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Chapter 16: Fantasy Cinnabar Mole (Part 2)

Ancient fantasy word, here we go!

Is the sect leader our ML? Σ(・Д・)!?

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        When Gu Bai woke up again in the task's world, he felt that he's lying down. Although it's hard underneath the body, it also feels warm. He's probably on a bed.
  Opening his eyes, this is a very simple wooden house, except for a large bed that can accommodate five or six people, a cabinet for clothes, and a slanted table, there's almost nothing else in the room.
  Greased paper window*, wooden panel door leaf*, tile covered roof, and a few short pieces of burlap hung on the wall, this shows that his task this time should be an ancient world.

*Paper soaked in oil to make it water-proof and more translucent

*The panel that fills the doorway.

  After observing for a while and certain that there's no danger, Gu Bai quickly closed his eyes to receive the plot...
  Like what he guessed, his task this time is indeed an ancient world.
  However, this isn't the common ancient world, but rather a fantasy world that advocates power.
  There's no elemental magic* commonly seen in novels. Spiritual cultivation is the main theme here.

*The five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water

  When cultivation reaches a certain level, a laughing chatter can destroy a city, even knocking down a giant peak won't be a problem, and the life expectancy can reach a few hundred years old.
  Therefore, although there are also imperial governments, those who truly dominate everything in this world are warriors with immense power and a hidden yet powerful n.o.ble family.
  The name of this body's original host is Ah Jiu. He joined a powerful force called Mozong* by chance and became a low and insignificant little person.

*Devil sect

  In all novels and TV shows, anywhere stained by the devils and demons usually isn't a good place. This Mozong naturally isn't a proper sect.
  Like its name, everyone calls Mozong the organization of the devil's path that specialize in opposing all 'upright and prestigious sects'.
  And because the sect leader is incredibly powerful, no one dared to confront, thus becoming the worthy leader of all immoral forces.
  Receiving the plot up to this point, the average person can basically guess such world and can make sure of the task's meeting of wind and clouds*, b.l.o.o.d.y battle and so on.

*gathering of the talented and able

  However, his task this time is actually —— to protect Mozong's sect leader.
  Ah Jiu was originally an orphan, his parents died very early in the turmoil and chaos of war. He was a child who grew up by begging for food.
  Since young, he followed a group of beggars in town to beg in the streets, do illicit things, and engage in petty thievery. As long as he can eat and survive, he will do anything.
  But to go on like isn't a solution. Trouble also never comes singly. When he was ten years old, he made a mistake when stealing and was beaten half-dead when someone found out.
  It was bitterly cold at that time and he had no money to seek medical treatment. He thought he was going to die, but he unexpectedly met Mozong's sect leader who was pa.s.sing by, Qin s.h.i.tian.
  Don't know if it was because he had nothing to do or was suddenly sympathetic, Qin s.h.i.tian brought him back to Mozong and then threw him to the sect's novice disciple training camp, becoming a member of Mozong.
  Although Qin s.h.i.tian only saved his life in pa.s.sing, Ah Jiu wrote down this life-saving grace.
  Mozong isn't a good place, but he can fill his stomach, wear warm clothes, and also learn cultivation.
  Even if all of this is based on the premise that he can survive the cruel training, he's deeply grateful to Qin s.h.i.tian in his heart.
  Therefore, after entering the training camp, he worked very hard to cultivate, and finally stood out among a group of novice disciples. He successfully joined Qin s.h.i.tian's side as a bodyguard, faithfully repaying the life-saving grace from that year.
  In fact, according to Qin s.h.i.tian's martial arts and Mozong's power, his repayment is basically dispensable. The only way to repay Qin s.h.i.tian is to be his loyal and devoted guard for a lifetime.
  He indeed did it. Loyally did thing things for Qin s.h.i.tian, loyally followed Qin s.h.i.tian, and even loyally died for Qin s.h.i.tian in the end.
  This life of his was given by Qin s.h.i.tian. In the end, he even gave his respected sect leader no complaints.
  It’s just that he has some regrets. It's regrettable that his lord sect leader ruined* himself and the powerful Mozong he personally built for a person who betrayed him....

*zàngsòng: to hold a funeral
Ruin one's future prospects etc (fig.)

  Although Qin s.h.i.tian is powerful and bloodthirsty, he's still a person after all, and will thus always have the seven emotions and six desires*.

*七情 seven emotions: 喜 (happiness), 怒 (anger), 哀 (sadness), 乐 (joy), 爱 (love), 恶 (hate), 欲 (desire)
六欲 six desires: 眼 (eyes - from what you see), 耳 (ears - from what you hear), 鼻 (nose - from what you smell), 舌 (tongue - from what you taste), 身 (body - from what you touch), and 意 (pa.s.sion from the heart)

  After Mozong dominated the diabolic forces of the whole continent, he brought back a cute snow white jade boy named Mo Haige from the outside. Not only was he a last disciple*, he also often stayed by Qin s.h.i.tian's side, being spoiled to bits.

*last disciple of a master

  At first, everyone only thought that the Sect Leader chose this boy due to his talent, but as Mo Haige grew up, an appearance more beautiful and lovely than a woman was revealed, and from Qin s.h.i.tian’s eyes and manners as he looked at him, everyone in the sect finally understood Qin s.h.i.tian's state of mind.
  However, no one in the sect dared to reprove. Mozong is the devil's path, everyone behaves unscrupulously. Although relationships between men are few, it isn't rare. Wether the leader likes men or women, no one has the right to interfere.
  Furthermore, according to Qin s.h.i.tian's strength and bloodthirsty reputation, if you oppose or confront him, then you must think that your life span is too long!
  Seeing the story up to this point, Gu Bai already guessed something. There's no doubt that the immensely powerful and bloodthirsty Qin s.h.i.tian is obviously the villain BOSS.
   The later facts are like what he guessed, Qin s.h.i.tian will play the role of a huge villain BOSS in the following plot.....

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