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Chapter 1124: The Billowing Purple Clouds

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

The Qing Yi Holy Woman felt palpitations in her heart. To her, this was something unfamiliar which she had only experienced in the distant past.

However, now, she had this feeling once more. The sensation was not strong nor clear. It was blurry, and one could easily mistake it for something else.

To the Qing Yi Holy Woman, something extraordinary must have happened to trigger this feeling.

Yun Yuanzhen looked at the Qing Yi Holy Woman and asked, “Master, can it be because Shi Tianhao has yet to enter the formation?”

The Xuan Lin Holy Man looked at the ball of light before the three of them. In the light shadow, one could see the surroundings of the ancient formation. “This concerns his parents. He should be the hastiest. If they are fearful of the unpredictable nature of the ancient formation, then it is normal for Zhu Yi, who possesses a Destiny level magic treasure, to enter first. However, afterward, Shi Tianhao should have entered, not w.a.n.g Lin.”

“Have they discovered clues about the truth? Or do they have other considerations?” The Xuan Lin Holy Man's eyes betrayed a thousand, complex emotions, which then vanished into nothing.

Outside of the ancient formation, Shi Tianhao and Li Yuanfang too looked at the dangerous thing before them.

Li Yuanfang turned his head to Shi Tianhao and asked, “Someone is controlling his formation. His mastery is extremely high.”

Shi Tianhao was emotionless. His supernatural awareness swept the formation and he asked, “Is he inside or outside the formation?”

“He's outside the formation. Without entering it, he can control it. It is surely the person who cast this formation in the first place or someone who possesses a treasure that could control it. This ancient formation has not been here for long. Evidently, it was cast only recently.”

Li Yuanfang muttered in a low voice and as the light above his head flashed, a four-headed, eight-armed giant appeared in the void. The giant's eight arms each wielded a trigram from the Eight Trigrams and the giant's four faces each faced a big glowing door.

Behind one of the door, intense flames blazed, and it was filled with an aura of death and destruction. It brimmed with unbridled violence as if the intense fire wanted to destroy and slaughter everything.

Behind another door, strong winds howled, and a black tornado raged on non-stop. However, it was completely quiet. As people looked at it, they would unwittingly be overwhelmed by drowsiness.

Behind another door, a sandy terrain unfolded and enveloped the void. Each tiny granule of sand was originally black. However, white light flashed around it and when the tens of thousand granules of sand congregated together, they shone like a white patch of light.

Behind another door, water churned non-stop and yet, it resembled the stars in the sky. Starlight flashed, and constellations faded in and out of sight.

This was Li Yuanfang's cosmic form, which he formed in his Advanced Nascent Soul Stage.

After Li Yuanfang revealed his cosmic form, he used his Dongzhen Treasure Mirror Spell Formation. The purple light around his body flashed and above his head, the purple light started to form runic symbols.

These runic symbols arranged themselves in a special order. Quickly, they formed a tiny but extremely intricate circular spell formation, which resembled a mirror.

Every single runic symbol started to shine brightly and started to float toward one another. Together, they formed a pillar of light which reflected directly onto the ancient formation.

In Li Yuanfang's eyes, one could see thousand of runes as well. In a low voice, he said, “The opponent's cultivation is extremely high. With the power of the spell formation, he is attempting to subdue Second Senior's Higan Golden Bridge. Under the cover of the spell formation, I cannot ascertain his mastery and background.”

“However, time is extremely tight. If Second Senior and the others could not break out in time, the spell formation's powers would activate.”

Shi Tianhao asked, “Can we send them there straightaway?”

Li Yuanfang shook his head and said, “No, we cannot only send things to a certain point. We must have a clear target and a power guiding the object to its final destination. However, with the spell separating us, we cannot see the source of the power and hence, we don't know where to send them.”

Shi TIanhao's gaze turned icy-cold as he said, “It is fortunate that we had Master's and Mr. Miao's tips, which makes it easy to guess the source of this formation. Looking at it now, the power probably comes from the Supreme Heavenly Mirror and the final destination is probably the Black Sea.”

Li Yuanfang's normally calm face too revealed an uncharacteristic rage as he said, “The spell formation has been pushed to its extreme. After it serves its purpose, it will destroy everything within a ten thousand miles radius. Even mana traces will be obliterated, and no one will be able to find out who did it. They don't want to leave a single clue behind.”

“If we cannot find the person controlling the formation, there's no way we can help Second Senior and the rest.”

The ancient formation fused with the heaven and earth. As it shook vigorously, it felt as its surrounding was trembling too. A whiff of an impending disaster could be felt.

In the world around it, a torrential rain came crashing down and howling gales flew everywhere. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Thunderclouds gurgled in the sky before being zapped to pieces by lightning.

The earth was shaking, and humongous cracks started to appear.

What was even more terrifying was the fact that the moment the granite and soil turned into specks of dust because of the tremors, they disappeared completely without a trace.

Wind, thunder, and lighting in the sky were reduced to nothing as well. Some raindrops disappeared even before they landed and turned into nothing. Bolts of lightning that came crashing down from the skies disappeared in mid-air without a sound.

An apocalyptic scene started to appear between the heaven and earth. It was as if the entire world was going to be reduced to nothing. The ancient, giant formation continued to turn rapidly. It was on the verge of being activated and at the same time, self-destructing.

Shi Tianhao said nothing as his supernatural awareness continued to sweep through the void s.p.a.ce. Soon, he discovered the location of the Qing Yi Holy Woman and the rest.

The Qing Yi Holy Woman, the Xuan Lin Holy Man and Yun Yuanzhen stared at Shi Tianhao and Li Yuanfang. The Qing Yi Holy Woman frowned in silence.

“Shi Tianhao appears to have found something. However, it is very difficult to find us,” said Yun Yuanzhen. “Master, should we continue? We are on the brink of success.”

The Xuan Lin Holy Man's gaze too fell upon the ancient formation as he said, “Zhu Yi and the Higan Golden Bridge could no longer stabilize the ancient formation. Soon, it will activate fully.”

The Qing Yi Holy Woman's gaze was deep as she said, “If Shi Tianhao and the rest can sense something, it means that the Master of the Celestial Sect has been startled too… The reason I feel so uneasy is not because of Shi Tianhao or Zhu Yi, but because of Lin Feng instead!”

Upon hearing her words, both Yun Yuanzhen and the Xuan Lin Holy Man frowned.

They did not know when would Lin Feng arrive and they did not know how much did Shi Tianhao know. Right now, the Qing Yi Holy Woman and company were in a difficult spot.

If the spell formation could fully activate before Lin Feng arrives, then the three of them had no fear of their escape route being cut off by Lin Feng. That was because both sides would be openly hostile toward each other and no matter how infuriated Lin Feng would be, he would still enter the Black Sea to save them.

The Qing Yi Holy Woman sighed, “Yuanzhen, leave this place with Xuan Lin and contact Senior Tai Yi and Senior Zheng Yi. I will take care of everything from here.”

An odd look crossed Yun Yuanzhen's face. However, she knew that she should not be wasting any more time. She nodded her head seriously and said, “Yes, master. I will do as you command.”

The Xuan Lin Holy Man too nodded his head as he said, “Yes, Uncle Qing Yi.”

As they said that, the two of them turned to leave. At the same time, they used their supernatural awareness to contact the Zheng Yi Holy Man, who was hiding in the Barren Expanses to avoid detection, as well as the Tai Yi Holy Man, who was waiting on Mount Baiyun.”

However, before they could leave, a voice, loud as thunder, sounded, “Since you are here, why are you in a rush to leave?”

The voice appeared to have sounded from the void. In the next instant, billowing purple clouds started to appear in the void s.p.a.ce as they enveloped everything.

Void s.p.a.ce broke open and endless amount of purple clouds started to appear in the Barren Expanses.

The wind and rain paused, and the while thunder and lightning still could be seen, they were completely silent. Billowing purple clouds stabilized everything and sealed everything off.

While the apocalyptic scene before them remained unchanged, everyone could feel that something was different.

Everyone could only see gurgling purple clouds, swirling like dragons in the sky. They appeared to come from the infinite void and soon, they covered everywhere, endless and infinite.

As the purple clouds churned, 49 tiny specks of dust started to appear and form a straight line. The specks of dust started to shine and turned into individual small worlds. Layer by layer, they resembled a shining staircase that descended from the heavens.

A purple-robed teen descended the stairs slowly. As he walked, one could hear the music of the G.o.ds in the sky around him.

Yun Yuanzhen and the Xuan Lin Holy man were both shocked. “Leader of the Celestial Sect… Lin Feng!”

The Qing Yi Holy Woman's face was expressionless. However, her gaze turned dark and cold, devoid of all warmth.

Lin Feng was wearing a set of long, purple robes. His hair hung loose and on his forehead, there was a Taiji Diagram that appeared to contain the endless, infinite Dao. While he appeared to be descending slowly, neither Yun Yuanzhen nor the Xuan Lin Holy Man dared to think of escaping.

The entire area was sealed off by the purple clouds.

Only a mirror light on the Qing Yi Holy Woman's head shone slightly.

When Lin Feng came through the void s.p.a.ce, he was able to get rid of the smoke and cloud. The Qing Yi Holy Woman and the rest naturally appeared in Shi Tianhao's field of vision. Shi Tianhao looked at the two of them coldly and then, he bowed to Lin Feng and said, “Greetings, master. Sorry for disturbing you.”

“It's alright,” said Lin Feng as he waved his hand. He turned to look at the Qing Yi Holy Woman and the two other cultivators. He was expressionless, but one could feel a cold wrath.

Li Yuanfang had never seen Lin Feng behave in such a way before. He could not help but be shocked. A distant memory started to appear in Shi Tianhao's mind.

In his mind, his master had always been cool and calm. The last time he saw Lin Feng behave in such a way was when he first joined the sect. Then, Xiao Yan was severely injured when he tried to protect Zhu Yi and him.

That was the first time he got such chills from his master.

If Shi Tianhao felt this way, there was no way to describe how the Qing Yi Holy Woman, who was facing Lin Feng, was feeling.

Before they could speak, Lin Feng extended his right hand and made a grabbing motion!

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