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CHAPTER 11: Locker Room

The next day, Ye Wen got up early, bathed in the morning sun and savored the unusual liveliness of her body. Except for the time in 3rd grade of primary school before, she had never been so looking forward going to school.

It's only six o'clock in the morning, I wonder if the breakfast is ready? Ye Wen thought. She washed up a bit, then tried to recall the method of tying up her hair in a ponytail by the maid yesterday, a very lame single ponytail.

"Well... ... it's ugly." Ye Wen said, looking at her hair in front of the mirror, and once again tried for a couple of times. Finally, she grabbed the presentable looking ponytail and nodded with satisfaction, "Ah... good... it's so cute... ..."

After fixing her hair, she went downstairs, the breakfast has already been laid out on the table, a warm meat floss bread, a half-done sunny side up egg, a gla.s.s of milk, and a few pastries.

It's a sumptuous breakfast.

At this moment, Mother Ye who has also been neatly dressed, walked down the stairs to see Ye Wen eating her breakfast, and said: "Good girl, how did you get up early today?"

"Well... I slept well... ..." Ye Wen who threw a white pastry in her mouth vaguely said.

Ye Wen's personal bodyguard, w.a.n.g Hui, has already been waiting at the front door of the villa, naturally, he's going to send her into the school.

Compared to a private car, Ye Wen was more used to commute on her own, but because there are no busses here, she had no choice but to give up the idea.

The bright and beautiful sunshine was enveloping the earth, Ye Wen who was walking under the morning sun, felt her body heat up, she didn't know if it was because of the sun's light, or because she can see again Jin Jing that caused her to be excited?

Wen Lan Academy has a very special course——physical activity cla.s.s, it is said to have been established to correct the posture of the students, and it was also because the Wen Lan Academy is a former all-girls school. After the school was reformed, although it began to accept male students, this course was still retained.

Wen Lan Academy also retains the relatively old curriculum, apparently to act as a memorial.

Respectively, the cla.s.ses are physical activity cla.s.s, home economics, and swimming lessons. Swimming lessons are a bit special because the lessons are only open in summer.

Remembering those days that every time she takes a physical activity cla.s.s, Ye Wen felt miserable and happy at the same time.

The students in physical activity cla.s.s have to wear dancing shoes, both men, and women, of course, this is not the most painful thing. The hardest thing to do in physical activity cla.s.s is, you have to wear a pantyhose, in the eyes of boys, this kind of thing is only for girls to wear, It was just too painful to wear it on yourself.

As for the happiness... ... watching the girls doing a variety of movements that show off their body, at that time, is already a fun thing to do——not to mention Ye Wen is really delighted to see a girl's hips swaying... ...

So today, the students in cla.s.s 3 ushered in the first cla.s.s of the day, the physical activity cla.s.s.

"Students, have you brought your pantyhose and dancing shoes?" the teacher in charge of the cla.s.s, Adam asked while standing in front of the podium.

"Yes, teacher~," said by the girls with a soft voice.

"No, didn't bring it!"

"I forgot!"

"That's for girls!"

The noisy shouts came from the boys and Ye Wen is also one of them.

"The students who didn't have a pantyhose will have to buy a new one from the cla.s.s," Adan said with a sly smile.

The girls who brought a pantyhose were naturally happy, while the boys started complaining.

"Life is so hard... ..." Lao Hui sighed.

"Is it big enough?" Gu Fei and Luo Liang shamelessly inspected and asked.

"I'll once again wear a female's clothes... ..."

The boys who were originally complaining instantly flared up and immediately focused on the person who uttered the sentence.

It was indeed their fellow cla.s.smate who bantered. The one who was placed third prettiest in their cla.s.s, Feng Yulan.

"Why are you looking at me... ..." Feng Yulan asked feeling embarra.s.sed.

"You said you have already worn a female's clothes?" All boys asked in unison.

"Ah?" Feng Yulan interjected, pretending to be naive.

"Stop pretending, we all heard!" Luo Liang said with an indecent expression on his face.

"When did that happened? I would like to see!" Gu Fei said with a vulgar face.

"Cut it out!" Feng Yulan solemnly pushed aside the boys who are near him.

"He said it like a girl!"

Looking at all the people who were around Feng Yulan, Qiu Yi crossed his arms on his chest.

"No cla.s.s at all." Qiu Yi said being pretentious, even though his eyes are constantly looking at the body of Feng Yulan, his mind is also being filled up if his appearance would be like him wearing women's clothes.

"What happened?" the girls also came over to see what's happening.

Ye Wen knows what they're talking about, in her memory, the first cla.s.s of physical activity cla.s.s, Feng Yulan carelessly spilled the beans about himself, who has already worn a female's clothes, that led to a series of tragedy... ...

I've never thought that one day I will be wearing a pantyhose as a girl, and even antic.i.p.ate that I can also be inside of the girl's locker room. Ye Wen's saliva almost flows out.

Well, I just want to see Jin Jing. Ye Wen tried defending herself.

"Ye Wen, have you got a pantyhose?" Jin Jing asked while she looked at Ye Wen's chin and giggled.

"Cough!" Ye Wen quickly coughed dryly, to steer away from getting it worse, "I have not... ..."

"I can lend you mine!" Jin Jing said.

"Ah?!" Happiness truly comes suddenly, a chance of wearing Jin Jing's pantyhose? Hehe... ... Ye Wen felt her face was a little hot, "No, no... ... I'm just going to take one from Adan... ..."

"Oh, I wonder if what I bought has been washed or quite dirty, I just happen to have two, but rest a.s.sured, they're not see through.

"Ah... ... yeah," Ye Wen dazedly replied, then Jin Jing took out two plastic bags from her schoolbag, it was the neatly stacked pantyhose and looked thoroughly washed, it even has the smell of detergent left.

Ye Wen took the pantyhose and felt her body was becoming too hot, then in her mind once again appeared a very bad scene.

"Wenwen, what's wrong? Your face is so red?" Lu Yu approached then asked.

"Ah, It's nothing, nothing!" Ye Wen quickly pushed aside Lu Yu who was near her to leave and said, "Come on let's go, we're going later to the cla.s.s, and go to the locker room!"

Naturally, the girls are more energetic, they arrived early in front of the dance room's doorway, at this time, the door is not opened yet.

As for the boys, they were able to dawdle for a while and wait until the cla.s.s begins.

"Wow! Jin Jing's chest is so big ah!" Lu Yu exclaimed, her hands were pressed onto Jin Jing's chest.

"Don't make trouble." Jin Jing slapped the perverted hands of Lu Yu.

In physical activity cla.s.s the students can only wear short sleeves, so they have to take off their jacket.

This is not the important point, the main focus is... ... still the pantyhose.

Ye Wen wore the dancing shoes that came from Adan, then she holds Jin Jing's pantyhose, not knowing what to do.

I will wear the pantyhose, of course, and have to take off my pants... ... Thereupon, Ye Wen saw different styles of underwear in front of her. 

Jin Jing wears a panty with a black lace, the plump and rounded b.u.t.tocks attracted the eyes of Ye Wen, as well as Lu Yu's bear design on hers... ... especially when they bend down... ...


Ye Wen's nose cannot bear the sight, two lines of blood flowed out, then she felt dizzy, her eyes blurred, and lost consciousness.

At the last moment she lost consciousness, she felt regret... ... hateful! It's rare to have such a good opportunity, why did I have to faint?

It's heaven and h.e.l.l.


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