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Chapter 2: The Enemy That Must Not be Defeated Part 1

「Is that so……I did something like that.」

Odin looked down sadly.

Kizuna, Reiri, Kei, Landred, also Gertrude were conversing anew with Odin who regained her self.

Odin whose thought pattern was returned to the state like in the past was literally a changed person. Her features became gentle, and her personality, her thought, her speech and conduct were also leaving no trace of the severe ruler before this. Odin who took off her armor and wore a thin and elegant cloth was truly endowed with the style of a G.o.ddess.

Reiri stole a glance at Landred beside her.

Odin's figure vaguely had similarity with Queen Landred. It must be because things like Odin's castle and outfit were close with Baldein that Landred governed.

And then this world of Odin also accomplished change in appearance.

The thick cloud cleared up and the light of sun shined in from the sky, while the snow was starting to melt. The snow piled up on the temple was also completely melted, the overflowing water was flowing down the slope, making a river. The sun and river melted the snow falling and piling up on the ground, the glacier became large river, and the frozen sea was flowing in.

Greenery sprouted from the land that appeared underneath the snow, the forest of withered trees also took back its vitality and changed into a verdant forest.

Odin's residence in the past, the temple that was already a ruin was also resurrected like a young tree. Just like how tree grew, the temple's pillars and walls were lengthening up by themselves. The pillars grew up and leaves were growing from them. Their figure was like big trees.

「The me at that time……those who win and survive a struggle for existence are superior, and the inferior only stand in the way of evolution──that was what I was thinking.」

'Even though that wasn't my intention', Odin muttered.

Landred turned a mournful look at Odin.

「How did it turn out like that……?」

Odin shook her head sideways with apologetic look.

「Somewhere in the way, I became weird. At first it was a small change. While I was hastening the evolution and putting out improved plan, before I realized it was turning into extreme method……eventually, I prioritized the overall worth and merit and the individual worth became something light.」

When Odin smiled faintly, Reiri and Kizuna, and then Gertrude who was stiffening from nervousness beside them were staring at her.

「However, exactly because there are diverse existence and worth that various ways of fighting are created. For me who was focused only on an aspect of strength to reach the limits and defeated by someone who I thought to be unnecessary might be only natural in a sense.」

「Eh……no, that……」

Gertrude was at a loss of how to reply.

「I'm planning to remake this world into a world where various sense of value can coexist together from now on. Really thank you very much.」

Odin casted down her eyes as though bowing. She then raised her voice 'ah' as though noticing something.

「I have to return this back.」

A red crystal was placed on the palm of the hand Odin held out. That was the configuration information of the world of Kizuna and others Lemuria, and the world of Grace and others Vatlantis. The thing that was the collection of a part of that.

Landred gestured for Reiri to take it. Reiri moved toward Odin and picked up the crystal while feeling somewhat nervous.

It was unclear just from seeing whether it was Lemuria's data or Vatlantis's. However, with this one of the worlds should be able to be restored as before.

「Odin, there is one thing that I want to ask.」

Reiri questioned the one eyed G.o.ddess. Odin tilted her head slightly and smiled gently.

「What could it be?」

Reiri was at a loss for words for a moment. This G.o.ddess was an opponent who she faced in a mortal combat just now, it was hard to believe this situation so suddenly.

「……We are going to defeat Thanatos after this. But that machine G.o.d possesses tremendous strength. I want to ask if there is something, a weak point or a conquer method against her.」


Odin frowned with a troubled look.

「I think it's something really difficult.」

「We know that. That's why I'm asking you who is a machine G.o.d like her and also her comrade.」

「Let's see……if it's all of you, then perhaps you will be able to defeat her.」

Hope grew inside Kizuna's heart hearing that.

「But, at that time it will be the time that spell the end of all the worlds.」


Kizuna stared at Odin's face in shock. Reiri also lost her words from surprise. She pulled herself back together and asked.

「What does that mean? Say it in a way we can understand.」

「Let's see, for example……」

Odin put forward her palm. Then white cold air gathered above her palm and a lump of ice appeared. When she flipped her palm, the ice lump fell on the floor and broke.

「When my hand let go, the ice fall to the floor.」

Reiri frowned. She couldn't understand what Odin was going to say.

「That's because there is gravity right?」

「That's right. And then if a force is added from the fall, it will break. And then if heat is added, it will become water and evaporate.」

The lump of ice on the floor melted in the blink of eye and became water.

Kei typed on her keyboard expressionlessly.

『Simple physical law. There is nothing particularly mysterious about it.』

「This is an example. This kind of law rule over this world. But what if this kind of law doesn't exist in this world?」

Kei's fingertips stopped above her keyboard.

「This world, and also your world. Inherent law exists in all the worlds. That kind of law defines each world, forming the world by carrying decision like this world is moving by this kind of rule. If that kind of rule doesn't exist, all worlds will become simple chaos, unable to maintain existence.」

Kei operated her keyboard while sweating coldly.

『I understand what you want to say. If all the laws are gone, world won't be able to maintain their form. Any kind of substance won't be allowed to exist. But, what is the relation of that with Thanatos?』

Odin closed her eyes.

「All the rules of our world──are created and maintained by Thanatos.」


Reiri's face stiffened.

「Even if for argument's sake you are able to defeat Thanatos, at that moment your world and also my world will surely be annihilated.」

Kizuna recalled Nayuta's words.

Most likely after her chance meeting with Thanatos, she noticed that fact.

He recalled her words that she whispered almost inaudibly.

『……No matter what kind of method we use, it's impossible to defeat Thanatos.』

Part 2

Battleship Oldium was advancing through the s.p.a.ce at the interstice with another world.

Battleship Ataraxia that was destroyed from the fierce fighting against Odin was abandoned, while Golden Dragon that received great damage from its emergency landing and had difficulty to sail was also similarly abandoned.

Odin shared some magic power with Nayuta, but the best she could do was repairing one ship.

「But, I'm recovering my consciousness slightly. I think I will be able to walk after some more time pa.s.sed.」

Nayuta raised half her body from the bed and slurped roasted green tea.

Kizuna who was sitting beside the bed was staring at her with wonder.

He wondered in the end how did he feel about his mother. It was hard to forgive her when he remembered about the past. However deep in his heart, looking at her figure recovering some vitality like this caused him to be undeniably relieved.

「What's wrong, Kizuna?」

Nayuta was looking up at Kizuna in wonder.

「A, aah……just thinking, you're looking well.」

Nayuta smiled widely. That smile was the smile of little girl without any worry in it.

「Yes, fortunately. It's thanks to Odin. I was also able to talk with her a little.」

Reiri who was standing at another side of the bed across from Kizuna was crossing her arms while looking down on her mother.

「Talk? I didn't see anything like that……」

'Fufufu' Nayuta leaked out a chuckle and stared at Reiri boastfully.

「Fellow G.o.ds are able to talk secretly you know♪」

「……What kind of conspiracy is that huh?」

「It's still a secret. In order to trick the enemy, first you start from your ally, there is that kind of saying right?」

Reiri's face scowled hard.

「I don't get your reason for tricking your ally. However the point of how to trick the enemy is important. Do you have some kind of plan?」

Nayuta stared still at the teacup she was holding and put it on her mouth one more time.

It was unclear whether she was putting on air or she found it hard to say. Kizuna spoke out something that diverted a little from the topic.

「……Kaa-san, you noticed Thanatos's true nature didn't you?」

「Yes. Previously when we fought Thanatos.」

「Is there nothing else that we can do anymore?」

Nayuta reached out her hand to the table beside her pillow and put the teacup there.

「We haven't lost all option.」

Kizuna's body unconsciously leaned forward.

「Please think about it. Any kind of method is fine.」

「──For example, we can stay in Odin's world without leaving it and live using that world as our new home. In fact Odin invited us exactly with that offer you know?」

Even Reiri only heard that for the first time.

「Are you considering it?」


Reiri shook her head. Even if she considered it, it was unthinkable that she would accept that invitation.

「Other than that?」

Nayuta looked down and stared at her own hands that were joined together on the blanket.

「There is one more idea. It's a bit troublesome, but with this method surely the laws of all the world can be keep preserved while turning Thanatos powerless.」

Kizuna's eyes were shining with light of hope.

「Really!? If there is such way then tell us earlier!」

「But, for that Kizuna and──Reiri's cooperation is necessary.」

When she lifted her face, Nayuta stared at Reiri's eyes.

The eyes of the mother looked like they wanted to say something. As though there was some kind of truth they wished to bring to attention. Reiri felt like that.

「──The situation is like this. I'll listen to whatever you say. Try saying it.」

Part 3

Inside Oldium that had a total length of two thousand meter was more vast than imagined. Inside the great battleship that could even be called as a flying palace, there were facilities prepared as though to move the government system of Vatlantis in its entirety there. But even with that, there was still unused area in the interior.

One of the several conference rooms was exclusive for Vatlantis's emperor and her aides. Although it was at the smallish side, it was an extravagant meeting room. The important people of each world were gathered there.

From Lemuria, Hida Reiri, Kizuna, Shikina Kei.

From Vatlantis, Grace, Zelcyone.

From Izgard, Gravel.

From Baldein, Landred.

And then Aine──she was sitting beside Grace, closer to Vatlantis than Lemuria.

It wasn't Aine who chose that seating. However, the even flowed naturally like that and no one complained about it.

In reality Vatlantis's emperor was Grace, but formally Aine was the legitimate successor. Grace herself was also recognizing it that she was only a replacement until her big sister returned.

Until now they only concentrated to escape from Odin's world, and there was no leeway to think of such matter. But, they was able to safely escape and reunited with everyone, so the worry that Aine almost forgot showed up once more.

Each faction was sitting clumped with their own with the round table divided into four parts. Aine's eyes met with the eyes of Kizuna who was sitting at the opposite side. Aine immediately averted her gaze.

──'What am I doing?'

Reiri's sharp voice resounded and Aine straightened her seated posture.

「First I want to make a report regarding the present situation. Currently we are in the middle of formulating strategy for the future in cooperation with Hida Nayuta. We will be able to publish the summary of it tomorrow.」

Zelcyone raised her voice at the timing when Reiri's words cut off.

「Are you saying that you've got the prospect to beat Thanatos?」

Reiri paused for a moment as though ruminating that question.

「──That's right.」

The attendances at Vatlantis's side stirred.

「Of course, there is no guarantee that it will work. I cannot deny the point that we won't know the result until we try it. But, it's worth a try.」

Zelcyone faced Grace and Aine and spoke whisperingly.

「──Then, perhaps it will be all right to wait for the detailed explanation.」

「But, to advance our consideration, there are two points that we wish to confirm to you ladies.」

Grace frowned at Reiri's words.

「What are they?」

「First, we want to borrow the emperor's exclusive villa in Oldium as well as the unused area adjacent of it.」

「Oo, my villa is it.」

An exclusive villa for Grace was built by making use of the vast s.p.a.ce inside the ship. It was a moderately large white palace with a garden around it that was planted with lawn and trees. Furthermore there were artificial pond and river that were circulating clean water.

「You can use it as you like. However……the unused area is just an empty lot you know? Just what are you going to use it for?」

Kei immediately typed her keyboard.

『We're going to make an artificial beach and sea. Also, we will install the facility of wide area type Love Room that had its development halted in the experiment stage previously. The plan is to make the whole area including the villa to be usable as Love Room.』

Landred spontaneously leaked out a smile.

「My my, you are planning something really outrageous there. I will be looking forward for tomorrow♪ Everyone too, how about we trust headmistress here and leave this to her? Okay?」

Landred's speech and conduct was still mixed like when she was at Ataraxia Academy that Nayuta created. She wasn't fixing it at all, so the surrounding also stopped criticizing her every time.

「I have no objection.」

Grace easily replied, then next everyone's gaze gathered on Gravel.

「Izgard is also the same. We will leave it to Reiri.」

Reiri nodded then she spoke the other matter that she wanted to confirm.

「We have defeated three machine G.o.ds. Now we have recovered three fourth of the worlds' configuration information. With that, at present it's possible to revive Atlantis.」

Reiri looked around the attendances.

「Here the Atlantis side can adopt the choice to return the world of you ladies back to normal and pull back from the fighting.」

Aine opened her eyes wide in surprise.



Grave tightened her lips into a thin line. Reiri stared at their expression and continued talking.

「We are going to take back the configuration information of Lemuria from here on, and then defeating Thanatos. That's why knowing that I will ask this. Will you ladies still fight together with us from here on too?」

Reiri stared at the Atlantis force with a serious gaze. Receiving that gaze, the partic.i.p.ants of Atlantis side all made a grim expression.


Aine called her little sister's name worriedly.

Grace purposefully let out a large sigh and then acted arrogantly with exasperated air.

「……Here I was thinking just what are you going to say……truly, good grief. If that's our intention then we will already said it since long time ago.」

Aine's expression snapped into a bright smile.

「Then, Grace!」

「Nee-sama too, what are you worrying about? Lemuria is Nee-sama's second hometown. Besides it's also Nii-sama's hometown. In the past we fought each other, but right now we are fellow comrade fighting together. Also……」

Glace glanced at Kizuna.

「This is atonement for the enormous damage we brought to Lemuria. We will show you how we save more than what we destroyed with our strength.」

「──I see. Our thanks.」

And then this time Reiri turned to Gravel.

「What about Izgard?」

Gravel too shrugged her shoulders, as though to say 'what are you saying at this late hour'.

「Of course, we will also fight. After all this for an important──」

Gravel unconsciously turned her gaze to Kizuna.

Kizuna was also staring at Gravel. Their gaze clashed with each other.

Gravel suddenly smiled.

「……friend's sake.」

Reiri smiled in relieve.

And then she stared at Landred at the end.

「Baldein will……」

'What are you going to do?' Reiri was going to say, but Landred stayed quiet and closed one of her eyes.

Part 4

That night, Aine was spending her time in Grace's room. Actually she wanted to talk with Kizuna by spending the whole night──she was thinking like that, but a prohibition order was given from Reiri.

Kizuna had to prepare for the mission tomorrow, and then they would also get summoned early in the morning.

「I wonder what is the strategy that will be disclosed tomorrow?」

Grace was combing her big sister's hair with a comb while humming.

「Hm? About the headmaster's talk is it. Who knows? We will know it fur sure when tomorrow come.」

「……Hey, you just called her headmaster.」

「Oo, it's still coming out intentionally.」

Saying that, Grace laughed in humor.

'Muu', Aine puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

「Was it that fun? That's, Ataraxia Academy.」

「That was just extremely fun!」

'Muuuu', Aine was getting more and more into a bad mood.

She heard about it since when they were in Odin's world. She heard that everyone was going to the same academy Ataraxia that Professor Nayuta created whether they were from Lemuria or Atlantis.

When Gravel and Grace were making the atmosphere lively by talking about their memory there, Aine could do nothing except listening. She was harboring a really complicated feeling of alienation.

It felt like she was a student who was the only one that couldn't join the outing, unable to join in with the nostalgia talk, and then felt lonely.

However she found it quite hard to imagine that academy daily life.

She understood that Reiri was the headmaster.

However it was already impossible to imagine when it came to the point where Nayuta was the board chairman.

Inside Aine, the only image that she had about Nayuta after she became machine G.o.d was only the time when they were locked into a mortal combat with her. She wondered why from there it then turned out like that.

When he tried asking the others, it seemed that Nayuta were putting suggestion into their mind so that they wouldn't think of it as unnatural at all.

Nevertheless, it was amazing how Grace was attending the cla.s.s of second year first group in her place.

The best part was Zelcyone. That captain of the imperial guards was the student council president of Ataraxia of all things. It was funny no matter how many times she thought of it.

「What's wrong, Nee-sama? You are making different faces by yourself there for a while?」

「I, I'm not!」

However, before this she saw Hayuru and Hyakurath talking harmoniously to each other as though they had been best friend for many years, the two were giving instruction naggingly at Gravel and Masters, and they were awfully good at looking after others.

Seeing everyone's exchange, Aine felt for real that the thing called Ataraxia Academy really existed, and everyone was spending time together there.

Furthermore it was together with Kizuna.

Surely that might be something that could be called as springtime of youth that Aine didn't know about.

「How nice……」

「Did you say something, Nee-sama?」

「No. It's nothing.」

Grace finished combing Aine's hair. Next Aine unraveled Grace's hair and started brushing.

「However Nee-sama, when the next battle is over, we finally can return back to Vatlantis.」

「Yes, you're……right.」

「But, there is something that I'm curious about.」


Aine took Grace's pink hair into her hand and put the brush on it. Grace's hair was really pretty, the brush was sliding through it smoothly without getting stuck.

「What will happen with the Entrance to Lemuria?」

Aine's hand spontaneously stopped.


「Genesis was restored. Our world won't get pulled to Lemuria's magic power anymore. Then, won't the AU Collision between our worlds not happen?」

──'How can that be?'

「Why is it like that? I don't understand anything like why AU Collision happen though.」

「Before this Nayuta explained to us. AU Collision is caused because Atlantis's magic power dried up.」

「He, hee……is that so.」

But if that was the case.

Going freely from Lemuria to Atlantis and vice versa would become impossible?

「If there is Oldium, it's possible to move between worlds, but this too is using Nayuta's power. Seeing her weakening state, then perhaps the day where Oldium also become unusable will come.」

「But, if that happen……」

One would be forced to choose between Lemuria or Vatlantis.

At that time,

Which world that she should choose?

「Will Nii-sama……come to Atlantis for us?」

「Ki, Kizuna? To Vatlantis?」

Aine asked with a surprised face.

「Why is Nee-sama that surprised? Because isn't it like that? Nee-sama is the legitimate emperor of Vatlantis. If Nii-sama become the husband of such Nee-sama……it's only natural for him to come to Vatlantis……it should be.」

'I……with Kizuna? At Vatlantis?'

「If, Nii-sama come to Vatlantis……I'll feel happy.」

Aine noticed that her hand stopped moving without her noticing. She moved her arm once more and continued the brushing.

「You're……right. It might be great, if that happen, right……」

She replied like that.

However Aine didn't understand herself, what was she wishing to happen.

Part 5

The afternoon of the next day, Kei came to pick up Kizuna in his room.

「Shikina-san……thanks for your hard work.」

There was a heavy shadow under her eyes. It was obviously the face of someone pulling all-nighter.

『Kizuna. You finished preparing?』

「Preparation……even if you called it that, but there is nothing that I particularly have to bring isn't it?」

『None. It's fine if you come bringing only your body.』

It was a way of saying that made him a bit creeped, but Kizuna didn't think of it deeply and replied.

「Then I'm ready.」

『You have also drunk the medicine given to you yesterday on time?』

「Yes, I drank it properly since yesterday.」

『You were told that it's strictly prohibited to m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e but……you didn't do ti?』

「I don't!」

Kei turned her back on Kizuna and started walking.

『Follow me.』

Kizuna exited his room and followed behind Kei. When they exited into a wide pa.s.sage, a small commuter was staying there. It was a simple automatic vehicle to travel inside the ship.

After Kizuna entered into the pa.s.senger seat, Kei grasped the handle and activated the commuter. He was a bit worried if she was driving sleepily, but the commuter advanced without trouble.

After a while an excessively gorgeous door appeared and the commuter stopped.

『This is our destination.』

「So this is Grace's villa?」

『Right. The next mission will be carried out here.』

Kei and Kizuna got down from the commuter and walked toward the door. Guards were standing at both sides of the door. When they saw Kei, they put their hand on their ear and said something. It seemed they were communicating with inside.

There was metallic sound *click* sounding several times and the door was slowly opening.

Kei calmly entered inside, so Kizuna also followed behind her.

There was another door inside. Kei moved aside as though deferring the path to him.

『Then, enter.』

Kizuna felt dubious, even so he obediently followed her words.

He grasped the handle and pushed open the door.


He was taken aback by the sight suddenly spreading before his eyes.

Naked bodies were dazzlingly standing before him.

Furthermore, it wasn't just one or two.

The number was roughly twenty from a quick glance.

The naked girls were beautifully forming a single horizontal line.

The girls lining up were familiar to him, the girls who had Heart Hybrid Core residing inside their body.

But their attire wasn't their usual one.

Everyone put on matching costume.

It was the outfit that drew out the beauty of the flesh to the maximum.

So to speak, all nude.

There wasn't a single thing on their body that had the purpose to hide the body.

What they were wearing were a golden necklace and bracelet, waistlet, and so on. Only accessories that in the end were for the sake of enhancing beauty.

If there was one thing that could possibly be included in the category of clothes, it would be the high-laced high-heeled shoes on their feet.

The naked bodies that would make him held his breath if even just one was in front of him.

More than twenty girls in that kind of appearance were lining up there.

It was truly a spectacle.

And then, it was just too unrealistic.

Kizuna's mouth stayed opened without being able to say anything.

He was merely, merely had his sight stolen by the beautiful body of the girls.

Everyone was staring at Kizuna, so his gaze naturally met theirs when he was staring at them one by one.

Aine who was looking slightly embarra.s.sed. Himekawa who was trembling with bright red face. Yurishia who was sticking out her chest with an expression overflowing with self-confidence. Even the small Sylvia and Ragrus were inside the line with similar appearance.

Furthermore Masters, and even Grace, Zelcyone, and Quartum from Vatlantis's force were standing in the line with inflammatory outfit. (TN: It says outfit there, but really they're naked)

Hyakurath who was desperately fighting against her shame, and Mercuria supporting her from the side. The smiling wryly Gravel and Aldea.

There was no sense of reality at all from the sight before his eyes.

Kizuna doubted his own eyes many times.

「E……everyone, why are, you lining up……naked……」

「So you come, Kizuna.」

He could hear Reiri's voice. Relieved feeling was spreading inside Kizuna's heart.

「Thank G.o.d, Nee-chan. This is──」

Reiri who was dressed the same like other girls came from the inner door. Those large b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were really unlikely for j.a.panese gene were bouncing each time she was taking a step.


Behind her, Nayuta and Landred who were in the same appearance as expected also arrived after Reiri.

Nayuta was already an organism outside of humanity……but even though he understood that, that visual was too brutal. It was fine to call it a crime.

And then Landred's explosive b.r.e.a.s.t.s were rampaging like different organism altogether. That hugeness caused even the eyes of the lining up girls to chase after it with shocked expression.

Reiri walked until she was in front of Kizuna before stopping.

「Are you surprised?」

「Surprised……rather! Ju, just what is this!? Just why in the world everyone is doing!? I didn't hear about something like this at all!」

After coming back to his senses from the initial surprise, he suddenly fell into panic next. Kizuna was having cold sweat while rattling on.

Nayuta who appeared from behind Reiri hid half her face with a fan and bent her body.

「I understand that you are excited with your mother's s.e.xy body, but calm down a little Kizuna.」

「There is no way I'm excited by something like that! But, Kaa-san……you can walk already?」

Nayuta abruptly narrowed her eyes.

「Actually I still need to rest, but there is no way I can be absent from this mission.」

「Mission you say……」

With a 'hah' Kizuna suddenly recalled and spoke.

「Don't tell me……you mean Thanatos's conquer strategy!?」

Reiri crossed her arms. Her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s were pressed to each other and, emphasizing their existence further.

「There are two days and two nights in the ship's time until we arrive at Thanatos's world. During that time, you are going to do Heart Hybrid with everyone here a lot!!」

Kizuna lost his words once more.

「My my, how about calming down? Hida-kun.」

Landred gently talked to calm Kizuna down.

「See, there was something like this too before right? The ceremony in order to restore Vatlantis's Genesis……do you remember?」

'Come to think of it' ──Kizuna recalled about that time.

They once carried out a ceremony with great number of people in order to restore Genesis. At that time, the female students of Ataraxia were completely disarrayed due to the aphrodisiac aroma effect inside the tent.

「That's why, it's okay, you don't need to be that worried. Hida-kun will be all right if you do it like usual, so be confident okay♡」

However at that time, he was only doing Connective Hybrid with the sister pair Aine and Grace at another room. What they were going to start right now smelled far more dangerous than that time.

「Bu, but two days? Continuously?」

Reiri shook her head.

「Don't be stupid. No way we can make you do something that absurd.」

Kizuna let out a sigh of relieve.

「Ain't that right……」

「You'll get time for eating and sleeping at least.」

「That's the only exception!?」

「What? You aren't satisfied?」

Reiri poked at Kizuna's chest straightforwardly.


Kizuna's cheeks reddened and he averted his gaze.

Then, this time b.r.e.a.s.t.s lining up in a row entered his eyes.

b.r.e.a.s.t.s of twenty two people. A total of forty four individual b.r.e.a.s.t.s were forming a line.

Shape, size, and also skin color, they were all varied. The variation was truly rich. Even the size of the colored circle, also the shape of the pointing out part at the center, everything was different for each person. And then, they were jiggling invitingly each time someone stirred.

Kizuna continued to stare at the row of the lining up girls as though his heart was stolen by them.

「……I'll say this before hand, Kizuna. We aren't fooling around here.」

The cold voice of his big sister caused Kizuna's gaze to turn back toward Reiri as though he had just been slapped.

「Err……in other words, we are going to acc.u.mulate power up and magic power single-mindedly in these two days, and then use those to clash with Thanatos?」

「That's not all. This is something that amplify the concept of Connective Hybrid. It's Connective Hybrid with the twenty two people lining up here plus us three, a total of twenty five people! This is exactly the last trump card of mankind that break through the limit of common sense──」

Reiri's eyes gleamed fiercely.

「The 『Harem Hybrid(Polygamy Remodelling)』!!」

Kizuna gulped audibly.


Kei's window materialized in front of Kizuna's eyes as though to answer his question.

『Further supplementation』

Her existence was almost forgotten because of the tremendous shock, but Kei was standing behind Kizuna.

『Anyone other than the related people are forbidden to enter this villa and the surrounding area. This s.p.a.ce is completely isolated. In these two days, this area will be filled with magic power by making this area a completely independent s.p.a.ce. With the thickening of magic power's density, even more effective power up can be expected. Also, the effect of Love Room will also be magnified due to this area's structure.』

「Love Room……I see, this room is──」

Kizuna stared once more at the interior of the extravagant room and the half naked girls.

『No. A wide area Love Room is installed, but the building and clothes in this area are real. This is a paradoxical experiment where reality will invade within possible scope into Love Room that was used to do what is impossible in reality. This Love Room's function is to enhance reality and elevate s.e.xual feeling. It's used to supplement the part that is impossible in reality. So to speak it's a hybrid of imaginary and reality. A Love Room that expand reality.』

「I, is that so.」

Kizuna's understanding couldn't catch up with the explanation that Kei talked pa.s.sionately, but he nodded for the time being.

『With the cooperation of Queen Landred, the sorcery technology of Baldein is also applied. Things like aphrodisiac scent and nectar, things that are used in sorcery are also worked together with Love Room's remodeling.』

──'I see…….in short, she means that all the technology and technique until now are all put into this.'

Kizuna gradually recovered his calm.

And then, he also became able to believe that this wasn't a strategy that was thought off simply, but the best method that they could possibly think currently.

「But……speaking realistically, is something like Harem Hybrid possible? Partnering with twenty five people is just……」

Reiri shrugged and answered.

「As expected it's impossible for everyone simultaneously. But, we have these two days for that. During that time you will do Connective Hybrid with as many people as possible and with every kind of combination successfully!」

Kizuna pondered with a serious look.

「But, mutual trust is necessary in Connective Hybrid. Even combination has a limit.」

「Luckily or unluckily, the experience in Ataraxia academy become a plus for that. After all compared to before, the intimacy between each faction has become incomparably high.」

When Reiri said that, Nayuta puffed out her flat chest with triumphant look.

「Isn't that right, isn't that right♪ Your mother was aiming for that result right from the start you know? After all the teamwork of you all is necessary to take on Deus ex Machina.」

However Reiri responded with a chilly gaze. She obviously didn't believing it.

「Setting that aside. Better coordination than before might become necessary in the fight against Thanatos. For that too, it will be advantageous to heighten trust between each other.」

──'The mutual trust between twenty people huh.'

Kizuna confirmed the partic.i.p.ants once more.


Chidorigafuchi Aine

Himekawa Hayuru

Yurishia Farandole

Sylvia Silkcut

Four people in total.


Scarlet Fairchild

Henrietta Macintosh

Gertrude Baird

Clementine Burroughs

Sharon Cunningham

Leila Hewitt

Six people in total.


Grace Synclavia










Ten people in total.




Two people in total.



One person in total


Hida Reiri

Hida Nayuta

Two people in total.

The total amount was twenty five people.

Kizuna felt like he was going to get dizzy.

However he couldn't falter. This would be two days that might decide the fate of mankind and all the worlds.

And then the days of trial started.


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