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Chapter 366 - n.o.body Will Save You

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Vampirecat

Xu Ruo Rou felt awkward and bored sitting alone while everybody was bathing in the hot spring pool. Hence, she went to the gym room!

Xu Ruo Rou was an office girl, and on top of that, she was a workaholic. She spent most of her time sitting in front of a computer during the day. As a result, her health wasn’t as good as before. She felt refreshed after running for half an hour on a treadmill.

“Ruo Rou really is a fashion G.o.ddess! You’re still keeping fit even though you already have a perfect body. Your perseverance really has bested me!” Lin Shuai suddenly walked into the gym room.

Their group had finished bathing. Lin Shuai now only wore shorts. He was wiping his bare chest with a towel.

Xu Ruo Rou instinctively darted a glance at Lin Shuai. A trace of disgust flitted across her eyes. She said, “Please put your clothes on before coming in!”

Lin Shuai had deliberately not worn much, hoping to seduce Xu Ruo Rou with his muscles. To his dismay, however, Xu Ruo Rou wasn’t attracted at all. Enraged, a sinister gleam flashed across his eyes before he put a smile on his face. “Haha! Sorry for my inconsideration. I just want to invite you over to the KTV room as everybody is already there… I’ve ordered some fruits for you all; please come and have a piece later!”

These people became extremely close after they had bathed in the pool. All of them played blithely inside the KTV room; some of them even cuddled together, kissing each other like there was no tomorrow!

Xu Ruo Rou thought she shouldn’t hide in the gym room, so she went to the KTV room. She was astounded by the sight that met her when she entered the KTV room. This was because her colleagues all appeared to be cultured and refined people in the office. She had never expected that their true nature was something like this after they shed their office disguise!

“Ruo Rou, come, have a seat here!”

Seeing that Xu Ruo Rou had come out from the gym room, Ma Rui hastily dragged her over and sat her beside Lin Shuai.

“Ruo Rou, you seem tired. Here is an apple that I personally peeled for you!” Lin Shuai handed an apple to Xu Ruo Rou.

As he spoke, he kept sneaking peeks at Xu Ruo Rou’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s and her thighs sheathed in black stockings. Xu Ruo Rou had sweated after running on the treadmill, so her white shirt was now translucent, and her body was emanating a sweet scent. Lin Shuai was so thrilled that he almost couldn’t resist pouncing on her!

“Thank you, but no. I don’t want any!” Xu Ruo Rou was disgusted by Lin Shuai’s gaze. She hastily donned her jacket, and leaned against Ma Rui.

Ma Rui pushed Xu Ruo Rou away. Then, she said with a smile, “Ruo Rou, you’re squeezing me. Please move a little!”

Xu Ruo Rou couldn’t balance herself and almost fell into Lin Shuai’s arms. Slightly angered, she stood up and prepared to leave. “I’m going. You people enjoy yourselves!”

“Ruo Rou, no way! We’re just getting started. How can you leave now?” Ma Rui hastily grabbed Xu Ruo Rou. She had been bribed by Lin Shuai to stall Xu Ruo Rou, so she couldn’t allow her to leave now!

“I’m not feeling well. Please ignore me!” Xu Ruo Rou attempted to shake off Ma Rui’s hand, but she failed.

“Ruo Rou, you’re killing the fun! We’re just a bunch of colleagues building our camaraderie. n.o.body is going to do anything to you. What’s the fuss?” w.a.n.g Chao started to persuade Xu Ruo Rou again.

“Yeah, that’s right, that’s right! Ruo Rou, please stay with us a little longer!”

“You’re not feeling well? Then you must stay, eat some fruits and beef, and have Manager Lin bring you home after you’re full…. You’ll get dog-tired flagging down a cab during rush hour!”

The people from the Sales Department had figured out Lin Shuai’s intention. After dinner would come the bill, so it was natural for them to put in a good word for Lin Shuai.

The peer pressure embarra.s.sed Xu Ruo Rou. Left with no other choice, she found a corner devoid of other people and sat down!

“Hehe! Thank you all for coming to my party tonight! Let’s cut to the chase. Come… Let’s drink! Cheers!”

Lin Shuai started to execute his plan on seeing that Xu Ruo Rou decided to stay. He picked up a gla.s.s and poured some beer for her. Then, he attempted to force the beer down her throat.

“It’s our pleasure that Manager Lin is willing to hang out with us!”

“Yeah, right. The other managers from the Financial Investment Department are as c.o.c.ky as the king of spades; only Manager Lin is willing to spend time with us. I have great respect for Manager Lin!”

“Everybody has to drink up. Anyone who doesn’t do so won’t be honoring Manager Lin!”

Everyone picked up a gla.s.s of draft beer and guzzled it down. Xu Ruo Rou, who had been keeping a low profile in the corner, wavered as she couldn’t hold her drink very well. Besides, she was afraid that something bad would happen if she got drunk!

“Ruo Rou, you’re such a party p.o.o.per!”

“Ruo Rou, just one gla.s.s, okay? You see, I’m a woman too, and I can’t hold my drink very well, either. Didn’t I also finish a gla.s.s?”

“I’ll just have a gla.s.s, then. I’m not joining you guys later!” Xu Ruo Rou was awkward being stared by 20 pairs of eyes. She couldn’t resist the pressure and gulped a large gla.s.s of draft beer.

This gla.s.s held the quant.i.ty of a bottle!

Clap clap clap!

Lin Shuai took the lead in applauding after Xu Ruo Rou finished the gla.s.s of draft beer. He said, “Beautiful Ruo Rou can really drink like a fish… Come, let’s toast Beautiful Ruo Rou for her exceptional achievement! She’s the top in sales last month, and we should make her our role model!”

Without allowing her to refuse, the people picked up and finished the second gla.s.s of beer.

Since she was the focal point of the night, Xu Ruo Rou couldn’t help but drink.

“This truly is my last one; I’m a little dizzy now!”

Xu Ruo Rou finished the second gla.s.s, which meant she’d finished two bottles of draft beer. This was her first time drinking so much beer. Her face was now burning red from excessive alcohol intake!

“Haha! Beautiful Ruo Rou is really a pearl among women. We shall allow her to have a rest. Come, let’s drink!”

Lin Shuai was thrilled to see Xu Ruo Rou wobble. He knew that it was almost time for him to implement the next step of his plan. He should probably stop now as it would kill the fun if Xu Ruo Rou was unconscious while he played with her.

Everybody continued to drink, casting Xu Ruo Rou aside. With a little dutch courage, some of them started cuddling up and engaging in some intimate activities. There was even a pair of them crouched at a corner, starting to stripping off each other’s shirts.

“I, I’m going back!” Nauseated by the sight, Xu Ruo Rou hastily got to her feet and prepared to leave.

Lin Shuai hastily blocked her and chirped, “Ruo Rou, you had a lot of beer just now, and you’ll probably throw up when you feel the cold wind outside. Why don’t you rest up a bit first, and I’ll bring you back after you’ve recovered!”

“That’s not necessary. Move aside. I’m leaving now!” said Xu Ruo Rou as she stared at Lin Shuai. She had a hunch that this man was cooking up something bad tonight.

Lin Shuai glanced over to the pair who were wallowing in their own world. Then, he retained his gleeful expression and said, “Ruo Rou, it’s a little noisy here. Let me bring you to the gym room for some rest. I’ll escort you back after you’re well rested…. Your body reeks of alcohol. You’ll have a hard time explaining it to your family.”

Xu Ruo Rou ruminated on Lin Shuai’s suggestion. She realized that he was right; Qin Feng might be angry with her if she stank of booze when she went back to the Qin manor. At last, she compromised and followed Lin Shuai to the gym room.

When they arrived at the gym room, the place was quiet and peaceful, unlike the tumult and foul atmosphere of the KTV room. Xu Ruo Rou’s fragrance still lingered there.


Lin Shuai locked the door after both of them entered the gym room.

“You, why did you lock the door? I… I think it’s better if I go home now. It’s getting late!” Xu Ruo Rou watched Lin Shuai vigilantly after she realized something was wrong.

“Haha! Since you’ve come, what’s the rush to go home? Ruo Rou, don’t go home tonight. Stay here and play with me!” Lin Shuai revealed his fox tail.

He was no longer the gentleman from before, his face now twisted with a wretched smile.

“Stop asking. Pigs will fly before I ever agree to a night with you! Let me out now!” Lin Shuai guarded the door, and Xu Ruo Rou didn’t dare go near him.

Suddenly, Lin Shuai started moving toward Xu Ruo Rou, startling her so much that she trembled all over!

“Ruo Rou, I’d taken a liking to you long ago! Ruo Rou, follow me, submit to me, and love me. What’s so good about Qin Feng? He’s merely a sales department’s group leader. He can’t earn that much money. I, however, am different from him! I’m the real deal—a rich young man, handsome, tall, and promising. I can easily earn 3 to 4 million in a month. As long as you’re my girl, I can satisfy all your desires, regardless of whether they’re luxury bags or watches. I can even buy you a car!”

“I don’t want, I don’t want, I don’t want! Hurry up and let me go!” Xu Ruo Rou yelled and asked for help, “Anybody there? Ma Rui, Xiao Ming, please save me!”

“Haha! Stop yelling, you silly little girl. How can you hope that your bunch of no-good colleagues will come to your rescue? Can’t you see that already? All of them are helping me—helping me mount you!”

Lin Shuai smiled wickedly. His distance was less than five meters from Xu Ruo Rou.

Frightened, Xu Ruo Rou retreated again and again. Very soon, she’d backed up to the window!

“Don’t you come over. You’re a dead meat if Qin Feng learns what you’ve done to me!” Xu Ruo Rou became excited when she mentioned Qin Feng. She hastily pulled out her cell phone and contacted him.


Lin Shuai’s eyes went bloodshot. He charged at Xu Ruo Rou and swatted her cell phone to the floor, shattering the phone and cutting short Xu Ruo Rou’s last call for help!

“B*tch, I gave you a chance but you don’t appreciate it. Since you are not willing to serve me freely, then you leave me no choice but to go with force…. Frankly speaking, I like going with force better!

Lin Shuai guffawed brazenly. After that, he threw himself at Xu Ruo Rou.

A small shadow darted forward as Xu Ruo Rou screamed. Using its sharp claws, it successfully left five bright red lacerations on Lin Shuai’s face.

“Pika, Pikachu!”

Guarding Xu Ruo Rou, Pikachu exploded into a furball and roared at Lin Shuai with a fierce expression!

“Pikachu!” Xu Ruo Rou’s eyes brimmed with emotional tears.

Ever since Qin Feng gave Pikachu to her, Xu Ruo Rou had been keeping it around 24 hours straight. She would carry Pikachu inside her bag every time she went to work. She’d left the bag inside the gym room just now when she was working out.

“F*ck! Where did this large mouse come from?!”

Lin Shuai realized his face was bleeding. Seething with anger, he raised his leg and sent a kick at Pikachu!

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