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Linri looked at the names on the clipboard searching for a certain name. Weirdly enough it was there. He honestly didn't think they would give her a room here. Actually, looking at the number of rooms this place was way bigger than he had previously thought. Now that he knew where he wanted to go Linri lead Mary to their destination. 

"You haven't died yet?" a voice sarcastically called Linri from behind.

He swore to G.o.d that the next person making a death joke was going to die for real. I mean get a little original people. Just because you haven't seen someone for a long time doesn't mean that you can make a joke like that! What if someone close to them died and that was the reason why they disappeared for a while? Can you imagine how awkward that talk would be?

"Nope, I don't plan to die before attending your funeral first" replied back Linri just as sarcastically.

The person he was talking right now had dark-grey hair and onyx black eyes. It was Ashley. The one Linri called his own female counterpart. Oh man, just where was his narcissism gonna stop? On another note, Ashley seemed a little weird today. She didn't seem injured but she was in the infirmary and moreover, she was wearing a mask.

Not the cool kind mind you. It was just your plain old clinical mask in case of infections or allergies.

"What's with the mask?" Linri asked. He was honestly curious.

"My virus evolved becoming a stronger strain. On the plus side, I can turn my body into smoke now but there is a high chance that those around me might get infected and die. So until she finds a way to cure it Hina ordered me to not leave the infirmary" Ashley said.

"Your virus?"

"Same old stuff you know. The government tried to make a bioweapon, the virus got out of control, created zombies, the doctor who created it was my mom, I am immune to virus and can actually control it etc. etc," explained Ashley. It sounded something as simple as going to the grocery store.

Of course, hearing her backstory Linri did the most logical thing he could think of. First of all, he used the [Flame Shield] ability of his [Bracers of Nox MK I] and then took a 5 meters distance from her.

"So you are basically a walking zombie?" 

"Oi! You don't have to keep your distance. That's offensive you know!" said Ashley while getting annoyed.

"Huh! Do you want me to get closer so that I would get infected by your germs? Fat chance!" Linri replied back.

"You know I can kill you right?"

"You know I can drown you in your own flames right?"

Then both Linri and Ashley stopped and looked at each other squinting their eyes. It was like two cowboys getting ready to draw their revolvers. However, the antic.i.p.ated scene never arrived as Mary walked between them.

"What's with her?" Ashley asked. Now that she thought about it this girl was walking with Linri. Was he his girlfriend?

"Mythical demon from h.e.l.l, I helped her make a friend, her friend asked her to make more friends etc. etc," said Linri.

Because Ashley talked just like him before she thought Linri was making fun of her, hence she didn't take him seriously. If she was not wrong this girl's name was Mary? She thought they were cla.s.smates but wasn't too sure as she didn't speak much. Maybe she was thinking of someone else entirely.

"Hi! It was Mary right?" said Ashley.

Mary just nodded as a response.

"Phew, for a minute there I thought I got the wrong person. Why are you here anyway?"

Mary pointed at Linri.

"He is going to help me make friends," she said.

"If you want to make friends why don't you become friends with me?" said Ashley as she pointed towards herself.

Mary tilted her head. Looked at her up and down then she shook her head.




"Pfft!" Linri couldn't help but let out a little laugh. He felt the same thing just now so it was fun to see others' suffering for once.

"Well excuse me for not conforming to your standards of friends," said Ashley as she crossed her arms. No wonder she was so quiet in the cla.s.s. Who would wanna hang out with someone rude like her? 

"Stop repeating him," said Mary.

"Stop repeating who?" Ashley was confused. What was she talking about now?

"Him," she said again but this time pointing towards Linri.

"..." Linri kept his silence.

"...Pffft!" this time it was Ashley's turn to laugh. Seeing his awkward expression it wasn't hard for her to put two and two together.

"If you say a single thing, I am going to burn you to a crisp," said Linri.

"Of course, of course... pffft!" Ashley was not able to keep a straight face.

"Before you laugh again don't forget you were rejected too," said Linri which immediately spoiled Ashley's mood.

"What's with her anyway? What kind of a friend she is looking for?" Ashley asked.

"I don't know. From what I understand she is looking for a girl. Well, you check that box. She also likes big... I guess that's why she didn't like you" said Linri.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means you are as flat as a board," said Linri.

"Excuse me! Mine might not be big but they are definitely at least B okay!" Ashley felt furious.

"Huh weird"

"What's weird?"

"Well, normally according to the script this should be the part you either attack me or throw a tantrum"


"Don't the girls hate it when someone comments on their body proportions negatively?"

"I guess they do? Huh?"

"Huh, what?"

"Nothing. So why are you here again? You don't seem injured"

"I have a candidate in mind for her. We were going to visit her before you stopped us like a bandit"

"Who is it?"

"Well, it is Chesa. You know, the catgirl" said Linri.

"Oh her? Well, I guess she fits the criteria you said but isn't she just gonna eat her?"

"Not my problem," Linri said as he shrugged.

"Soooo do you mind if I come?" Ashley asked. She was honestly too bored these days. At first, she had thought it was a good thing that her virus had evolved. She could only create flames with her ability and now she could also control smoke! Though she didn't think that would result in her being somewhat quarantined.

It wasn't a quarantine per se since she was allowed to leave but she was under constant surveillance which she didn't like. If she wanted to be under constant surveillance she wouldn't attend Autumnfall in the first place.

Ugh, she must be the only person in the world who had to work so hard to get stronger and get screwed over in the process.

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