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Chapter 375 – I’ll Give You Time

“That won’t be possible in this life,” Ye Zhen said coldly. How did he get in without the maids outside noticing? If he really wanted to do something, wouldn’t that really go unnoticed?

“I have patience.” Mo Rongzhan laughed softly, reaching out to grab her arm and pulling her into an embrace. When Ye Zhen struggled, he said, “Don’t move, or else I won’t be so polite.”

Ye Zhen stiffened, sitting on his lap, glaring at him with unveiled hatred.

Mo Rongzhan lightly sighed. “I don’t care whose daughter you are. Today, when you were riding the horse, I was really scared… Scared of losing you. In all my years of living, I’ve never felt like this before.”

What difference did that make? Ye Zhen inwardly scoffed.

“Yaoyao, I’ll give you time. Go and understand the Ye Family. You’ll realize that I did no wrong.” Mo Rongzhan tightly embraced her.

“Even if my father were a villainous thief, even if he had sinned thousands, tens of thousands times, he is still my father. Anyone that kills him, even if they are a benevolent savior of the world, will still be an enemy to me,” Ye Zhen said expressionlessly.

Mo Rongzhan’s handsome face broke into a bitter smile. He lowered his head to kiss her, biting her lips as he hoa.r.s.ely said, “So, if Ye Yiqing isn’t dead, you’ll be able to forgive me?”

“Let go of me!” Ye Zhen quietly shouted.

“Let me hold you for a little while more.” Mo Rongzhan lightly kissed her lips, reluctant to let go of her.

Ye Zhen glared daggers at him. “Treating your imperial sister like this… Are you not afraid of other people finding out and calling you an incestuous monster?”

Mo Rongzhan hummed out a chuckle. “It’s not like you’re my blood-related sister. Who would dare say that I am an incestuous monster?”

“You—” Ye Zhen was silenced by her fury. This person wasn’t just sly, he was also shameless!

“I’ll leave after I hold you for a little while more. In the future, I won’t come looking for you again,” Mo Rongzhan said. Having discovered the knot in her heart, he first needed to find a way to untie it.

At those words, Ye Zhen stopped struggling. “Was the person who went to Chang Ping Casino and placed a bet for one hundred thousand taels of gold you?”

Mo Rongzhan was slightly taken aback. “Who told you about this?”

So it was him! Ye Zhen coldly snorted. “Were you so sure that A’Yi would win? If we hadn’t won today, what would you have done?”

“For me to place a bet, naturally, there would be no chance of loss. But you, upon entering the compet.i.tion without my permission and almost getting hurt, do you think you should be punished or not?” he said sternly.

“It’s not like I was hurt, and I won!” She retorted

Mo Rongzhan squished her chin. “Don’t do something like this again.”

“Hurry and leave!” Feeling increasingly fl.u.s.tered at his doting tone, she pointed outwards wanting to chase him out.

“All right, all right, I’m leaving.” Mo Rongzhan could only let go of her.

Ye Zhen struggled free of his embrace, immediately standing in the area furthest from him, eyeing him coldly.

He felt helpless. He had decided to stop suppressing his desires tonight, but who would have known that she would have such an ident.i.ty. But, now he had gleaned the reason behind the lingering animosity she harboured towards him.

It seemed that he needed to Ye Yiqing before Yaoyao could accept him.

After Mo Rongzhan left, Ye Zhen immediately went left to have a check on what was happening outside. Today, Dai Mei was the one on the night watch. She was still sleeping and hadn’t heard anything. There was a slight sweetness in the air.

When she caught the whiff, Ye Zhen knew that Daimei had most definitely ingested this Soul-Entrancing Essence.

That douche Mo Rongzhan! He must have knocked her out the two times before as well, otherwise, how could she have not noticed a single thing? She still didn’t know what he might have done to her!

The more she thought, the angrier she was… wanting to mince him up.

She returned to her room, examining each and every opening carefully… the windows and the doors. How did that Mo Rongzhan come and go without a trace? What were the Lu Family guards doing?

Unfortunately, no matter how much she grumbled, she couldn’t let anyone know that Mo Rongzhan had come into her boudoir before. Otherwise, when that time came, even if she didn’t want to, she would be forced to enter the harem as one of his consorts.

The second day, after bidding Old Madame Lu well, Ye Zhen returned to the academy. She felt that the Lu Mansion wasn’t safe at all and that she would fare better in the school dormitories. Mo Rongzhan would definitely be unable to get in!

Not long after she left, Tang Zhen went to the Lu Family to see Lu Lingzhi.

“Lingzhi, I wish for Yaoyao’s hand in marriage.” Tang Zhen looked at his friend, sitting across from him, and laid his intentions bare.

The smile on Lu Lingzhi’s face gradually dimmed. “A’Zhen, now Yaoyao’s marriage can only be directed by the empress dowager and the emperor.”

“Can Third Master Lu not make the decision?” Tang Zhen anxiously asked.

As of today, he was already certain that the emperor would never wed Yaoyao to anyone. He couldn’t say this out loud, as once others knew, it would definitely bode ill to Yaoyao.

“Well, I still have to ask my Third Uncle,” Lu Lingzhi said, though he had an inexplicable reluctance in his heart. He didn’t want to marry Yaoyao off this quickly!

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