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The Making Of A Broken Character Part 7

The people who were gathered in the room scattered and ran off.

Currently, the only ones in the room were Yuuki, Higure, Ruri, and―Saori, who had a blank expression.

“Hey…Female Gorilla…just who did you bring along? Who is this man?”

Ruri stiffened for a while after receiving that question.

Higure took damage. Despite how she could deal no damage to him even at full power due to his defense, he had plainly taken damage.

“Higure…why…are you taking damage?”

“I was just relying purely on my defense stat…so it seems that this is the result of me thinking it was not necessary to use my defense skills. Well, when I receive your attacks, I use all of my defense skills as a safety precaution.”

Ruri a.s.sented to that.

The essence of Higure’s absolute defense was not his raw defense stat, but rather his 255 defense skills, quite the large amount.

The numerical value of Higure’s acc.u.mulated defense power is said to be immeasurable. That being the case, since he didn’t use his defense skills such as Spiritual Body…he guessed that there would be some damage that would pa.s.s through to him.

In actuality though, Ruri’s attacks wouldn’t be able to damage Higure even if he didn’t use his defense skills.

“This guy…is using the Soul Eater skill to boost his status. He’s also using many skills, so his attack power could be up to 100,000.”

“I see, using that unique Soul Eater skill…and combining skills together to break the limits of attack power…This is beyond my expectations…It appears I have gotten careless.”

Higure put his right hand over his nose.

“However, I won’t be so careless now”

He caressed the warm liquid with his hand, confirming that it was there. There was indeed thick blood on it.

“Blood…blood…my blood…unbelievable, truly unbelievable…my own blood…just what did you do? Hey, you! Just what did you do?!”

Spiritual Body, Body Barrier, Freezing Barrier, Scorching Barrier, Draconic Protection, he turned on the switch for all of his defense skills.

255 defense skills.

Physical attacks were completely nullified against the Spiritual Body skill at Level 10. Draconic Protection, Scorching Barriers, and the like fell into the category of Spells:Unique and provided resistance to certain elements, reducing the effects of such attacks to less than one-tenth.

With this his raw defense power would be amplified by more than 20 times.

This formed an impenetrable


Usually, using his skills would take a load on his spirit―Higure regretted that he had to consciously turn his skills off for this.

“All skills―switched on. With this, you will not be able to land a scratch on me.”

With a dry laugh, Higure continued,

“An unbreakable, absolute defense; an unbreakable, absolute defense; an unbreakable, absolute defense; an unbreakable, absolute defense; an unbreakable, absolute defense; an unbreakable, absolute defense; an unbreakable, absolute defense.”

He continued further,

“With this, I am the absolute strongest―absolutely invincible―”

“You talk too much.”

Yuuki took the back of his fist and lightly drove it into Higure, just very lightly.

A fist moving at Mach 126.

Again, fresh blood splattered.

Higure was flown backwards greatly, letting out a wild voice,

“What…is this? What’s happening? How did you deal damage…to a spiritual body…?”

Yuuki whistled as if he was in wonder.

“How incredible, you were able to withstand that. You were blown away…but I honestly thought you were gonna travel across s.p.a.ce―Are you sure that you have an absolute defense?”

“Travel across s.p.a.ce…what…?”

“Do you know about the second cosmic velocity? An initial velocity of 11 kilometers per second. When launching more than 11.2 kilometers per second, you’ll be able to break away from the planet’s gravitational pull and travel across s.p.a.ce. Did you not learn this in high school?”

Higure’s face turned pale with an overwhelming shiver.

The man before him says that he can launch people off at a speed of 11.2 kilometers per second―and he’s claiming it as if it’s natural.

However, Higure knew that he himself was absolutely strong.

That man was just puffing out his chest to bluff with all he had.

“Unfortunately, I’m more of a humanities person. Physics is outside my domain.”

Nodding as if in approval, Yuuki spoke,

“Then, allow Professor Saitou Yuuki to give you a lecture―a lecture to master physics. I will say that my methods are a bit Spartan though. Anyways, what do units of speed mean for the world of astrophysics?”

“I don’t particularly see you as having the kind of head that can give a physics lecture.”

“You’ve caught on, haven’t you? For this mock exam, the standard deviation of my physics calculations is 35. Well, before I gained sanity my head was a bit broken.”

Higure was thinking,

The attack power of the man in front of him…was truly impossible to measure. He couldn’t make an estimate.

It was too far out of the

the standard.

It was too overwhelming.

It was too hard to understand.

It was too ridiculous.

However…he thought.

Fundamentally, as the same was true for Higure, being able to surpa.s.s the limits only works for one stat.

In other words, his defense and other non-attack stats should only be in the upper limit of 65535.

Higure was breaking into a cold sweat despite that fact that the man was probably bluffing.

Skill: Ultimate Defender.

Using that skill, it was possible to create a sword of light and add 20% of one’s defense power into their attack power.

Although he doesn’t know the defense power of the opponent, since his attack power is the one that’s breaking the limits―the defense stat cannot be beyond 65535.

Higure’s attack power of 65535, and the 20% of his immeasurable defense power being added to it.

With this, he should be able to induce a slaughter with a single blow.

“You…for some time you’ve been quite calm…but right now your face is going to warp into that of despair, alright?”

“You’re going to try? Let’s see if you can do that.”

Higure forms a sword of light.

In addition, he activates further skills.

Skill: Afterimage Multiplex Level 10

Originally a skill meant for evasion, it also has potential for application in attacks.

In other words, 29 afterimages of Higure―were circling around Yuuki, with all of them concealing the real body.

“Certainly, your attack power may be abnormal.”

Higure continued,

“Yet, there’s no meaning to it if you can’t land a hit. Can you find me?! Which one is the real me?! The probability is one thirtieth! If you choose the wrong one my sword will cut through you―and that’ll be game over!”

“How shrewd…are you trying to be ninja or something? That being said…I’m not sure which is the real you.”

With a look of amazement, 30 Higures addressed Yuuki,

“Hahahaa! Have you realized your own demise?! This is the end for you!”

Then…Yuuki replied,

“Better to just punch them all.”

It was in an instant, or perhaps shorter than that.

Once striking the 18th Higure―a body blow was struck into the abdomen of Higure’s real body.

He was about to faint in agony. He crouched down on the spot.

His stomach lining was damaged, he spewed out stomach acid with a crimson color mixed in.

“Guhaa…, Geho…, Geho…”

While brandishing his fist, Yuuki made a look of amazement.

“Just a while ago you said ‘This is the end for you,’ but…”


“Do you…still think

you…still think that…you have the possibility of winning?”


Higure could not utter a word.

It was the greatest pain he ever felt in his lifetime.

It felt as if his internal organs had exploded―It felt painful, moreover it felt hot.


His spewing of blood didn’t stop.

“You’ve been oppressing others…treating humans like trash heaps…that pain you feel…is is only a ten thousandth of their suffering. I will absolutely never tolerate your actions.”

After a while, Higure’s internal organs repaired themselves due to his Auto Recovery Level 10.

“You, what are you? Hey, just who are you? I don’t understand. What’s with that power―isn’t it completely broken?”

While covered in tears and vomit, Higure said that with some sobs mixed in.

“So…is that it for your attack? Does that it means it’s my turn now?”

“…d.a.m.n it…my Ultimate Defender…can cut up a b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you…whenever…”

After thinking for a bit, Yuuki said,

“Come to think of it, you said at the beginning―that you were going to deal one blow to me, right? How about it? Wanna have a go?”

Immediately, Higure got up and positioned his sword of light.

“You have the nerve to act so calm until the bitter end…I’m about to do it, you know. Don’t blame me if you get all tearful later.”

Skill: Ultimate Defender.

Higure’s abnormal defense was added towards his attack power, going into his sword of light.

The blade of light heads towards Yuuki’s collar.

There was a surefire reaction from him.

Thinking how nice it was, Higure made a triumphant pose in his mind.

Judging from the reaction, there was no doubt that Yuuki’s defense power was 65535.

Surely, this would deal more than 1,000,000 damage.

“This is the end for………..you?”

As it was―the blade slipped against Yuuki’s body.

Just for a moment, the blade was able to remain on Yuuki’s skin―Despite how sure it was that it would deal damage―without Yuuki’s body being cut up―the blade just slipped away.

Solidifying on the spot, Higure let out a worn voice,


“Was that the ace up your sleeve?”

Yuuki had indeed taken 3,000,000 points of damage.

However―his parameters were in terms of Nayuta. That amount of damage wasn’t even enough to amount to a mosquito bite.

Again, Yuuki asked while brandishing his fist,

“It’s a pain to have you brag about your power but not deliver. If you’re hiding any tricks left, pull them out. I’ll crush them all.”

Higure at last understood.

No matter what he did, he’d never be able never be able to oppose the man in front of him.

No, he wouldn’t even be able to enter the ring of battle.

“W, w, w, what are you? What are you, what are you, what are you, what are you, what the h.e.l.l are youuuuuuuu!!!!!”

“Is that it? Then, it’s time to finish this.”

“Waitwaitwait, wait a moment!!!! I beg you, please wait!!!!”

Higure was screaming while half crying.

And, he was thinking.

Thinking about the possibility of turning the situation around.

Currently, Higure has 70,000 bonus points which he harvested after the previous battle royale.

Perhaps he could allocate them to increase his strength.

However―he likely wouldn’t match the man in front of him with such a straightforward method.

He closed his eyes and checked his status screen.

It would be pointless to a.s.sign points to basic stats like defense or attack.

If he made a mistake with his point allocation―it would be the end for him.

He would not be able to overcome this man through normal means.

However, the truth of the matter is that he has to deal with this man.

It seems that in this world―there can even be broken characters that go beyond being just broken.

There must be some reason why the man in front of him is so broken…

―Think, Higure, think! This is do-or-die!

It’s possible that beneath the surface, the broken element was hidden within some kind of skill or attribute.

He inspected the man’s skills.

He had already acquired most of them, so that probably wasn’t the key to it.

So he inspected his attributes.

Hero Attribute.





Attributes whose meanings he couldn’t understand continued on endlessly.

There were attributes that were a waste of points to allocate to, ones that n.o.body up until now would pick―Then, Higure’s eyes caught onto something.

―The harem attribute?

‘No way…’ Higure thought.

The outfit of the man in front of him was very much that of a pervert.

When thinking about what he chose…it’s likely that was it.

―Is that, by any chance…the secret to his power?

Higure selected the harem attribute and attempted to allocate all 70,000 of his points to it.

But then, he held back.

―What are you doing, Higure Takeshi?! If you make a wrong move you’ll be killed! Your cause of death―squandering points into the harem attribute. Are you really okay with that!?

He was…not okay with that.

Knowing this, Higure, with a gleam of hope, took his 70,000 points―and allocated them to a basic attribute related to defense―stamina.

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