, “Why don’t you listen in cla.s.s, but only when you will feel like it.”

“Yeah…this…” Ye Wen thought for a moment. He couldn’t say that he was from the future, that he had already learned such knowledge. “Well, I’ve got to read my books.”

So he could only find such a reason as a cover up.

“You don’t want to think about your difficulties. How can you do anything and everything? Wen Wen should go back and do some serious studying.” Jin Jing touched Lu Yu’s head, which fell into her arms.

Ye Wen smiled and thought. People cannot casually succeed. There’s always considerable effort behind every success. Just like herself, although she seemed to never take learning seriously, but in fact she’s already read the book that they’re reading for several years. Studying equivalent to two people. It’s only natural to have some small achievements.

“Even though you’re doing jut fine, if there are any questions that you don’t understand you can always ask me.” Ye Wen smiled comforting Lu Yu.

“Hey…” Lu Yu powerlessly looked. “It’s so troublesome though…”

“If you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid of trouble.” Ye Wen said in a positive way.

“Ye Wen’s right.” Jin Jing told Lu Yu to let Ye Wen teach her. “Well, just ask something you don’t understand.”

Ye Wen echoed over and over.

“Hey! The little couple! You bullies!” Lu Yu said with an air of anger.

“Little girl.” Jin Jing scratched the tip of Lu Yu’s nose. “Would you like to have an easy test?”

The time pa.s.sed as they pleasantly studied. Ye Wen never thought that learning was such a pleasant thing, although she was teaching while Jin Jing and Lu Yu were studying.

“The lady is back.” The housekeeper stood at the front door of the villa smiling as usual to welcome Ye Wen.

“My dad?” Ye Wen probed.

“The lord went abroad again.” Liu Guan said with a smile.

“Oh…” Ye Wen nodded, went upstairs and rushed into her room.

Although it was late autumn, the weather was still too hot. Her bodyguard, w.a.n.g Hui, put the air conditioner a little higher, but Ye Wen was already covered in sweat.

In Ye Wen’s room there’s an adjoining bathroom with an extra large bathtub. Two or three people would be able to take a shower at the same time without a problem. The bathroom alone was about twenty by thirty square meters with a big ceiling to floor mirror where you could check out your whole body with a glance.

“Na na na na~” Ye Wen sung. Her skilled hands applied and ma.s.saged the hair product through her hair. She untied her ponytail allowing her straight black hair to drape over one shoulder.

“Na na na na ~” Ye Wen checked herself in the mirror, “Haha… drop dead cute.”

Someone was obviously very interested in the kind of behavior that pleases oneself, and constantly made various lovely yet bizarre poses.

“Oh, so cute! I’m afraid I’ll die by myself one day.” Ye Wen said to himself.

“Oh my goodness… when did I become so narcissistic! I’m a man!”

“Uh… I’m certainly not narcissistic. I just feel that the girl in the mirror looks quite lovely. Haa… so awful! It’s such a pity that it’s my own reflection in the mirror…”

Ye Wen once fantasized that she would be inseparable from such a lovely girl and that she would do something shamelessly day and night… His past was not completed, but the girl in front of him was a dream come true.

Taking off his clothes, Ye Wen stood on the edge of the toilet and decided to stand peeing to cherish the memories of the old version of himself. As a result, the toilet seat was sprayed everywhere and he had to rush to clean it up with some water. This was very tiring.

Ye Wen looked up and saw a lovely young girl standing in front of the large mirror as if she walked out of an illusion. She didn’t sport a single pimple. Her lower body was very smooth with no trace of excess hair. Her slender long legs, perfectly showed the caved triangle of a girls inner thigh, which was unusually lovely.

Ye Wen was embarra.s.sed, but recovered and quickly became accustomed to it. However, she still didn’t dared to take a few glances and jumped straight into the hot tub.


Another morning, Ye Wen washed and skillfully tied her hair into a single beautiful pony tail leaving a few strands of hair in front of her forehead and cheeks to add a touch of cute temptation.

Today was the monthly exam and the students had come to school in fear, except Ye Wen.

“Miss, come.” w.a.n.g Hui jumped out of the car, opened the co-driver’s door and waited in a pleased pose.

“Okay.” Ye Wen responded and jumped out of the car. “Thanks.”

“Don’t be too polite. I am getting paid for this.” w.a.n.g Hui said wanting to be humorous. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful at all.

Ye Wen was afraid that she would become the main topic discussed by her cla.s.smates. So she didn’t let w.a.n.g Hui drive her to the school gate. Every day she went and left school, he would stop at a corner nearby from where she would walk into the school on her own.

As soon as she was about to walk past the school gate, Qiu Yi beckoned Ye Wen shouting: “Ye-Wen–!”

Ye Wen stopped and looked in the voice’s direction.

“Hey…Ye Wen, it’s so early.” Qiu Yi encountered Ye Wen at the school gate making him happy. “Did you eat breakfast?”

"Eat…" Looking at the other version of herself, Ye Wen always had a strange feeling when facing him. She wasn’t sure whether it was a good or a bad one.

“That…” Qiu Yi uneasily scratched his head and embarra.s.singly replied, “Hey wait, for the next exam… Can I copy your answers?”

“Answers…?” Ye Wen turned to look at Qiu Yi, “You didn’t review it?”

“I didn’t understand what the teacher said….Please!” Qiu Yi clapped both of his hands together as if he was praying to Buddha.

Copy my answers… Ye Wen thought that his former high school self was very much the same. It was only copying others answers and it wasn’t only one person in on it. There were different answer providers for each subject. Jin Jing was one of the providers, but she won’t be helping because Ye Wen did not seek to improve so Jin ignores her… Ye Wen was lost in contemplation.

"Ye Wen? Ye Wen?" Qiu Yi's voice pulled Ye Wen back.

Ye Wen looked at Qiu Yi’s pitiful expression and suddenly felt her heart soften and so she nodded. After all, this was also her own problem…

[I’ll, help him!]

Looking at Qiu Yi’s happy expression, Ye Wen once again fell into deep thought.


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