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Chapter 1165: Uncontrollably thinking about Mo Feifei (5)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mo Feifei did not know what she had to say either. She really did not want Shang Mo to pester her. The man wore a pair of gla.s.ses and looked gentle and elegant. But when he took off the gla.s.ses, he had an evil charm.

With his tyrannical and overbearing personality, once he would know that she was Rong Mo, he would definitely question her face to face. Not only so, but he may also care less about her thoughts and force both of them to be together just like that day.

That was what she hated most!

However, if she refused to join any design inst.i.tute, her reputation would be difficult to establish and her chances of opening an art gallery would be slim.

Moreover, to open an art gallery, it required large amounts of money. Hence, she had to work and acting was the best choice now.

Yet, if she was to venture into acting, wouldn’t that mean she was acknowledging that she was Rong Mo?

Be it acting or working in the design inst.i.tute, she would be involved with Shang Mo.

She did nothing wrong! The one who did something wrong was Shang Mo, yet she had to be like a fugitive avoiding him in which doing anything would make her worried.

“Let me think about it,” Mo Feifei said.

“I wish to change my career to an investor and shoot a movie. The male lead is already decided and now we are missing a female lead. If you are willing, I can help you get the job. Are you interested?” Seeing that Mo Feifei’s heart wavered, Su Qianxun smiled and asked.

Regardless, the male lead was already a big star and was popular. The female lead only needed to have good acting skills and a suitable image.

“You are investing? Why aren’t you acting as the female lead?” Mo Feifei asked.

“My remuneration is too expensive and I don’t fit the image. On the other hand, you are a newcomer and thus your pay is cheap!”

Mo Feifei smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She was uninterested.

With a devilish smile, using her soft voice, Su Qianxun tempted her, “Do you know who the male lead is?”

Mo Feifei kept an uninterested face. “…”

Su Qianxun pointed at the advertis.e.m.e.nt showing on the television. In the advertis.e.m.e.nt, there stood a man wearing a white shirt. He held a smartphone and raised his brows. His facial features were refined and he looked handsome.

“It’s him, the country’s Prince Charming. He is the most popular celebrity in the recent two years. Debuted as an idol singer, he explores the movie scene in the recent two years. His acting skills are the best among idols and he is also the most handsome!”

Mo Feifei turned around and took a look. She kept an uninterested demeanor which made Su Qianxun feel dejected. Su Qianxun stopped her recommendation and only gave Mo Feifei more time to consider.

Three days later, Mo Feifei went to the hospital for a review.

In actual fact, she hated hospitals. However, after she woke up from her coma, she would appear in the hospitals now and then. Maybe she should have listened to Shi Guang and Qianxun and took a job that required physical strength.

Outside the emergency room, Mo Feifei was sitting on a long chair when suddenly, a voice rang out beside her. “Why are you in the hospital?”

She looked up, stunned. A tall and straight pair of legs came into her vision.

As she looked up, she saw Shang Mo lowering his head, looking down at her. He wore a pair of gla.s.ses and looked gentle. But his eyes showed a sense of question and inspection.

How could it be such a coincidence to meet Shang Mo here!

The red swelling on Mo Feifei’s face was mostly gone, other than her neck and chin.

She adjusted her scarf to cover up the red swelling on her chin and neck and forcefully smiled. “I have a small cold and hence, I came to see a doctor.”

She wished that Shang Mo did not suspect her again. She really did not want to have a battle of wits with him again!

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