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"Do you want to die?" Tang Zui suddenly sat up and slapped the woman, who wanted to kill him, across the face. The momentum of the slap forced Gu Mian to fall on the bed. Tang Zui raised his hand and threw the dagger at the wall. *Whoosh!* The dagger's blade was stuck deep into the wall!

Gu Mian sat up abruptly. She wanted to continue fighting the man who had sullied her innocence. Tang Zui grabbed her tiny neck with his big hand, which had earlier been cut by the blade.

"You b*st*rd… I'm gonna kill you!" Gu Mian's eyes were bloodshot, and her long hair sprawled messily all over her body. Her skin was covered in bruises because of the intense s*x she had with Tang Zui the night before."

"Heh… You were the one who acted like a sl*t, and now you're trying to sound all pure and innocent? I'll be a disgrace to my family if I don't f*ck you hard like the wh*re you are today!" Tang Zui was seriously infuriated. 'She was the one who entered my room last night, and now she's trying to act like a martyr in front of me?!

'I'm going to show her how sl*tty she looks!'

Tang Zui wantonly tied Gu Mian up. Just as Gu Mian was about to scream, Tang Zui simply took his boxers and shoved it into her mouth.

After a short while, Gu Mian fainted due to how intensely Tang Zui was f*cking her.

Ye Gu gave Su Qianxun a call to tell her that someone would be delivering breakfast to her room.

After Su Qianxun washed up, she heard someone knocking on the door. She thought that it was the person delivering her breakfast, and she went over to open the door.

However, an unfamiliar man was standing outside. And from what he was wearing, Su Qianxun could tell that he was not of an ordinary status.

Su Qianxun was about to ask him who he was looking for when the man suddenly pushed the door open. The young woman was so shocked that she immediately tried to close the door. But it was too late. The man wantonly pushed her onto the floor, entered the room and shut the door.

Su Qianxun sensed danger. She rose, wanting to get her cell phone to ask for help. But the moment she stood up, the intruder pounced on her and pressed her onto the floor beneath him.

"Help! Let me go! Who are you?" Su Qianxun forcefully kicked the other party, but he was prepared for the attack. He easily pressed her legs against the floor.

"I advise you to stop screaming. Sir Jue gifted you to me!"

Su Qianxun felt as if she had been struck by lightning. She could not believe that Long Sijue actually gifted her to another man.

"He doesn't have the right to do that! I don't belong to him! Let me go!" Embarra.s.sed and furious, Su Qianxun maddeningly tried to shove the man on top of her away.

"This has nothing to do with me. Sir Jue mentioned that you belong to me today, and I get to do whatever I want with you!"

The man flashed a demonic grin and tore Su Qianxun's pajamas with force. A large tear appeared on the garment, revealing her snow-white skin. The man lowered his head and started to kiss that patch of skin.

As the man kissed her skin, Su Qianxun felt like a venomous snake was slithering over her body, leaving disgusting and sticky liquid wherever it went.

She turned and landed a hard bite on the man's arm. The man screamed from the pain. Su Qianxun exerted so much force on the bite that it was as if she wished that she could bite off a segment of the man's flesh.

The man continued to scream in pain as he strenuously clutched Su Qianxun's face, trying to force her to let go. Su Qianxun knew that she would be done for if she released the man's arm, and she sank her teeth into his flesh with even more might.

"You wh*re!" The man suddenly grabbed Su Qianxun's neck with force. The young woman had no choice but to open her mouth and let the man go, because she was having difficulty breathing.

The man was so furious that he slapped Su Qianxun across the face. Su Qianxun felt extremely dizzy from the slap, and not an ounce of strength was left in her.

The man cursed as he took off his clothes. "I wanted to be a little gentler towards you for Sir Jue's sake, but now I realize that all women are wh*res! You want to use violence, right? I'll grant you your wish!"

Su Qianxun held her neck with her tiny hand and coughed non-stop. Tears fell mechanically from her eyes as she stared at the beast-like man before her.

After the man took off his clothes, he pressed her down, below his body. He recalled what the person who hired him told him to do; he was to not only sully the woman but also disfigure her!

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