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Chapter 465: Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (15)

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

When Lu Yanchen returned to the apartment, it was really silent. Even though he knew that Shi Guang wasn't around, he still wanted to head back and take a look. Their luggage was still in the living room, looking the same as the day before yesterday when they were about to leave.

Before she left, she wrote a note on the table.

A resigned smile slipped by his face as Lu Yanchen's lips curled uncontrollably.

No wonder she would tell Mo Jin that she did not believe he would not bother with her sister's affair. He had already left her a note as such; how much more obvious could it be that she was asking him for her sister's whereabouts and to have him interfere?

And how could he sit by idly either?

That little fox!

However, he did indeed rush Chu Mubei earlier about why there were still no news even after a day.

Picking up his phone, he called Chu Mubei again, who was frowning while talking. "I've already found Yang Sitong, but I couldn't find Mo Feifei. I wanted to find Mo Feifei through her, but somehow, as though she knew we were trailing her or something… she was just playing with us, going around in circles and circles as though she had no intention of going to look for Mo Feifei."

Rapping his fingers, Lu Yanchen for a moment. "Use the last resort."

Even though his voice was soft, it was extremely cold as though it was seeping out from the depths of h.e.l.l. Yang Sitong had finally wasted that final strand of grat.i.tude that the Lus still had for her.

Furthermore, because she was also a woman, Lu Yanchen truly did not want to use that last resort unless he had no other choice.

Yang Sitong did not know that someone was trailing her—she truly did not know where she wanted to go.

Her brother had clearly told her that everything was already planned such that even if Mo Feifei were to wake up, she would hide that secret and not reveal it out. But somehow, when that chance arose for her to do it, she did not know why but she just went ahead and seized the opportunity.

After doing it, she did not regret it at all. The thought of Shi Guang being fl.u.s.tered over her sister's disappearance and having to leave Lu Yanchen because of it was a cathartic experience for Yang Sitong—she felt exhilarated!

However, she panicked when she received the call from her brother once more. After lying to her brother, she started feeling afraid once more.

What if Shi Guang were to know that she had sent those texts? Would she…?

Fl.u.s.tered, she did not dare to return home. She was careful in her movements, and in fact, she didn't even dare to appear at places that were crowded.

Unnerved, Yang Sitong wanted to eat at a restaurant when she b.u.mped into an expressionless man in a black suit. She side stepped him, but unexpectedly, he followed suit and both of them nearly b.u.mped into one another again.

She was already frustrated to begin with and wanted to grumble immediately. But on second thought, she was a woman. What if this man were to strike at her physically? She thus could only glare at him and wanted to meander around him to leave.

The moment she walked behind him, she found her mouth being covered by the man from behind her.

Her eyes widened in shock as she began to struggle. However, a fragrant aroma whiffed into her nose. The handkerchief that was covering her mouth was filled with a high concentration of ether, and before long, Yang Sitong collapsed into a wobble.

When she woke up, she did not know where she was, merely that her surroundings were completely dark. Her body felt listless and her head felt woozy.

Unsettled and extremely afraid, she shrieked, "Help! Somebody! Help me!!"

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