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Chapter 467 - Qin Feng Is An Ecchi! 

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

"Where are you going, Qin Feng?!" Su Qiu Yue quickly rose to her feet to stop Qin Feng.

"I want to kill that fellow! How dare he insult my woman! He must really have a death wish!" Ever since Qin Feng had broken through to Stage 4 inner qi, his perspective on mortals had changed. His hostility towards mortals increased, and now, he totally had no qualms about reaping a person's life.

"No, Qin Feng, you must not! You can't simply claim a person's life in a broad daylight!" Su Qiu Yue wrapped her arms around Qin Feng's waist to stop him. Humans were the most selfish creatures in this world. It was never easy for a person to forfeit his own benefit for the goodness of the other. Su Qiu Yue was touched that Qin Feng was willing to kill a person for her sake.

"Yeah, you're right. I should probably claim that fellow's life after the sun goes down!" Qin Feng said as he returned to the bedside.

Su Qiu Yue's mouth twitched into a half-smile. She sat beside Qin Feng and did her best to persuade him not to act on impulse. However, Qin Feng did not react to her advis.e.m.e.nt and kept a slovenly expression on his face which drove her wild.

"Qin Feng, I'll say this first. If you don't listen to me and insist on doing whatever you want. Fine then, go ahead! I won't let you touch me again next time!"

Qin Feng's unresponsiveness had ticked her off. She stormed out of the room to look for her sister after she talked tough to Qin Feng as she still had to give an explanation to her little sister.

"Qin Feng, you f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How can you not look for me first when you're back but hang out with my Big Sister Qiu Yue? You even deflowered her! You jerk!

"Since they have had s.e.x, I wonder what should I call Qin Feng now? Brother-in-law? No, no, no. He should be my fiance since grandpa has betrothed me to him, which means he is Big Sister Qiu Yue's brother-in-law as well… Aiyaya, this is so confusing! What a jerk you are, Qin Feng, you have messed up our relationship! Argh, it's so difficult!"

Mooning back and forth, Su Xia Tian grumbled at Qin Feng when the door to her room was opened from outside. It was Su Qiu Yue. She went into Su Xia Tian's room with a smile on her face.

"Xia Tian, what are you doing?" Su Qiu Yue closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around Su Xia Tian's arm.

Su Xia Tian was very close to her grandpa and big sister. Usually, she would affectionately call her big sister whenever she saw her and b.u.t.ter her up with hugs and kisses. But now this little joy bird had her head lowered, sulking, and refused to talk to her big sister.

Su Qiu Yue felt a dull ache in her heart when she saw her little sister refusing to talk to her. She asked, "Xia Tian, are you angry with me?"

"Of course not. You're my elder sister, it's a natural course for the elder sister to get all the good things first!" said Su Xia Tian as she made a moue.

"Please forgive me, Xia Tian. I know exactly how you feel towards Qin Feng, and I know grandpa has betrothed you to him. I'm very sorry for betraying you, sister, but what is done cannot be undone. What do you want me to do to atone for my sin? Say it, Xia Tian. Even if you ask me to kill myself, I'll be very glad to do it!" Su Qiu Yue's eyes reddened. She was incensed that she had to clean up Qin Feng's mess.

Upon hearing her elder sister's words, Su Xia Tian's body trembled. Her large eyes glistened with tears, and she threw herself into Su Qiu Yue's arms.

"Stop saying things like that, sister. I don't want you to die. If you like Qin Feng too, then go ahead and stay with him! I won't step in between you two! I… I'll now pack my stuff. I'll get out of the house and never come back again!"

As she spoke, she really went to packed her stuff. Su Qiu Yue was stunned, and she laughed as she was tickled pink by her little sister's sincere and unsophisticated heart.

"What are you talking about, Xia Tian. Who asked you to leave the house? If I remember correctly, you said that you want to stay with me until the end of our time right? Big sister has a proposal for you: why don't we just share Qin Feng?"

This was the plan Su Qiu Yue had in her mind that she never told anybody before. This was because her grandpa had affianced Xia Tian to Qin Feng, and as her elder sister, how could she steal the man her sister loved? As such, Su Qiu Yue could only bury her feelings toward Qin Feng deep in her heart and wish her loveliest sister all the best in her life.

However, the thing that happened just now had changed her mind. Hence, she made a tentative approach to tell her sister. If her sister did not agree with her suggestion, she would pull out, granting her sister's wish to be Qin Feng's only woman.

"That is a wonderful idea, sister! I'm in! We'll both marry Big Brother Qin Feng in the future!" Su Xia Tian accepted Su Qiu Yue's suggestion. She was so excited that she raised both her hands in the air and clapped nonstop. Su Qiu Yue never expected her sister to agree to her so easily. Her eyes went black as she wanted to crack open her sister's brain and see what kind of story was playing in her brain.

"You've to think twice, sister. Marriage is not something to be undertaken lightly. You shouldn't be too hasty in deciding to get married!" Su Qiu Yue exhorted Su Xia Tian.

"Sister, I think this idea is good. With this, we can stay forever together, sister. How good it will be!" Su Xia Tian nodded incessantly in agreement.

Su Qiu Yue thought her sister would be tough to talk to and that she would probably need more time to resolve the conflict between them. She now realized that she thought too hard about it. Besides, she also felt that Qin Feng really was a lucky guy.

"Fine, then let's proceed with what we have agreed to. Before I forget, don't tell grandpa just yet. I fear that he will not accept this kind of relationship. So during this period of time, we'll just act as normal as always. You're Qin Feng's fiancee, and I'm only one of his friend. What do you think?" The reason Su Qiu Yue said this was because she was afraid their grandpa would pa.s.s out if he found out. Also, she wanted to punish Qin Feng. She did not want things to go his way so smoothly.

"Okay! Just as you say!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You must have some sense of crisis, Xia Tian. What if I betrayed you and sold you to our enemies one day?" Su Qiu Yue chided Su Xia Tian while pointing to her sister's high nose bridge.

"I know you won't, big sister. I believe in you!" Su Xia Tian chirped as she pressed herself against Su Qiu Yue, coiling her arms around Su Qiu Yue's arms. Her words struck Su Qiu Yue like a bolt of lightning. They were too heartfelt.

It was tough for one to trust another person. Yet, it was even tougher to make yourself a trustworthy person!

The two sisters went to Qin Feng hand in hand after they had reached a consensus. Since they'd cleared their conflict, the grudge against Qin Feng in Su Xia Tian's heart was gone as well. As soon as they entered Su Qiu Yue's room, she immediately pounced on Qin Feng and chirped like a happy bird beside him.

"Qiu Yue, don't just stand there. Come have a seat here!" Qin Feng wrapped his arm around Su Xia Tian's neck and tickled her waist with his other arm while peering at Su Qiu Yue. The twin was the carbon copy of each other; they looked exactly alike. If they had the same clothing, hairstyle, and position, Qin Feng felt not even he could differentiate who was who.

"Please call me Su Qiu Yue. We're not that close after all," Su Qiu Yue said as she cast an indifferent gaze at Qin Feng and maintained their distance by standing at the door. She had regained her usual cold demeanor, and the invisible barrier between them that had long gone had returned.

Qin Feng was speechless. He realized that his women really knew the way to kept him hanging, be it Liu Bing Bing, or Su Qiu Yue. Both of them were crazy and wild when they were having s.e.x; however, once they were done, they returned to their usual demeanor, kicked him away and maintained a fixed distance from him. Qin Feng felt their behavior was out of the line.


"Congratulations, Host Qin Feng, for taking down the Su family's properties of Sky City. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 10,000 Hedonist Points."



"New quest released from the Hedonist Sovereign System: crush the Ma family of Sky City and purchase the medical corporation of the Ma family!

"Time limit: three months!

"The system will reward 5,000 Hedonist Points and a book of Arcane Skill of Martial Art if the quest is accomplished. If the quest is failed, 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted."


The system notification beeped in Qin Feng's mind shocking him. The purpose of his journey go around the Yun Province was not merely limited to destroying the Sima family of Acropolis City. He also aimed to finish all the unfinished quests.

Since the quest about the Su family was completed, this could only mean one thing: Su Qiu Yue had fallen in love with him. Qin Feng laughed inwardly as Su Qiu Yue's facade of calm and cold had totally laid bare in front of him.

"Master, you have 26,500 Hedonist Points now, and you can pay back 20,000 Hedonist Points that you owe the system!" Little Pig notified Qin Feng.

Only then did Qin Feng remember that he had borrowed from the system. He was obligated to clear the interest and princ.i.p.al of the loan in one month's time; otherwise, the system would randomly pick a spiritual equipment in his possession as repayment. Since he had the ability to clear the debt now, it was natural for him to do so.

"Pay now!" Qin Feng commanded, and the system beeped.


"Processing now.

"The total amount borrowed by Host Qin Feng: 20,000 Hedonist Points.

"The current interest rate is one thousandth. Twelve days have pa.s.sed, and 240 Hedonist Points worth of interest has been generated."

"Total payable amount: 20,240 Hedonist Points.

"Congratulation Host Qin Feng for clearing the loan. Host Qin Feng now has 6,260 Hedonist Points."

Qin Feng heaved a sigh of relief after he cleared the debt. Then, he looked over to the newly released quest and began to study it. The quest requested him to destroy the Ma family and purchase the medical company of the Ma family.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. This Hedonist System really knows me well. This quest suits me the best!

The Ma family had offended Su Qiu Yue, so even without the quest, Qin Feng would go look for them anyway. Besides, not only the quest award him with 5,000 Hedonist Points, it would also give him a book of Arcane Skill of Martial Arts. Qin Feng was quite looking forwards to the Arcane Skill of Martial Arts.

"Aiya! Do we have a customer in our house? I was taking a nap, but Xia Tian's laughter has awakened me. Who came to visit us today?" As Su Qiu Yue and Su Xia Tian were chatting, the voice of Elder Su drifted from outside into Su Qiu Yue's room.

With a pair of bleary-eyes, Su Hao Nan stumbled sleepily into Su Qiu Yue's room. When he was inside the room, he was stunned, and his expression froze. He looked straight at Qin Feng, who was teasing with Su Xia Tian at the bedside.

"You… You're Qin Feng?" Su Hao Nan shook his head as he thought he was dreaming.

"Haha! Yes, he is Big Brother Qin Feng!" Su Xia Tian was thrilled by her grandpa's drowsy look.

"Qin Feng, it's really you! Are you okay? Where have you been recently? I heard that the Qin family of Acropolis City has fallen. Who did that? Tell me. We, the Su family of Sky City, will do our best to support you!" Su Hao Nan rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn't in a dream. After he confirmed that the Qin Feng in front of him was real, he quickly went forward and greeted him. This wise old man already treated Qin Feng like his own grandson.

Qin Feng was moved. He replied, "I'm fine, Elder Su. Don't worry about me. You just need to keep yourself healthy. We youngsters will settle the problem ourselves!" Qin Feng helped Su Hao Nan to sit down.

"Quick, Qiu Yue. Order the kitchen to prepare a meal for us. It has been a long time since we four sat down and had a meal together!" Elder Su ordered Su Qiu Yue.

Su Qiu Yue quickly went away to do his bidding with her face flushed red.

Soon enough, a scrumptious meal had been prepared. Qin Feng, Su Qiu Yue, Su Xia Tian, and Elder Su made their way to the dining hall and sat around the large dining table. As they were moving their forks and spoons, Su Hao Nan suddenly looked at Su Qiu Yue with his eyes glowing in excitement.

"Qiu Yue, you… have you broken through?" Su Hao Nan was only a Stage 1 inner qi pract.i.tioner, but he noticed the huge changes in Su Qiu Yue's aura. Earlier on, the appearance of Qin Feng had made him too excited; hence, he did not realize it. He only discovered that his granddaughter had already broken through to Stage 4 inner qi after he had calmed down.

"Yes, grandpa. Thanks to Qin Feng's Blood Qi Pill, I successfully broke through into Stage 4," Su Qiu Yue said truthfully.

Su Hao Nan was stunned by the shocking news. He stared straight at Qin Feng with his bulging eyes and asked, "Blood Qi Pill? You gave such a precious item to Qiu Yue? Don't you need to keep it for yourself?"

"It's just a Blood Qi Pill, elder. I would have forgotten if you didn't remind me, I have another eleven pills left. Come. Each of you take one. By consuming the Blood Qi Pill, it will a.s.sist a martial artist in breaking through and elongate an ordinary person's lifespan!"

Qin Feng waved his hand like performing magic, and two red pills appeared on his palm.

Su Qiu Yue was shocked. It was the least of her expectation that Qin Feng still had some Blood Qi Pills in his possession, but she did not know he had eleven more! He just simply took two pills out for her grandpa and Xia Tian as if he was giving them flu medicine.

After a long silence, Elder Su finally found his voice. He asked, "Are these real or fake?"

Qin Feng mouth quivered. He answered, "Elder, of course, it's real. How could I cheat you with a fake one? You can ask Qiu Yue if you don't trust me. She has took one just now!"

Of course, Su Qiu Yue knew the Blood Qi Pills in Qin Feng's palm were real. Before she opened her mouth, a thought suddenly flashed in her mind. His Blood Qi Pills seemed iffy. She believed that he added an aphrodisiac into his ingredient. Hence, she hastily said to her grandpa.

"Grandpa, Qin Feng is just joking with you. Those Blood Qi Pills are fake!"

"What the h.e.l.l are you talking, Qiu Yue? These are real. Genuine and authentic Blood Qi Pill that I made with my heart and sweat! How can you say they are fake?" Qin Feng was startled by Su Qiu Yue's remarks, and he almost fell from his chair.

Su Qiu Yue stared at Qin Feng and huffed, "Those are not real Blood Qi Pills. Do you think I don't know that the two pills on your palms are chocolate?"

While she was talking, she kept her eyes on Qin Feng to signal him that she knew the secret ingredients in his Blood Qi Pill. However, Qin Feng failed to understand her signal. He retorted with a serious expression, "What? Chocolates? Qiu Yue, are you kidding me?"

Su Qiu Yue almost vomited blood when Qin Feng insisted on giving the Blood Qi Pills to her family.

She could understand why Qin Feng had insisted on giving the Blood Qi Pill to her sister, but why her grandpa? Suddenly, a thought came into her mind as she shockingly thought inwardly,

Ah? Don't tell me Qin Feng has some strange habit that we all have no knowledge of?

Su Qiu Yue had gooseb.u.mps all over her body as the revelation was too horrible. She was disgusted when she remembered that she had just had s.e.x with Qin Feng not long ago. "They are fake. Don't try to argue with me anymore. Hurry up and put them back, or else I'll be angry!" Su Qiu Yue refused to allow Qin Feng to feed her sister and her grandpa his Blood Qi Pills. She put on a facade of anger and stared at Qin Feng.

Since Su Qiu Yue insisted, Qin Feng could not do anything but place the Blood Qi Pills back into the system.

Su Xia Tian was only focused on wolfing down the scrumptious meals in front of her, so she did not know what her family was discussing. Su Hao Nan shook his head and sighed, "Qin Feng, why would you lie to me? Ai… You have disappointed me!"

Qin Feng's mouth quivered vigorously. He felt that he had been terribly wronged, but he just swallowed it down.

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