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Chapter 457: Counterattack

This slap not only stunned everyone present, it also stunned Qin Yue.

However, Qin Yue was injured after all, so she was naturally the first to regain her senses. She sternly asked, “Yun, think about it, why are you crazy! ”

“Why did I hit you? Don’t you know in your heart? ” Yun Chu’s gaze was as cold as a blade.

“Yun Chu, don’t go too far. Treat this place as the entertainment era. Why did you hit me for no reason? ” Qin Yue’s voice was very sharp, and it brought everyone back to their senses.

Everyone looked at Yun Xiangxiang with different expressions. Yun Xiangxiang completely ignored it. She grabbed Qin Yue and dragged her out. “Then I’ll bring you to take a good look. ”

“Let go of me. What are you going to do to me?! ” Qin Yue struggled with all her might, but she didn’t expect the seemingly weak Yun Xiangxiang to be so strong. The hand that was holding her wrist couldn’t break free no matter how hard she tried.

“Miss Yun, don’t go too far! ” Chen Junjie’s face turned green as well. He grabbed Qin Yue’s other hand.

“General Manager Chen, I’m in a bad mood right now. You’d better not provoke me. If you must protect me at the cost of the era of stars, I’ll consider helping you.” Yun Xiangxiang’s words carried a strong warning.

Many people’s eyes almost popped out when they heard this. Many people gasped.

There was probably no one here who dared to spout such nonsense. It was as if the destruction of the Era of Stars was as simple as a single sentence.

Many people wondered where Yun had gotten this confidence from. There had to be a limit to boasting.

However, before they could hang up their mocking gazes and smiles, Chen Yinghui had already walked over. “Miss Yun, let’s talk about it slowly. If my company’s artists were insensible and made a mistake, what punishment should they receive? I will not cover up for them. ”

Although Chen Yinghui’s tone did not lower himself, from the perspective of what Yun Lian had done, Chen Yinghui’s att.i.tude could be considered amiable and amiable.

It made everyone’s jaws drop. Chen Yinghui’s att.i.tude was even more shocking than Yun Lian slapping Qin Yue in public.

Which one of them wasn’t shrewd? They immediately retracted their sarcasm that they did not have the time to post and did not dare to speak up rashly.

Even the reporters who were taking photos put down the tools in their hands. They had dealt with Chen Yinghui before and knew him very well.

To be able to make Chen Yinghui treat Yun Xiangxiang in this way, they thought that she must have something to rely on. His statement that he wanted the era of stars to pay the price was not a big lie.

He did not see Chen Junjie being threatened in person. Although his expression was ugly, he seemed to be trying his best to endure something.

Perhaps Yun Xiangxiang thought that there really was a backer that they did not know about. Then, she recalled the attention of a wave of big entrepreneurs on the Internet..

They were not as strong as Era of Stars, so they should not joke about their lives. It was better to just wait and see.

Qin Yue was not stupid. She had been in Era of the Stars for so long and knew more than the people outside. The reaction of these two father and son towards Yun Xiangxiang made her body turn cold.

The first time she looked at Yun Nian, there was a hint of fear in her eyes. She could not help but think of how Chen Junjie had repeatedly warned her not to make things difficult for Yun Nian.

Initially, she had thought that the two companies were working together now. The Chen Father and son had put their interests first. Now that she had not grown strong enough, it was better for her to avoid them.

However, at this moment, before Yun Nian thought about how she had trampled on the face of the era of stars, Qin Yue felt that there was something that she did not know.

Chen Yinghui’s att.i.tude was very good. Wei Shanshan had not been harmed in any way. Yun Xiangxiang did not want to use Song Mian’s influence to settle this matter.

Therefore, she softened her stance. “Chairman Chen, I’m sorry to have disturbed such an important day, but this matter concerns the life and death of era of stars. I hope that Chairman Chen can come with me. ”

Wei Shanshan’s situation could not be exposed to the public. The media did not dare to offend her. Chen Yinghui was willing to block news about her and the Era of Stars, but he might not cover up for Wei Shanshan.

Although the Era of Stars was responsible for this matter, if they could not produce evidence, they would at most say that it was their negligence.

Yun Xiangxiang thought about how she could not harm Wei Shanshan. With Chen Yinghui’s att.i.tude, she looked at Yu Jinlin who was standing beside Chen Yinghui and decided to take a small step back.

“Alright, I’ll go with you. ” Chen Yinghui didn’t hesitate and turned around to Chen Junjie. “Stay here and entertain the guests. ”

The implication of this sentence was that Chen Junjie was not allowed to get involved in Qin Yue’s matter.

Chen Junjie opened his mouth but didn’t make a sound under Chen Yinghui’s gloomy gaze. He let go of Qin Yue’s hand.

Qin Yue’s heart sank as Chen Junjie let go. She began to struggle with all her might. “Chairman, I have a misunderstanding with Miss Yun. You can’t push me out to be trampled by her just to please her! ”

Very well. In order to protect herself, Qin Yue didn’t hesitate to question Chen Yinghui in public.

She was very smart. She was gambling that Yun Xiangxiang wouldn’t dare to reveal Wei Shanshan’s matter to the public. Otherwise, Wei Shanshan’s innocence would be questioned for the rest of her life.

No matter how innocent Wei Shanshan was, there would always be someone willing to be the keyboard warrior and pour dirty water on her.

If Yun w.a.n.g could not come up with a reasonable explanation, and galaxy put her on ice, then it was just to please Yun w.a.n.g.

There were so many artistes in galaxy. Would they question the company? If they could not even protect the artistes, who would dare to choose Galaxy in the future.

“If you didn’t do anything, I will definitely not let you suffer any harm, ” Chen Yinghui promised in front of so many people.

It had to be said that although Chen Yinghui had a bad reputation, he was a proud person. He had always been a man of his word. It was not as if he had never met a powerful or even powerful opponent before.

However, Chen Yinghui had never been someone who would flatter others. Otherwise, Era of stars would not be able to achieve the glory they had today.

“No, chairman, it’s not that I don’t trust you. I don’t trust her. I’m afraid that she will deceive you. I can follow her, unless everyone can be my witness! ” Qin Yue’s eyes sparkled with tears as she shook her head desperately.

That pitiful look of hers caused everyone to sympathize with her. Compared to the aggressive and cold-faced Yun Xiangxiang, how innocent was she?

Her words won everyone’s favor. Not only were these people curious, but they also felt that if Qin Yue really did something shameful, they definitely wouldn’t dare to be so calm and ask so many people to witness it.

Yun Xiangxiang thought about it. She always knew that Qin Yue wasn’t an ordinary small fry, but she didn’t expect her to be able to remain calm in the face of danger at this time.

This move was really high-level and had defeated her.

Qin Yue knew that Yun Xiangxiang knew that she could not and did not want to destroy Wei Shanshan. That was why she was so Fearless.

“Miss Yun, we will go with you to be a witness so as not to falsely accuse Miss Qin.” An old man stood out.

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