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CHAPTER 12: Physical Activity Cla.s.s

"Ye Wen? Ye Wen?" Jin Jing who was standing beside Ye Wen was the first one to notice her collapse, she immediately reached out her hand and hold her.

"Wenwen, Wenwen, what's going on?" Lu Yu was shouting beside the ears of Ye Wen.

The girls who are in the middle of changing clothes also rushed up towards her.

Hateful... I still have to take a good look! Ye Wen's consciousness is still not completely gone, and she's still struggling not to faint.

Jin Jing took the napkin from Lu Yu and gently wiped away the blood on Ye Wen's face.

Wake up, wake up, wake up! Finally, the willpower overcame the instinct of her body, Ye Wen tried hard, and slowly opened her eyes.

She slightly turned her head and felt her face was being squished by some kind of soft object that was suspected to be a girl's chest, Ye Wen quickly got up then took a few steps back.

A sudden burst of dizziness suffused inside her head, she quickly placed her hand on the windowsill for support, then turned her head upward and looked to the girls who haven't changed into their pantyhose, she said: "I'm fine... ... don't worry about me..."

"Are you all right?"

"Do you want to go to the infirmary?"

"Wenwen, do you feel any discomfort? Don't force yourself."

"I'm alright, it's nothing... ..." Ye Wen waved her hand, "It may be a sequela to yesterday's run... ..."

"It's good that you're okay, quickly wear your pantyhose and let's go together in cla.s.s." Jin Jing said.

"Uh-huh, that's good, hehe, do you want me to help you wear it?" Lu Yu's little round face was full of sly smile.

Ye Wen promptly refused, and speedily put on a black pantyhose, fortunately, this thing is not too difficult to wear, in fact, it's practically like pants, but much thinner.

The legs were wrapped tightly, from just a glance, you can tell that you can easily feel the softness with a light touch, and will definitely give you a wonderful feeling.

Ye Wen looked at her pair of slender legs, that seems to be able to tempt any leg-enthusiasts with just a casual pose coming from her.

"Let's go now, stop looking at it, and quickly go." Lu Yu pushed Ye Wen to enter into the dance studio.


Taking a look at the boys inside of the studio, are currently somewhat in chaos, because of wearing a pantyhose for the first time. Fortunately, everyone had worn a pantyhose, it helped to reduce their shame to a minimum.

At this moment, Luo Liang who is inspecting his own self without being ashamed and impatient said that his own legs are originally thin so wearing the pantyhose inside his pants is not an issue and can hide it well, so on and so forth.

On the other hand, Gu Fei is more depressed, because Adan gave the same size to all, he can feel that the pantyhose he is wearing now can break at any moment.

Of course, the most interesting is Feng Yulan, he just took off his school pants and still haven't worn the pantyhose, but this time the boys who are standing there in a circle, watch him like some kind of curious animals.

Even Qiu Yi can no longer pretend to be reserved, he also stared at Feng Yulan's thighs.

"Wow! What a good white legs!"

"There's no hair, it looks smooth!"

"It's completely a girl's legs!"

Everyone was surprised.

"Can I touch it?" Qiu Yi requested, he placed his hands on top of Feng Yulan's thighs to have a feel of it, and all the boys were attracted then gave him a contemptuous look.

"You have already touched it while you ask." Lao Hui said disdainfully.

"I would like to touch it too!" Luo Liang seized the opportunity to be the second.

Thereupon, many of the boys and girls started competing to have a touch of Feng Yulan's thighs, on the other hand, Feng Yulan who was leaning against the window sill was disheveled by them.

"This thigh is mine!" Qiu Yi loudly declared while he embraces Feng Yulan's thighs.

Hey hey hey! ... Legs Control and Welfare ah!

There's no longer any s.p.a.ce to touch the thighs, as a result, the boys stretched out their evil claws in other places, on the chest, arms, and waist, every part of the body of Feng Yulan was touched all over.

There are even malicious boys who stretched out there hands to go in between of Feng Yulan's legs, though Feng Yulan tightly guarded that place.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?! If you have already changed then come out!"

It's the voice of the physical activity teacher.

Everyone was surprised and quickly spread out, only Qiu Yi was left and finally, rubbed his face against Feng Yulan's thighs, that didn't give up.

Finally, the remaining time was used to change into their pantyhose. When all the boys got out of the locker room, their entire face looked wretched, while Feng Yulan was the only one who vigilantly walked out, he had a frightened expression on his face, and his legs were shaking together, like a shy girl.

Many of the girl's spirit to gossip was reignited. Just what exactly happened? Did the boys collectively violate Feng Yulan? Some of the fujoshi girls started to think of corrupted ideas inside their head, they just couldn't stop, and then shared the contents in the surrounding girls.

Ye Wen is naturally aware of this matter, but after experiencing it again she was still amused, at this moment she was listening with great interest to the rain of terrible plots made by the girls.

At the side, Feng Yulan sat down, the boys and girls cried out in surprise. Because the way Feng Yulan seated was unexpectedly a duck sitting position, then the boys attempted to sit in the same way, as a result each and every one of them experienced a lot of pain.[1]

The duck sitting position is done by sitting with your legs and feet apart while the calves and the thighs are laid flat in lateral, and the b.u.t.tocks are completely affixed to the ground, this unusual sitting position can truly reflect the loveliness and beauty of a girl, but in general, this position cannot be done by men.

The girls have also tried, but there are still many girls who are not successful. 

Lu Yu who is sitting beside Ye Wen also tried it, and suddenly cried out in delight: "Haha~ look at me~ I succeeded!~"

"How about you Jin Jing?" Lu Yu said excitedly.

"Oh, I can do it too~" Jin Jing laughed.

"What about you Wenwen?" Lu Yu turned her head and asked.

"Eh... I don't know..."

"Give it a try." Jin Jing pushed Ye Wen's body.

"Oh... well... ..." Ye Wen carefully positioned herself, and then slowly sat down.

The result turned out fine, she didn't feel any pain and it was as easy as stretching out her hand.

Female's advantage... ... Ye Wen whispered.

"Oh! Oh! Feng Yulan is really a girl——Ah! He can even sit in this kind of lovely position!" the boys uproared.

Feng Yulan who noticed their exaggerated reaction, quickly changed his sitting position, both of his legs are sticking together leaning on one side, however, it still looked as feminine as before... ...

The teacher in charge of the cla.s.s spoke, "This is your first lesson of the cla.s.s, so I'm going to explain what are the benefits of the physical activity cla.s.s, and I also hope that the students will continue exercising after attending this cla.s.s... ..."

The first lesson is only about some of the text knowledge in cla.s.s, and then watch a few dance videos after which the cla.s.s is over.

After getting out of the cla.s.s, the boys showed a lot higher enthusiasm compared to girls, they rushed inside into the locker room, and quickly replaced their pantyhose.

"Feng Yulan, you're in the wrong place, this is the men's locker room." Luo Liang teased.

"I am a man!" Feng Yulan angrily shouted.

"Ah, well okay." Luo Liang said, he noticed that Feng Yulan is getting angry, so he quickly stopped playing a joke and stepped back.

Ye Wen who happened to pa.s.s by faintly smiled, she suddenly clings at Feng Yulan from behind that made him startled, looking back, he saw Ye Wen's adorable face.

"... How, why?" Feng Yulan asked stutteringly.

"Come on, if the boys are bullying you, then let's go to the female's locker room, we will not bully you." Ye Wen said with a sly grin.

The girls around Ye Wen also raised their hands with approval.


"This is Feng Yulan's pants and shoes!" a person with malicious intention quickly threw out Feng Yulan's pants and shoes.

Thereafter, Feng Yulan with tearful eyes is dragged into the female's locker room... ...

Haha! At last, my wish during that time has been fulfilled! Pulling Feng Yulan into the female's locker room!

Ye Wen laughed heartily inside.


1. 鸭子坐 - yā zi/zuò, literally translated as duck/sit. Thus, duck sitting position. It is also called Onna no ko Suwari (女の子座り) and W-sitting position.↩

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