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How Dare You Attack My Support! ch10 Translator: Jhinny
Proofreader: Marcia
Editor: Ayszhang

 chapter 10
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Chapter 10

Yao Le is puzzled at what Gu Zixing said.

Kneel down and… lick? Is he trying to threaten me? Or does he mean that I, being the support, need to receive some sort of “treatment” before he can take up the ADC role?

Although Yao Le is known as the “brain” of EG, he can never understand Gu Zixing and what is going on in his mind.

Maybe because he cares for Gu Zixing, he tends to over-a.n.a.lyse the intention behind each and every word Gu Zixing utters – Why is he saying this? What is he thinking? What does he want to express? How should I answer?

Just like now, as Yao Le mulls over what Gu Zixing meant by saying that.

Gu Zixing is still leaning back in the computer chair. When he sees Yao Le remaining silent for a long time, he stands up from the chair and chuckles, “I was just joking.”

At this moment, Yao Le feels a little embarra.s.sed.

Yao Le slowly lifts his eyes to meet Gu Zixing’s. He is used to this – understanding Gu Zixing is like solving a riddle. It is always only “a joke” no matter how many guesses he makes.

At times, Yao Le finds himself foolish, especially when facing Gu Zixing. So foolish that he finds it scary.

“Not funny.”

Yao Le bites his lip and leaves the room after giving him a “hmph”.

Gu Zixing does not stop him. He tilts his head as he watches Yao Le leaving hurriedly, the smirk on his face slowly fading away.

He turns around and sits back down, staring at the monitor blankly. Gu Zixing notices that BoatIdlingBy had been trying to invite him to a game but proceeded to enter a game alone since none of his invitations had received a response.

Gu Zixing yawns and switches off the monitor before slumping into his bed.

Although Gu Zixing had been joking around, he fully understood what Yao Le was talking about. He is also aware of the team’s current state.

EG’s veteran ADC, Tang Xuan, will be retiring after the Summer Split. The problem arises because n.o.body, including the newly recruited or reserved players, is good enough to take over the role.

This is, in fact, caused by the club’s HR department and management’s bad planning, but the team has to step in to solve the issue.

And the first person that came to their minds was Gu Zixing.

Gu Zixing was an ADC when he first entered the professional scene. But the support was not Yao Le, it was the former EG player w.a.n.g Tian (ID: Sky) who retired more than four years ago.

Gu Zixing is known to be a hard-to-please. This problem is minimized when he faces the enemy alone in the mid lane. But when he is being put in the bottom lane, he becomes a player that is very picky on the champion selection.

To put it more specifically, he is very picky about his support - from champion selection to runes, masteries and spells, and even his support’s character, horoscope and looks. The usually well-behaved Gu Zixing can easily transform into a troublemaker if he is displeased with his support.

To everyone’s surprise, w.a.n.g Tian had good synergy with Gu Zixing. Hand-in-hand, the duo brought EG onto the World Championship stage by stomping the bottom lane.

After w.a.n.g Tian retired, a new support joined the team, and Gu Zixing’s old habits slowly kicked in, as he fussed over the support’s character and champion selection. It was probably difficult for the newbie to follow the pace of the experienced players like Gu Zixing and Qi Chen, as he was still lacking in mechanics and in-game awareness.

Though Gu Zixing did not bring this up, the support could sense the feeling of despair from his ADC as he was unable to be of great help during matches. Gu Zixing’s aggressive play style had to be slowed down, and the coordination between the two fell apart. Eventually, management decided to put Gu Zixing in the mid lane and gave the ADC role to Tang Xuan, the former player of HNG.

However, this switch in roles gave birth to the King of Mid Lane, Siler.

After Yao Le joined EG as the support, Gu Zixing never had to worry about the bottom lane anymore.

But now that Tang Xuan is retiring, management is once again looking for a solution in the well-rounded Gu Zixing.

Even though Gu Zixing is EG’s star player and also a world champion, Yao Le is right that his decision concerns the survival of the team. Gu Zixing has to agree to this no matter how reluctant he is.

Gu Zixing has never played with Yao Le at the bottom lane, but he knows that they are similar in their views of how to play the game. Otherwise, management would not make this arrangement knowing how fussy he can get in the bottom lane.


Gu Zixing unlocks his phone and opens the photo gallery. His finger hovers around a locked alb.u.m momentarily before finally tapping it.

He keys in the pa.s.sword he knows by heart, and for a moment, he is lost in thought.

It was a photo of Yao Le and Gu Zixing wearing the EG jersey. Yao Le was all smiles, hugging Gu Zixing around the neck with one arm and kissing him while turning his face towards him with the other hand.

Gu Zixing smiles weakly as he looks at the photo on the screen, his dimples faintly appearing on his cheeks.

The photo was taken when EG won the World Championship last year. Though Gu Zixing also took photos with other teammates, he only kept this photo.

Should I take up ADC?

Gu Zixing makes a call after hesitating for a moment.

“h.e.l.lo, Coach Chen…”

“f.u.c.k! I thought this already burnt his flash? Why the f.u.c.k is he flashing again!”

It is already one o’clock in the morning and Qiao Yanzhou is still sitting in front of his computer, screaming and shouting like he’s on steroids.

“Twenty seconds more and my will be ready. I’ll turn this dragon into a dead worm in no time!”

“The enemy’s jungle is now at the top side of the jungle. I will flash in and Ult before killing him with my and an auto-attack. But my jungler seems to be on his way here to steal my kill!”

“Thank you Meow66 for gifting a goldfish!”

Yay, I can finally top-up my instant noodles with an egg! Qiao Yanzhou thinks as he thanks his viewers for the gifts.

“Alright guys, lemme show you the power of my …”

Qiao Yanzhou unconsciously takes a look at his chat window as speaks and a message caught his eye.

MundoMundo: aren’t u gonna snap up the GML tickets today at midnight?


Qiao Yanzhou’s hands pause in shock.

“Isn’t it tomorrow?”

Anonymous532: “tomorrow” comes when clock strikes 12 isn’t it? What a genius…


Anonymous1344: I heard GML tickets are usually sold out in 10 mins, it’s already been an hr

Anonymous642: see u next yr

Anonymous929: *shuttles rolling down*

Qiao Yanzhou now understands how difficult life can be.

At this moment, he is completely defeated in game. They have already lost the top lane, jungle and bottom lane. Qiao Yanzhou wanted to carry one game, but lost all motivation to do that.

Staring at the big “defeat” on screen, Qiao Yanzhou feels immensely agitated, much more than from losing a game. It’s as if it was his heart that exploded and not the Nexus…

He hastily stops streaming and dials a number on his phone.

“Hey buddy! Finally done with your stream?”

“Liang Dong!!!!!!”

“Oh G.o.d, why are you screaming like a lunatic in the middle of the night!”

“Liang Dong, have you got the GML tickets?!”

“Yeah, I got one. Didn’t you read my message?”

“I was streaming. How the f.u.c.k am I able to read it?!” Qiao Yanzhou is furious, but quickly calms himself down and holds his phone with a serious-looking face before speaking again.

“Liang Dong, aren’t we good brothers since ?”

“f.u.c.k off!” Liang Dong knew this was coming. “I only have this one ticket and I haven’t even gotten another for my girlfriend!”

“Look, you only have one ticket. Your girlfriend has to wait outside if you enter, and you’ll be the one standing outside if your girlfriend gets in. What a bad, bad situation, amirite?” Qiao Yanzhou tries his best to persuade his friend. “Why don’t you sell the ticket to me since I have no girlfriend! HAHAHAH!”



“You are being so hysterical that you sound like a c.o.c.k trying to lay some eggs.”

“Liang Dong, I’ll sue you for defamation.”

“What? How?”

“You said I’m a c.o.c.k. How dare you tarnish my reputation!”

“Huh, what do you mean…”

“Oh my dearest brother, it’s okay to humiliate me as long as you sell me the ticket. Will sending you more hearts do?”

“You are finally calling me your good brother?”

“As long as you sell me the ticket, I can even call you my darling!”

“f.u.c.k OFF!”

Chapter 10

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