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Sweat dripped down Death's forehead. His eyes slowly went down at the empty box on his lap. He was wondering why his hand touched nothing when he was attempting to grab another dessert.

Realization hit him like Grandmaster Wei's infamous jab on the guts.

Quickly, he grabbed his phone and searched for the name of the store where the desserts came from.

"...near me." He let out a relieved sigh. "Whew, thank goodness they've opened a branch near. I thought I'll have to drive all the way to City M just to get these."

"Just to get what?"

Death let out a girlish shriek, throwing the empty box and his phone in the air. The box had, unluckily, landed on the speaker's hands.

"Do you know what time it is, Senior Brother?" Lillie stepped inside the dim living room with the empty box in her hands. She eyed the dirty dishes, empty cans of soda, beer, and a jar of wine, messily sprawled on the floor and the coffee table.

It seems like he spends his whole day here just watching movies until his sc.r.a.ps piled up. Death made a mental note to clean everything up before the two come back. He wouldn't let the servants clean after his mess, he was taught not to.

Alas, he was too engrossed with enjoying his break that he lost track of time and failed to notice that the house owners have arrived.

Ethan would've explode from anger if he saw this. Fortunately, he went straight to their bedroom to take a shower.

"Do you know what kind of trouble I went through just to get those?"

Death didn't know what possessed him to say, "No?"

Well, it did a great job in adding up to his Junior Sister's temper. Not only did he made a mess in her living room, she must've also realized that he didn't heed what she said about not eating all of the sweets earlier.

Lillie hates it when no one listens to her, and absolutely hates it when someone eats all of her sweets even after she was gracious enough to share.

Sighing, no, she will not be petty as to unleash h.e.l.l over something so trivial.

"You owe me triple of the amount you ate." This should be an adequate solution.

"Eh?!" Death whimpered and looked at his empty wallet.

Lillie walked out, ignoring his wails and pleads. She entered the bedroom, just in time to see Ethan going out of the bathroom with a towel hanging on his hips and a small one around his neck

"I thought I heard that guy crying, did something happen?" Ethan removed the small towel on his neck to dry his wet hair.

"Nothing for you to be concerned about." Lillie averted her gaze away from his alluring figure.

Ethan's eyebrow quirked at her behavior before a smirk replaced it. "Your turn." He said, gesturing the bathroom behind him.

Her attention wasn't on him that's why Lillie missed the devious look plastered on his face. Quickly walking pa.s.s him, Lillie was a few steps away from entering the bathroom when she was suddenly yanked by the strong arms around her waist.

Ethan caged her once again. The excess moisture from his body seeped through her dress and to her back.

"Time for your punishment." His hot breath enveloped her ear. "You have to take responsibility and remove that bitterness in me."

Lillie's breath hitched when she felt his cool lips grazed on her neck. She just had her skin free from his love marks. And now, he'll cover them with it again.

Ethan is not someone who gives an empty promise. He will make Lillie repent for feeding him that vile mush.

"E-Ethan...wait." Lillie shivered as his cool hands slithered under her skirt and onto her smooth thighs. "Let me...shower f-first."

A traitorous moan flew out of her lips when the sensitive spot on her thighs was pinched. The sweet sound she produced awoken a certain dragon.

Lillie's cheeks and ears heated in embarra.s.sment. She tried to keep that kind of sound from resurfacing as it might provoke this man little brother. But seeing the devilish grin on his face, she knew that her fate was sealed.

"I'll join you."

"You already took a shower!"

"Is it wrong to take one again?"


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