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Chapter 1125: No One Shall Leave!

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Lin Feng extended forward with his right hand as he made a grabbing motion toward the Qing Yi Holy Woman and the rest. As an infinite amount of purple clouds churned, they morphed into the shape of a huge, purple hand. The pressure from the giant purple hand made Yun Yuanzhen and the Xuan Lin Holy Man choke.

When the Qing Yi Holy Woman saw the situation, she did not say anything. Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light began to flash around her and at the same time, two Dao fruits started to float next to her.

The left Dao fruit was half black and half white. On its surface, black and white patterns crisscrossed.

The right Dao fruit flashed with a golden light. A huge amount of flashing runes started to appear from it. Then, they turned into golden clouds as they floated around this Dao fruit.

When the two Dao fruits appeared, a nine-storied paG.o.da appeared too. Like the center of the universe, it started to attract everything into it.

This paG.o.da appeared capable of manipulating the very stars and moon. It seemed able to absorb an entire world and seemed more than capable of reducing the pressure caused by Lin Feng.

However, it was useless!

"Do you think you can take it?" Lin Feng said quietly. A light flew from his forehead and expanded rapidly into the void. It turned into a giant spell formation and numerous runes started to appear all over it. A terrifying power could be sensed from it.

In the center of the spell formation, an enormous crucible stood. It gave off an immense sense of heaviness and one felt as if the very Divine Lands was weighing the spell formation down.

As the Two Elements of Creation and the Crucible of the Divine Lands combined, the humongous energy exerted an extremely strong pressure. Instantly, it immobilized the Qing Yi Holy Woman. The nine-storied paG.o.da which flashed with bright runes shook non-stop as it tried to resist the ma.s.sive weight.

"Today, no one shall think of leaving."

Lin Feng's purple-clouds hand made a grabbing motion towards Yun Yuanzhen and the Xuan Lin Holy Man!

The Xuan Lin Holy Man's brows were furrowed tightly together as his usually calm gaze betrayed a rattled look. "In less than 10 years, such a big change has occurred, what exactly is…"

Without hesitating, the Xuan Lin Holy Man revealed his own Heavenly Destruction Dao Fruit. White halos of light appeared. It did not twist nor did it change form. It appeared to be a completely indestructible energy.

The white halos of light congregated together and turned into a mystic Dao fruit. At the same time, a six-colored halo started to appear before the Xuan Lin Holy Man.

The colors of the halo were all different and in each halo, one could see an independent, tiny world. Together, they attached themselves to the Xuan Lin Holy Man's body as his entire body shone with an intense, G.o.dly light. That was the seventh of the Great Void Nine Heavenly Spells, the Heavenly Six World Holy Ritual.

With the power of the six tiny worlds on him, the Xuan Lin Holy Man lightly touched his Heavenly Destruction Dao Fruit. Immediately, six rays of divine light shot towards Lin Feng and his giant, purple hand.

A power that rivaled the destruction of many worlds appeared in void s.p.a.ce, threatening to destroy it.

A ray of six-colored divine light shot out. While it was a straight line, the s.p.a.ce around of the light started to churn and twist out of shape as it was slowly destroyed.

This was the peak power of an Immortal Soul Third Level cultivator.

Xu Anda of the Hall of the Dead was easily more powerful than many Immortal Soul Third Level cultivators. As one of the top human cultivators who had experienced the Cardinal Tribulations, he was able to inherit the teachings of the Emperor of the Dead perfectly.

However, even his most powerful attack, the Wailing Spirits Heavens, was unable to match the Xuan Lin Holy Man's attack.

Lin Feng nodded his head and said, "The Great Void Sect does live up to its name."

However, it was useless!

In another place and time, the Xuan Lin Holy Man's six-colored divine light could shake the universe. However, the moment it came in contact with the purple light, the void s.p.a.ce stabilized and stopped shaking.

In the palm of Lin Feng's powerful, purple-clouds hand, a hole suddenly appeared. The void s.p.a.ce of the universe started to disappear rapidly and was reduced to the flowing elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind, which resembled the chaos at the moment of Creation.

Soon, the four elements calmed down. Then, it took the shape of an odd, giant gas bubble. The gas bubble burst and two streams of Qi appeared, one clear and one cloudy. One stream of Qi spiraled upwards into and turned into the sky while the other descended and turned into the earth. It was as if Creation was happening before everyone's eyes.

The giant energy enveloped them once more and the terrifying six-colored divine light, which carried with itself the power of apocalypse, was forcibly stabilized and could no longer move.

At the same time, a blurred light appeared from the giant hand made out of purple clouds. It started to spread outward and soon, everything became blurry and unclear. All that was left was a faint gray and white scene.

Lin Feng's purple clouds giant hand combined with the Original Heaven and Earth Splitting Mantra and the Heaven Extreme Universal Light. As the purple hand moved forward, it was able to directly catch the Xuan Lin Holy Man and the six-colored divine light in its grasp.

The Qing Yi Holy Woman's face turned dark. A ray of blurry mirror light shot toward Lin Feng.

On the surface of Lin Feng's purple clouds giant hand, rays of seven-colored light appeared which started to swirl non-stop.

The Celestial Sect Teleportation Technique was called a teleportation technique, but it was much more than just that. It was able to push the change in s.p.a.ce and time to its peak and at the same time, it was able to incorporate the teachings of many other mantras and spells.

As the seven-colored divine light flashed, it blocked the blurry mirror light completely off. The Qing Yi Holy Woman's gaze turned icy-cold. She sought to increase the power of the mirror light, but the purple-clouds hand was already retreating with the Xuan Lin Holy Man firmly in its grasp.

The Xuan Lin Holy Man was still struggling. Lin Feng applied some pressure, increasing the agony felt by the Xuan Lin Holy Man. His Immortal Soul appeared incapable of maintaining its human form.

From the purple clouds, another giant hand appeared and made its way toward Yun Yuanzhen.

Yun Yuanzhen sighed softly and her two palms closed before her chest. Then, she slowly separated them as if she was pulling out an invisible longsword.

As the hands opened, a bright, sword radiance appeared between her palms. As it swirled, it gave off a terrifying aura.

It was formless as the smoke and cloud and it coursed like the river and streams. It was as heavy the earth and as determined as a solitary peak.

As the sword radiance turned, it appeared to form the Divine Lands too. However, unlike the power of the Crucible of the Divine Lands, the sword radiance appeared vast and formless. It was as if it was looking down on everything from the sky, and that all creations were but mere reflections when seen from the sky.

The Taiqing Ancient Sword!

It was on the same level as Mount Shu's Tiangang Ancient Sword and the Cang Ming Ancient Sword.

All emotion disappeared from Yun Yuanzhen's face. It was as if she had turned into an empty void. Her gaze was calm and without a single crease.

She lightly tapped the Taiqing Ancient Sword and it flew into the air. Yun Yuanzhen closed her palms and rays after rays of white light appeared. Before her, they turned into a Dao Fruit. Yun Yuanzhen's entire body and her Dao Fruit landed on the Taiqing Ancient Sword as she fused with it.

Then, the clear sword radiance turned into void s.p.a.ce and shot forward as it sought to break through the purple clouds and escape.

Lin Feng swept her with his gaze. Legend had it that Yun Yuanzhen was the youngest member of the Supreme Elder Council. She was also its latest addition. However, while she achieved her Immortal Soul Third Level through cultivating the Yin Yang Mantra of the Void, she was now able to cultivate the Dao Fruit of the Mantra of the Great Oblivion. Very few in the Great Void Sect improved at a speed like hers.

In this battle, an Immortal Soul Third Level cultivator and a Mahayana level magic treasure were able to wield extraordinary power. The wielder of the sword was Yun Yuanzhen.

However, Yun Yuanzhen's mind was extremely clear. She did not seek to attack Lin Feng but instead, she sought to use the Heavenly Sword of Oblivion to break through the purple clouds before making other plans.

She combined herself with the sword. With this fusion, the power of her sword will appeared capable of sweeping through all creations. It was as if she had ascended into the heaven. Oblivious to all emotions, she was without anger and sadness as she stared down at all creations.

On the sword radiance, white sword Qi surrounded it. She appeared to have incorporated part of Mount Shu's Saintly Celestial Sword Qi into her own sword.

Without suffering the restrictions of Mount Shu's Saintly Celestial Sword, she was able to use its power to strengthen her own sword.

Everything under creation could be a weapon for her, and she had control over it all.

While it was not the 'king of all swords' per say, the sword had transcended through the normal levels of sword mastery and was just looking quietly down at all swords under Creation.

Of course, it was useless!

"Is this something you learned after your defeat at the hands of the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage all those years ago?" Lin Feng said calmly. "However, don't show me half-mastered skills."

Lin Feng's index and middle fingers were as straight as a sword too. A chaotic, hard-to-discern sword radiance appeared as it came slicing towards the Taiqing Ancient Sword.

This was the epitome of terror, the Heaven-Destroying Sword Qi!

With that sword, all creations could be exterminated!

The moment the Heaven-Destroying Sword Qi appeared, it sliced Yun Yuanzhen's Heavenly Sword of Oblivion into two. Yun Yuanzhen and the Taiqing Ancient Sword immediately dropped from the heavens downward.

A terrifying wound appeared on Yun Yuanzhen's naval. It was as if she was being sliced in half. Her face was pale, and her eyes lost their glow. She no longer appeared capable of maintaining her human form.

The gigantic wound did not close no matter what she tried.

The light from the Taiqing Ancient Sword gradually faded. As the clear sword light disappeared, it was as if a layer of dust was coated over it. An eye-catching, blood red crack could be seen at the center of the blade.

The powerful Mahayana level magic treasure encountered the same fate as Yun Yuanzhen. It too was almost sliced in half and in an extremely sorry state.

Lin Feng's heaven-covering purple clouds hand reached out once more and grabbed onto Yun Yuanzhen and the Xuan Lin Holy Man.

The Qing Yi Holy Woman shook her head and she extended her right hand onto the mirror light on her head once more.

The mirror light immediately became clear. Even the rim of the mirror came into focus too. A powerful energy shook the void, causing the purple clouds to tremble.

Lin Feng's expression did not change. Light flashed in the void above his head and a giant, white mountain appeared. The surface of the mountain shone with complicated and hard-to-discern seven-colored light and together with seven-colored halos of light around Lin Feng, it was able to shield him from sight completely. No matter how powerful the mirror light was, it could not track him.

In the next instant, Lin Feng tapped the ancient formation. Immediately, it opened up and a ray of golden light shot out from it. It was the Higan Golden Bridge, with Zhu Yi and w.a.n.g Lin on top of it. They managed to escape.

The next scene made the Qing Yi Holy Woman completely stunned.

"Since you care so much about the Black Sea, I shall send you there!"

Lin Feng laughed coldly and his purple clouds giant hands threw Yun Yuanzhen and the Xuan Lin Holy Man into the ancient formation!

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