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Chapter 462 - Making The Pill of Immortality!

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

At this point, Qin Feng felt that he had been living a lie his whole life. He thought Pharmaceutical Masters were such rare ent.i.ties and that they had to be pretty awesome to utilize all sort of anomalous equipment and superb, arcane moves to make a pill. However, what Hua Yan did shattered his good idea of Pharmaceutical Masters, and he felt disappointed.

"Master, don't look down on Pharmaceutical Masters. See with your own eyes," Little Pig's voice resounded in Qin Feng's mind.

"Are they really that great as what rumor says? I don't think so. As long as I equip myself with the knowledge of natural herbs and own a recipe, all I need is a microwave. I just have to set a timer and let the microwave do the work for me!" Qin Feng said with a pout.

The moment he saw Hua Yan make a pill on a gas stove, he had the urge to buy himself a higher grade microwave. With better equipment, he had the confidence that he could make a better pill than Hua Yan.

Moreover, he now had the Compendium of Hundred Materia Medica in his a.r.s.enal, so he could identify every plant that existed in the world. The only thing he lacked was the recipe. If he was given a recipe, Qin Feng felt he could also make the pill of immortality.

"Making the pill of immortality is not an easy task, Master! If it's that easy, every resident of China will become Pharmaceutical Masters!" Little Pig rolled his eyes at Qin Feng. Then, he added, "A qualified Pharmaceutical Master must be multi-talented. Not only do they have to be familiar with the plants in nature, they also need to know the pharmacological potencies of each of the plants and the subtle changes that occur after fusion because sometimes two benign plants after fusion become deadly poison!

"Learning the pharmacological potencies of herbs is merely the very first step of becoming a Pharmaceutical Master; their acute senses are the real Mccoy. This is because making the pill of immortality consumes a lot of time and the heat of the fire needs to be on point. Only a Pharmaceutical Master who is born with hyper intuition or has nurtured their senses to the extreme can control the fire and estimate the time necessary to make the pill with clockwork precision. The heat of the fire, timing, order, and the portion of ingredients are of vital importance to making the pill of immortality. Even a very slight deviation of any of the steps mentioned will result in failure. A failure pill will either have different medicinal properties, or the pill will change entirely into another type of pill."

"A person can nurture their senses to achieve hyper intuition?" asked Qin Feng.

Qin Feng obtained the ability to achieve hyper intuition, a special ability which heightened his six senses ten folds for half an hour every day after he purchased the Sacred Azure Battle Armor. He had experienced the effect of hyper intuition when he fought Taoist Rakshasa. It was marvelous.

"You can, of course. Only a small portion of people are born with hyper intuition. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that it happened only once in a million chances. Hence, many people train their six senses to become a Pharmaceutical Master; however, the effects of training are minute. It requires a person to train continually for a decade, if not decades to achieve the very standard of a Pharmaceutical Master," said Little Pig.

"Hua Yan was already a Stage 2 above Pharmaceutical Master. That said, was she born with hyper intuition?!" Qin Feng was filled with joy. He exclaimed, "What an outstanding girl, just like me! We're both chosen ones!"

Qin Feng's narcissism disgusted Little Pig, so he ignored Qin Feng. While the Talisman of Clairvoyance was still in the effect, Qin Feng quickly turned to see into the secret chamber.

Something big was happening in the secret chamber.

Hua Yan sat cross-legged with waves of purple demon essence shrouding around her body. A dignified expression graced her face. She shut her eyes, keeping herself from the outside world and focused on making the pill. She looked nothing like the way she usually was.


From time to time, the purple demon essence enshrouding her shot into the gas stove. When it happened, the flame billowed and shot up to the ceiling as if gasoline had been poured on it.

Rumble! Rumble!

Hua Yan waved her left hand in the air, causing the three-legged cauldron to spin slowly in the air. Her right hand was busy as well throwing the ingredients in her hand into the cauldron intermittently.

The demon essence was used to control the fire. Her left hand spun the cauldron, and her right hand controlled the order and portion of ingredients. Indeed, it was hard to become a Pharmaceutical Master judging from how Hua Yan conducted all three actions in harmony and almost seamlessly. Most people could not attain such ability even if they trained hard for their whole life.


A cloud of purple demon essence shot into the flame. Perhaps Hua Yan had lost control of the demon essence. An outburst occurred. Countless sparks of fire flashed in all directions; some of the fire sparks fell on Hua Yan's body. Making pills was subjected to many risks, and it was normal for Hua Yan. She calmly pat the flame on her head and concentrated the demon essence into her body.


The demon essence turned into solid ice and protected her from the sparks flying everywhere in the chamber.


Qin Feng was taken aback by the scene. His little Qin Feng stiffened. Even though Hua Yan had extinguished the fire, she was too late. Her gown burned, and she was naked. She remained seated on the floor with her eyes closed as she focused on making the pills as if nothing had happened.

She sat with her back stretched. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were huge, hanging firmly on her body, and her nipples were pinkish. Her waist was as small as tree branch; however, her but was voluptuous. With her long and slender legs, she sat cross-legged showing a bit of the sight between her legs. Qin Feng could not help but keep staring at it.


Suddenly, Hua Yan hopped above the cauldron. Her purple demon essence intensified. She sent the demon essence into the gas stove under the cauldron. Whroom! The flame leaped into the sky, dazzling and bright. It seemed to engulf the secret chamber.

Hua Yan returned to the ground after she hovered for quite some time above the cauldron. After she returned to the ground, she did not return to her previous posture; instead, she lay on her stomach. She moved strangely like she was practicing the toad training skill. Her legs were wide opened, and her palms were pressed to the floor.


A warm liquid flowed out from Qin Feng's nostril. It wasn't because Qin Feng was weak-willed. Hua Yan's movements were too enticing. He was facing her voluptuous b.u.t.t.


The toad training skill stance only lasted for ten or so minutes before she jumped above the cauldron again. She kept throwing different kinds of herbs into the cauldron with her right hand while used her left hand to control the spinning speed of the cauldron.

Qin Feng heaved a long sigh of relief. Qin Feng kept his eyes opened wide for the previous ten minutes, staring fixedly at Hua Yan with blood-filled eyes.

Half an hour pa.s.sed and the effect of the Talisman of Clairvoyance wore off. When the wardrobe and wall in front of Qin Feng turned back to their original state, Qin Feng quickly initiated the system to purchase another Talisman of Clairvoyance. However, the tormenting feeling of the sight within and the inability to touch Hua Yan halted him. He did not welcome the same feeling again, so he dropped the thought.

Time flew, and the dawn came.

Qin Feng finally regained his calmness. He cultivated for the rest of the night by circulating inner qi in his body.

"Qin Feng…"

As soon as he opened his eyes, Hua Yan's voice behind the wardrobe wafted into his ears.

"Yes? Are you done with the pills?" Qin Feng jumped and arrived at the wardrobe three meters away from him.

"Yes, I'm done… G--Give me your hand, I'll pa.s.s the Blood Qi Pills to you. After that, get out of my room," Qin Feng sensed a subtle of nervousness in Hua Yan's voice.

Her voice sparked Qin Feng's memories. He remembered clearly that Hua Yan went into the secret chamber in her sleeping gown. Then, the flame burned her gown and left her naked. When he realized that they were merely separated by a piece of gypsum plasterboard and that Hua Yan was practically naked, the notion stunned him. And when he fantasized about Hua Yan's great figure, he almost could restrain the beast within himself from pouncing on Hua Yan.

"Yan Yan, let me inside. I wonder how your secret chamber looks like," Qin Feng knew her condition now. He purposely said so to scare her.

Just as he thought, Hua Yan was scared. Her voice trembled as she swiftly said, "Don't--Don't come inside… If you set your foot inside this room, I'll confiscate your Blood Qi Pills!"

Grinning from ear to ear, Qin Feng was exalted listening to Hua Yan's nervous voice.

"Hey, hey, how can you be like this, Yan Yan? We're good friends. I just want to see your bo--" Qin Feng almost spilled the beans. He thanked the grace of luckiness from G.o.d for Hua Yan not catching what he said. He quickly changed, "Ahem, ahem, your secret chamber. What's the matter with that?"

Hua Yan was now pressing the plasterboard with her naked back. She said anxiously, "I'll let you visit next time. I just finished making your pill, and it's a mess here; it's not good to show you now."

"Okay, fine. Just as you said. I'll visit your chamber next time," Hua Yan's hanging heart dropped after Qin Feng finished his sentence. However, before she was finally relieved, Qin Feng's voice sounded again, "Then come out now, Yan Yan. I need to thank you personally for making me the Blood Qi Pills!"

Qin Feng deliberately said so to trouble Hua Yan. He was angry at Hua Yan for stealing twelve Blood Qi Pills from him. He had to punish her a little.

"Ah? I--I'm too exhausted to move. I'll rest for a while in the chamber. Please leave me alone."

Qin Feng pushed the plasterboard while saying, "You're tired? Ah, I see. You must be exhausted from making the pills for a whole night. Then please stay put. I'll come into the chamber to carry you out so that you can rest on your bed."

Hua Yan felt Qin Feng was pushing the plasterboard. Frightened, she immediately turned around, sandwiching and distorting her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s in between her body and the plasterboard.

"Here are your Blood Qi Pills. Hurry up and go away. Otherwise, I won't make you pills next time!" Qin Feng had pushed her over the edge. She opened a small gap from the plasterboard and hurled a jade bottle outside.

Qin Feng took the jade bottle. When he opened the bottle, wisps of herb fragrances filled the air and wafted into his nostril. He counted and confirmed there was really twelves red Blood Qi Pills in the bottle.

Qin Feng was happy as a lark as he finally obtained the Blood Qi Pill. His excitement was best shown when he felt the urge to storm down to Acropolis City now to ma.s.sacre the Sima Family and save Lin Bei Bei from her coma.

"Why are you still here? What do you want?" Hua Yan moaned.

After Qin Feng kept the jade bottle, he offered Hua Yan a sly smile and said, "Yan Yan, the Blood Qi Pills you made are great. But I wonder why I smell rich milk incense from the pills. What did you add?"

A bright red was rose on Hua Yan's face. Her sleeping gown was burned, and she had to use both her hands to stopped Qin Feng from barging into the secret chamber, so the only secure place left to put the Blood Qi Pill was her cleavage. Qin Feng had exposed her action, causing Hua Yan to burn with the urge to go out now and kill him.

Qin Feng retreated from Hua Yan's room as soon as he finished his sentence. Hua Yan's eyes were filled with fire as a smirk crossed her lips, "Hehe! This is what you get for always messing around with me, Qin Feng. I've added Angel Gra.s.s when I made you the Blood Qi Pills. Although it won't affect the final effect of the Blood Qi Pills, the addition of the aphrodisiac, hah, may you pray to G.o.d, Qin Feng!"

Hua Yan was stark naked. She guffawed brazenly and made her b.r.e.a.s.t.s jump up and down continually.

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