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Chapter 479 Feng Yuxuan's Plan within the Military Base

“Plan to frame you?” Mo Xuetong moved subconsciously, her big watery eyes widened in bewilderment as she stared at Feng Yuran in shock and disbelief.

“I don't know what is on this woman's mind. Even though she knew I disliked her, she purposefully showed herself in front of me, and even mocking me. I was thinking of creating some trouble back then and thus threw her into the lake. However, she was after all the daughter of Duke Wanping and I cannot kill her. It was unexpected that she knew how to swim and even tore her clothes underwater.”

Feng Yuran explained casually. “Since she wanted to enter my messy harem, let me fulfill this wish of hers, and find out what Duke Wanping is up to.”

There were many beauties in the back garden, and an extra woman meant nothing to him. Why would he reject a beauty coming forth offering herself? After all, he was not the one being promiscuous. He would only be scolded by his father, and would not be affected much.

There was no reason for him to accept the treasure sent to him!

It was the first time that Mo Xuetong had heard of this affair. She was slightly stunned and blinked her eyes in shock and astonishment. That was extremely adorable in Feng Yuran's eyes.

He stretched his hand over to pinch her cheeks as he smiled and asked, “There is no need to be jealous over her.”

“No one is jealous!” Mo Xuetong slapped his hand away as her pink face turned red. She would be obviously lying if she said that she was not affected by what happened before even when she rejected him upfront just now, she was still antic.i.p.ating a little.Read latest chapters at L istnovel.com

At this juncture, she felt that his handsome gaze was penetrating her, and hence felt a little embarra.s.sed and angry. She pushed her aside and complained. “Go away from me. I am very hot!”

“Really not angry?” Seeing a red blush appearing on her pink cheeks, he knew that she was truly embarra.s.sed. Feng Yuran then immediately stopped joking. However, he didn't move back but instead turned over, hugging her tight. Looking at her frustrated face, he smiled and said, “My heart is with Tong'er. There is nothing to worry about.”

Seeing that he was more and more outrageous, staring at her with heated eyes, Mo Xuetong felt that body heated up with unnaturally as well. His aura came forth from all parts of his body, making her face heat up and her heart thump loudly, and even her head felt dizzy. She then pushed him aside and sighed, replying coyly, “You let me go. I am really dizzy.”

Her words made Feng Yuran release his hug before touching her forehead and his own. He then mumbled to himself. “It's not hot, even less hot than mine!”

Even though the person speaking had no hidden intentions, the person listening was extremely embarra.s.sed. Seeing that his handsome face was blushing, his eyes were full of mesmerizing beauty, and his hasty uncontrolled breathing, Mo Xuetong was unable to lift up her head to stare at him. How… how could this man… have such a thick skin…

How dare he say such things?

“What was it about that Lady Qin? I heard she had always been someone with high regard of herself, why would she suddenly decide to seduce you?” To remove herself from such a strange situation, Mo Xuetong pushed Feng Yuran aside and sat quietly next to the window. She took a few deep breaths before asking the question, changing the topic.

That was something she had always wanted to ask!

She had asked Mo Lan to investigate the personality of Lady Qin after that arrogant conversation Lady Qin had with her that day. With such a personality, she would never lower her head unless something exceptional happened. However, upon hearing from Feng Yuran that she was the one who set the plan to enter his manor, Mo Xuetong felt alarmed and surprised, and hence she asked Feng Yuran directly.

“Lady Qin's highly self-righteous and arrogant intellect made it difficult for any ordinary soul to convince her. However, some people are able to do so. Tong'er, you merely need to do what you need to do and be a good proper wife. I have so many women and we do need something for them to entertain themselves.”

Feng Yuran curled up the corner of his lips and leaned on where Mo Xuetong was at just now, explaining casually.

“Do you need me to be sadder, more wronged?” Blinking her long lashes, Mo Xuetong pushed Feng Yuran and asked solemnly. Since someone was plotting on them, as the doted proper wife now, her exaggerated reaction would make those people careless.

Seeing her bright eyes shine like moonlight, which showcased her adorable demeanor due to her interest and joy, Feng Yuran squeezed her hand unwillingly and said dotingly, “Anything!”

Capital City of Yan Kingdom, East Palace.

Bai Yihao sat behind the large yellow table and was writing something.

“Crown Prince, a letter from the Qin Kingdom.” Someone outside the door reported.

Placing down the pen in his hand, Bai Yihao let out his usual gentle and elegant smile, nodding calmly. “Come in!”


A guard came in from outside the door, placing a letter respectfully on his head to pa.s.s to Bai Yihao.

Bai Yihao received the letter and opened the envelope with a letter opener before quickly scanning through the letter on his hand, his face seemingly expressionless and calm. After a while, after reading the letter, he folded the letter once again, throwing it aside, saying, “Monitor Qin Kingdom more closely and report to me once anything unusual happened, especially those concerning King Xuan's Manor.”


“As for what happened in the jade shop, it had nothing to do with us. Regardless of who asks, we will tell them the truth. However, don't use the crew from the jade shop again and change them for other people. I do not wish to take the blame for others. After we fire the crew, send a letter to each of the princes' manors. Anything which happens after that has nothing to do with us.”

Bai Yihao squinted his eyes, showing elegance through his beauty. However, there was no joy in his eyes. The invisible pressure made the guards lower their heads respectfully.

“Yes!” The guards turned around and left, not daring to say much more.

Seeing his guard leaving, Bai Yihao sat in front of his table again, burying his head within the doc.u.ments, lifting it up only after a long while. His eyes involuntarily land on that letter on the table. The pure and yet seductive young lady appeared before his eyes. When she first met him, she craftily utilized him to save herself and was even willing to gift him the music sheet.

Such behavior was untypical for an ordinary aristocratic lady!

Not only did she know that he wanted to flatter Empress Dowager, but she also knew what the Empress Dowager liked, and was able to decide within such a short amount of time. Seeing her pure and beautiful little face, he could not believe that the action was done by a girl who just reached Cloud City.

Her sharp observation and calm att.i.tude made him vastly interested in her. His elegant lips curved up into a gentle smile…

He believed that he would be able to see her soon!

While Bai Yihao was joyous about the arrival of the letter, another person was gloomy when he stared at the letter on the table. After long, the corner of her eyes twitched as she scolded with a low voice. “Idiotic woman.”

An official standing behind Feng Yuxuan lowered his head, pretending that he did not see Feng Yuxuan's angry expression and his scolding.

The military camp was not as luxurious as King Chu's Manor, and only essentials were inside the camp. The camp was stable but not pretty, with practicality being the top concern. Feng Yuxuan also wore light brown ordinary clothing. Here, he must not show his superior status and must suffer together with ordinary soldiers.

He was obviously scolding Ling Rui'er now. That woman was truly an idiot who wasted all the opportunities he provided her to let her shine, not even keeping her position as a royal consort. She still kept complimenting the Empress in her letter, saying that she would have lost her life if not for the Empress. She also asked him to leave camp to save her.

Feng Yuxuan was sure that Ling Rui'er would not be demoted to a mere concubine if the Empress did not act. In the letter, that woman still called him her husband affectionately that made Feng Yuxuan feel as if he had just swallowed a fly, unable to swallow or vomit out the fly.

Why did she even choose to marry that idiotic woman then? Any other daughter of the Ling family was much better than her.

“Your Highness, we cannot leave the camp now. Once we leave the camp, the Empress will use that as an excuse to create trouble for you.” Seeing that he didn't speak for a long while, the official thought that he was troubled by the matter and persuaded him.

“Don't worry. I will not leave camp. I specially chose to enter the camp and will not leave so easily. How can I not spend half a month here to inspect the soldiers? Let me see how Ding General Manor will reach in this half a month that I am gone. Didn't they use Empress Dowager and Empress consecutively? Let's see how they can save their future 'empress'!” Feng Yuxuan asked maliciously.

Ding General Manor was known as the eternal empress's family. He wanted to see how they would act to help Ling Rui'er re-obtain her status. If they were unable to do so, he would know that Ding General Manor lacked the sufficient strength that he needed. He did not wish to suffer and drown with Ding General Manor in the struggle for power. Marrying Ling Rui'er was meant to control her and obtain some power of Ding General Manor.

Moreover, with the intellect of Ling Rui'er, she could continue to be of use taunting Empress and Empress Dowager. Feng Yuxuan did not wish to waste such a move so early.

He had “benefited” her enormously, and would not give up on her so soon.

“I will write a letter personally for Ling Rui'er to ask her to re-obtain her position herself. If she is still unable to regain her position of a royal consort by the time I return from the military camp, I might be forced to remarry. As a son, I naturally cannot disobey the order from my father.”

Feng Yuxuan ordered as the official aside prepared the necessary materials.

“Don't rush, Your Highness. Her Royal Lady might not be able to accomplish all that you asked.” Another official stopped him. He was under Feng Yuxuan and naturally could not be impolite to Ling Rui'er. Even though she was demoted, he still had to call her by her original t.i.tle now.

“That idiotic woman never succeeded in anything she did.” Feng Yuxuan frowned, and a wave of disgust appeared on his gentle face. It was a good move but that idiotic woman had ruined it for him again and again, even speaking her mind to Empress. She probably didn't even know how she would die.

“Your Highness, now that Your Royal Lady was demoted by His Majesty to be an ordinary concubine. She might not know what had happened, but the two in charge of Ding General Manor should understand. Your intention is to force those two to understand the situation and force Duke Ding to stand on our side. However, Our Royal Lady did make such huge trouble that I believe even those two can't do anything about it.” The official a.n.a.lyzed, and his words annoyed Feng Yuxuan further.

Throwing down his brush, he walked in circles within the room, his face all gloomy.

The matter was well-planned. Ling Rui'er was well-doted and would naturally do some outrageous affair. With her personality, she would create huge trouble. The plan was for Feng Yuxuan to remove himself during such moments, placing the problem on the shoulders of Ding General Manor. With the status of Ling Rui'er, Ding General Manor naturally did not want her to be in trouble.

Hence, they would utilize all resources to save Ling Rui'er, which would naturally implicate Empress or Empress Dowager. However, regardless of Empress or Empress Dowager, no one wanted to see Ding General Manor be close to King Chu's Manor. Hence, no matter who was implicated, none of their plans would succeed even if a fight did occur.

At that time, Feng Yuxuan would appear and save Ling Rui'er, giving Ding General Manor hope. Then, Ding General Manor, who had the feud with Empress Dowager or Empress would turn to King Chu's side. Naturally, the power of Ding General Manor would land on Feng Yuxuan's hands based on his calculations. Unfortunately, heaven's will went against his plan.

Ling Rui'er had caused tremendous trouble!

Feng Yuxuan already had a plan for what occurred in his manor. When he left the camp, he naturally could prove that Mo Yarui's child was not his. At that time, when such an imperial scandal occurred, it would not matter how Ling Rui'er treated Mo Yarui before. Ling Rui'er, who regained the position of Consort Chu, must naturally be extremely thankful to Feng Yuxuan.

Having been neglected by Empress and Empress Dowager, Ding General Manor would naturally stand by his side, and would not be so uncertain.

As for Mo Yarui, that was not a question that Feng Yuxuan needed to consider. To exchange an unborn child and an unliked second consort for the loyalty of Duke Ding's family was an extremely good deal for Feng Yuxuan.

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