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Chapter 288 The Heartless Prince Had the Beautiful Servant Executed

“Princess Anping!” Bai Yichen's pupils contracted as he became angrier. Bai Yihao had consistently made the conversation about Princess Anping as if he were really l.u.s.ty.

“Turns out my Big Brother do know about her. I can't believe that the reputation of Princess Anping spread far and wide. After two to three years, her name will be known all over the Qin Kingdom and the Yan Kingdom.” Bai Yihao looked at Bai Yichen's angry expression, satisfied. He sighed slowly and continued. “Brother, if you are looking for a beauty, she will be the best choice! It'd be a pity if you miss her!”

“Since she is so outstanding, why are you not interested in her?” Bai Yichen's rage was apparent as he retorted. Like he had expected, Bai Yihao wanted to use this beauty to lure him in giving up pursuing Fifth Princess so that he could marry her himself. Judging by the background of Fifth Princess, his influence would instantly increase.

His tricks were apparent in his eyes.

After his words, he realized that he overreacted and thus lifted up his wine cup to drink, hiding the anger in his eyes.

“Don't be ridiculous! I am merely a hostage here.” Bai Yihao laughed out and ridiculed himself as if he were mocking Bai Yichen for not knowing his status. After all, even though he was a hostage in the Qin Kingdom, he was still the Crown Prince of Yan Kingdom, making him more prestigious than Bai Yichen.

If he couldn't match up to the woman, how could Bai Yichen do?

“This must mean that I am no match for Fifth Princess!” Bai Yichen tried hard to suppress his anger as he stared at Bai Yihao with gloomy eyes. He would let him know who was unfit to marry Fifth Princess. With Fifth Princess' influence at his side, it would be much easier for him to compete with Bai Yihao.

When he became the emperor, he would then ask Bai Yihao who was not worthy of Fifth Princess, and who was her ideal match.

“Is that true?” Bai Yichen's face was cold and a trace of cruelty flashed across his eyes. Anyway, he must marry Fifth Princess regardless of anything. He would leave that beauty to Bai Yichen, who would have nothing to protect his beauty after he lost his kingdom.

Only a powerful man could protect a woman of such beauty. Without power, such a woman would only bring disaster.

The two had always hated each other and this feast was just for show, as the two had nothing in common at all. Lifting up his cup of wine, Bai Yichen drank up all the wine and bid his farewell with a sneer.

He used to live in Bai Yihao's manor but moved away now as he did not want to stay in Bai Yihao's place, feeling restricted there. Since he wanted Fifth Princess' heart, he would need to spend time. Thus, he did not hesitate to buy a house.

“Big Brother, leaving so soon?” Bai Yihao placed down his cup of wine and smiled as if he had not seen Bai Yichen's indignation.

“Yes, when I settle down, I will invite Fifth Brother over for a feast.” Bai Yichen's eyes carried a trace of cruelty as he turned around to leave without waiting for Bai Yihao's reply.

There existed so much hatred between the two that none of their words would be taken seriously by the other.

“Goodbye, Big Brother. Till we meet again.” Bai Yihao explained elegantly and slowly as he received another cup of wine from his servants. Smiling, he flicked his finger on the cup, producing a clinking before placing it down.

This sequence of actions was extremely natural and elegant, and was gentlemanlike even though no one noticed.

“Sir, what if First Prince really did marry Fifth Princess?” One of the dancers waved her hand, signaling everyone to retreat. She moved up elegantly and took over the wine bottle from the servant. Kneeling in front of Bai Yihao, she rolled up her sleeves and asked curiously.

“It would be great if Big Brother can marry Fifth Princess!” Bai Yihao sighed slowly as if releasing all the air stuck in his throat.

“But, sir…” The woman did not understand and was confused.

“Yu Mei, what did you find from investigating yesterday's matter?” Bai Yihao smiled and waved his hand, signaling her to stop. His eyes were calm and elegant.

Even though her master smiled calmly, she could see the dissatisfaction in his eyes. Sitting upright, she reported respectfully. “Yesterday, we chased all the way. However, the figure in front disappeared fast with someone returning to attack us. We were forced to stop and thus the figure disappeared.”

“Yu Mei, you have been following me for a while!” Playing with the wine cup with his long fingers, he smiled.

However, this smile was sinister in Yu Mei's eyes. Uncontrollably, she kneeled down and begged, “Sir, I have been following you since young and you have saved my life. I shall repay you with my life! If there's something I didn't do well, please tell me.”

“Very well! Extremely well! Perhaps too well!” Bai Yihao was looking at her with a tender smile.

“No, sir! I won't dare to do it again! I won't dare!” Shivering, Yu Mei knocked her head against the ground repeatedly, his jade white forehead red and swollen but yet she dared not stop.

“Talk about what you saw that day.” Bai Yihao stared into the distance as if he had not seen the charming beauty who was yet pale in front of him. He asked after a long pause.

“That day, I followed Princess Anping and discovered that she was sent into the back garden of King Yan, into his bedroom. Seeing that King Yan hadn't arrived, I decided that the time was not right and waited at the side. After a while, King Yan was sent there and he lay down. His servant discovered that something was amiss and started searching the room. Thinking that no one had entered the room and that no one saw Princess Anping and King Yan together, I waited aside.”

“When the men outside charged in and saw the two together, I would then save Princess Anping. However, I did not expect that the servant tried to kill Princess Anping and that Princess Anping killed her out of self-defense instead. Before I could even react, Princess Anping came out of the bed and pointed the sword at King Yan… Then, then, someone took Princess Anping away…”

Yu Mei's voice became lower and lower as her shoulders shivered uncontrollably. Shivering, she confessed, “I lost the opportunity because I waited and I didn't dare to make my own decision that day.”

“Losing the opportunity will cost you your life!” Bai Yihao smiled tenderly as he placed down his wine cup. Rising up from his seat, he prepared to leave.

“Sir, sir, I did do something wrong and I disobeyed you! I am willing to pay my life for that mistake but please, please do not risk your life for the girl again. The matters in the Qin Kingdom had little to do with us, and the girl mattered even less. She is only a small part of your plan, you must disregard…” Yu Mei held on to Bai Yihao's legs, tears all over her face as she pleaded.

“Sir, for your grand plan, you must be aware! She is only a girl, you cannot change your mind, I…”

“So, you disregarded my orders and wanted her to a.s.sa.s.sinate King Yan. You thought when that happened, I would be unable to protect her even if I tried to?” Bai Yihao turned around and smiled gently. Squatting down, he lifted Yu Mei's face. That tender face was covered in tears and looked very pitiful.

“How did you know that she was only a small part of my plan, and could be disregarded?” He seemed to be deep in thought but that action sounded too murderous in the ears of Yu Mei. Eyes that were originally clear as the moon were now as cold as the winter. He stared at Yu Mei harshly without any emotions in his eyes. It was as if she were merely an item.

He could adore or dispose of anyone at his will, with no emotions attached.

“Sir…” Yu Mei cried out.

Bai Yihao stood up and kicked her down the stairs. Her body slammed down below the many jade stairs, lying on the ground. She knocked her head on the pillar and blood was spilled on the glamorous hall. A shriek was stifled in her throat, making that the last voice she ever made in this world.

“Come, clean up the place.” Bai Yihao gave his orders calmly. After cleaning his hand with his handkerchief, he threw it down at the lifeless face below.

“Yes!” Servants ran out from behind the tent and cleaned up the place after just a moment. No one knew that a beautiful girl died here.

Mo Xuetong did not know the chain reactions of her action. She was then staring at the lead eunuch in front of her, who had three golden strikes sewed on his sleeves. That meant that he was the eunuch in-charge of palace affairs. He was from the Empress Dowager's palace as she wanted to meet the girl at Cining Palace.

The Empress Dowager of Qin Kingdom was not Emperor Zongwen's birth mother and had always been a low-key person. Other than the children of Ding General Manor, she had never asked to see any of the other ladies before. Thus, ladies nowadays could only catch a glimpse of her during festivals.

She did not expect this peaceful Empress Dowager to want to see him.

What made Mo Xuetong uneasy was that the Empress Dowager appeared to have her own ideas, unlike what the rumors painted her to be. What exactly did she want? Feng Yuran promised her that no one would know about her return to her house at midnight, as he had settled the matter, sending someone back to her house after the Qin gathering in the name of her.

Then, she came back in the middle of the night, and she was sure that no one could have known about it!

However, she did not understand what Empress Dowager wanted from her, as it was unusual for the Empress Dowager to wish to see a small princess like her. Furthermore, she was only a nominal princess.

“Princess, please accompany me to the palace. Empress Dowager is waiting for you.” The old eunuch smiled.

“Yes, please wait while I change into another attire.” Mo Xuetong dared not reject the request and smiled back.

“There's no need to be so troublesome. You are now the daughter of Princess Royal, the granddaughter of Empress Dowager. There is no need to be so polite when seeing your grandmother. Please get in!” The old eunuch was extremely polite and all smiles. However, he was determined to send her into the palace at once.

“Yes!” Mo Xuetong responded and ordered Mo Ye. “Tell Father that I will be going to the palace.”

Mo Ye understood what she meant and nodded her head before retreating.

Afterward, Mo Xuetong boarded the carriage outside her manor and followed the old eunuch into the palace. The carriage ran straight to Cining Palace.

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