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Chapter 510: Song Mian’s evaluation of He Wei

In fact, the success of “Jiu se”Was almost predictable. Huan Yu century entertainment had really spent too much money on publicity.

Because of this, the company was highly dissatisfied. They specially held a board meeting for the publicity funds. He Wei did not tell Yun Xiangxiang about this, but Xue Yu secretly did.

“Jiu Se”Was a work that had been cut from the Spring Festival Golden Archives, so it was natural for it to be looked down upon. Besides, the company was so big, so it was reasonable for some people to be unhappy.

In order to get the publicity fund and resources for “Jiu se.” He Wei made a bet with the company. The bet was the shares he had inherited from his father.

Yun Xiangxiang did not know that He Wei trusted her so much, or that he trusted her work so much.

Even though Xue Yu had repeatedly said that she could not go to He Wei to expose him, Yun Xiangxiang still felt a little teary when she saw “Jiu se”‘s box office break 200 million on its first day. She could not help but share her joy with He Wei on the phone, she asked the question that had been pent up in her heart.

“Brother Wei, why did you place such a big bet?”

One second ago, He Wei was still in a good mood, but the next second, his expression turned serious.” Did your senior Brother Tell You That?”

“Brother Wei, even though I am deaf and deaf, I am also a member of the company. I will not let myself be deaf and Blind.” Yun Xiangxiang thought that she would definitely not betray Xue Yu. As for her reason, it did not matter whether He Wei believed it or not.

She already knew that He Wei had no evidence on this matter, so he wouldn’t question Xue Yu.

He Wei was silent for a while before he spoke.” This matter is very complicated. When you come back, we’ll talk in person.”

Yun Xiangxiang was a little surprised, but she could tell that He Wei wasn’t shirking or delaying, so she didn’t mind waiting another day.

During the video call with Song Mian that night, Yun Xiangxiang knew that He Wei wouldn’t have any ill intentions towards her, so she treated this matter as a daily conversation and told Song Mian about it.

After saying that, she rested her chin on one hand and said.” I thought it would be a simple matter. Now that Brother Wei has said that, my curiosity is completely piqued by him.”

Song Mian was dressed a little formally today. He was wearing a white shirt, a dark blue vest, and a suit of the same color. He was sitting in a tall building, and behind him was a large French window. However, from the surrounding environment, it looked like a conference room.

He was sitting in a chair with his fingers crossed on the table. He wore a pair of half-rimmed gla.s.ses, which was very rare. He looked like a shrewd businessman in the business world.

After listening to Yun Xiangxiang’s words, he looked at his girlfriend, who was wearing a bun on the screen. She was wearing a plain, loose-fitting dress. She had placed the iPad far away from him, so his field of vision was relatively wide.

She had a head of long, straight, soft, and bright black hair. At this moment, she was pressing little fairy with one hand and grabbing a strand of hair with the other. She used the ends of her hair to “Abuse”Little fairy, gently sweeping her chubby little face.

She teased little fairy and made her sneeze repeatedly. Every time little fairy sneezed, she would make a very strange expression that made people laugh out loud. Ever since Yun Xiangxiang had accidentally discovered this two days ago, she had been torturing little fairy like this.

With her elder sister’s power and the bitterness of separation, she s.n.a.t.c.hed little fairy away from Yun Xiangxiang Lin and tormented her for a few days. She was so happy that little fairy’s hair would instinctively stand on end whenever she saw her.

However, her beloved girlfriend was extremely cute no matter how he looked at her. Everything she did was pleasing to his eyes.

After a long while, she did not receive a reply from her boyfriend. Yun Xiangxiang turned her head and saw Song Mian looking at her with a smile and tenderness in his eyes.

“Mr. Song, please restrain your perverted gaze.”

“When I see you, I can’t control my gaze.” Song Mian didn’t Mind Yun Xiangxiang mocking him.

Fine, she was too low-level and Song Mian was too thick-skinned. Why couldn’t she just admit defeat?

“I’m talking business with you….” Yun Xiangxiang paused and sat up straight. Her gaze became unfriendly.” Mr. Song, were you listening to me just now?”

Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t help but suspect that she was the one who talked a lot every time this guy talked to her. He would occasionally interject a few words that were irrelevant and ambiguous, but in fact, he didn’t listen to her at all. He was coveting her beauty!

His pair of purple-black eyes, which were hidden behind the lenses, seemed to be bursting with laughter.

“Don’t worry, girlfriend. Although I’m coveting your beauty, mult.i.tasking is a trivial matter for me.”

As if he wanted to prove to Yun Xiangxiang, Song Mian stopped fooling around.” Your agent is a person with guts, skill, and foresight.”

“I also think that Brother Wei is very good.” Yun Xiangxiang sincerely praised him.

The smile on Song Mian’s face paused. The changes were so subtle that Yun Xiangxiang could not catch it.” If I’m not wrong, it’s because he doesn’t want Jiu Se to be released during the Spring Festival.”

“Brother Wei didn’t want it?” Yun Xiangxiang couldn’t believe it, but she couldn’t doubt the words coming out of Song Mian’s mouth.

He Wei told her that ‘Jiu Se’couldn’t be released during the Spring Festival. Yun Xiangxiang’s first reaction was to look for the reason from the work and herself.

Huan Yu Century Entertainment’s resources in the cinema didn’t need He Wei to tell her. She knew it in her heart, so she never doubted it.

It was even more impossible for her to suspect that He Wei did not put in enough effort. Such hurtful doubts should not appear on her and He Wei.

“Why?” Yun Xiangxiang could not understand why He Wei would not be willing.” Could it be that he is afraid that I will have pressure?”

Yun Xiangxiang had already seen the film that was scheduled for the spring festival. This year was really scary. There was a box office legend director who had been silent for five years.

There was Lu Jin’s super-powerful production, as well as the director from Hong Kong and the Double Best Actor award winner from Beijing University. There was also the comedy that had risen strongly in recent years…

“Jiu Se”Was really not outstanding at all in this movie. It was very likely that it would be drowned. After seeing the movie that was scheduled for the spring festival, Yun Xiangxiang was really glad that it was not scheduled for the spring festival.

This was a very scary battle.

If one won, he would be stepping on the shoulders of others to shine. He would gain fame and fortune. If he lost, he would probably be defeated and his reputation would be ruined. It would even be difficult for him to turn things around.

One had to know that when the time came, everyone would want to ride on the dust and become the victor by a long distance. It was impossible to estimate what kind of methods they would use in private.

During this year’s spring festival, in a place that the audience could not see, a battle was going to take place. It was likely that an open and hidden battle was already brewing. No one knew how b.l.o.o.d.y the battle would be in the future. Whether it would be exposed to the public or not, no one knew.

If it was always an undercurrent, it would be fine. At the very least, it would not affect too many people. Once someone shed all pretense of cordiality and exposed it to the public, then the city gates would be on fire and the fish in the pond would be affected.

At that time, not to mention the various factions that were partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion, even the works that were not partic.i.p.ating might be affected.

Huan Yu Century Entertainment was wise not to get involved in this muddy water.

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