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Chapter 39: Not Easy

The younger one was called Xie Miao, and he had a long nose and good intuition.

The old man was Xie Miao's third uncle, and his name was Xie Zheng. n.o.body dared to contradict him in the entire county.

However, Xie Zheng thought highly of his nephew and hoped that he would surpa.s.s him, no matter what the situation seemed like.

Xie Miao looked simple and slow, but he had a very smooth character. He was also very meticulous and careful. When there were clues, he saw them immediately. He was very perceptive.

He was as good as Xie Zheng when it came to solving cases, but he just needed more experience.

Actually, Xie Zheng didn't even do things by himself anymore; he just let Xie Miao do everything and watched, giving him some advice once in a while. Xie Miao had never disappointed him.

Xie Miao thought that the murderer was incredible because there were absolutely no clues. He had no idea where to start and didn't smell anything either. Even though his sense of smell was better than a dog's, he couldn't smell a human presence. It was as if the killer didn't exist.

Xie Miao felt uncomfortable because he had a blind trust in his sense of smell. However, he now started having doubts.

But because Counselor Peng had made them come, he couldn't say much. Even though he looked simple and slow, he wasn't stupid.

And now, Mu Yi was here, and Xie Miao didn't know what Mu Yi's social status was. However, Counselor Peng thought highly of him and behaved respectfully in his presence. Counselor Peng didn't even seem to doubt Mu Yi despite his age.

Therefore, he didn't underestimate Mu Yi and even told him everything he knew. That way, he could also rely on someone.

He just wanted to understand the situation and solve the case; he didn't care about glory. For him, this was just one case amongst others.

When he heard Mu Yi's questions, he had the feeling that there was an opportunity to solve the case.

Mu Yi also noticed that his Qi had changed and looked at him in a strange way. The situation was getting interesting.

He hadn't thought that he'd meet such incredible people in a small village. Even though their social statuses weren't as high as Peng Songlai's, they were all important people in the county.

He had never despised anyone for one's profession.

"There are two floors, and it is one zhang and three chi from top to bottom. The floor is soft, and there are no footprints. There isn't a mark on the window, and the window closes from the inside. Without damaging the window, it can't be opened from the outside. Therefore, the murderer can't have come in through the window," Xie Miao said. He didn't look simple and slow anymore, his eyes sharp. He also looked angry. He clearly wanted to find and punish the murderer.

Mu Yi listened carefully. Even though he knew that the murderer was a human being, he was curious. How had the murderer hidden all the clues? Even though Mu Yi had reached the third step when it came to controlling his heartbeat, he couldn't have done it as well as the murderer.

Besides, Mu Yi didn't understand how the murderer had flayed the victim's skin.

"Besides, I also looked at the window on the ground floor, and it's the same problem," Xie Miao said as Xie Zheng glanced at him. He knew his nephew's habit, but he had to be careful in front of Mu Yi.

"Indeed, the window on the ground floor is intact too. You can only close that window from the inside too. I tried to open it from the outside, but it's impossible without breaking it. Also, there is no secret pa.s.sage in this building, so the murderer couldn't have come in at night," Xie Miao said. He sounded confident.

"Oh, you mean that he came before, hid, and waited until it was dark to commit the crime before leaving?" Mu Yi asked Xie Miao.

"No. He's extremely sly and smart. If he had left after killing the victim, there would've been marks. Also, he couldn't have closed the door from outside. Therefore, I'm convinced that he didn't leave after killing the victim. He waited until it was daytime and left when someone saw him," Xie Miao said.

"But he was a stranger. If someone found him, how could he leave? Also, you said he was hiding, but where could he have hidden?" Mu Yi asked, a bit excited.

When Xie Miao heard Mu Yi, he frowned. That was the problem. He didn't know the answer either. If he didn't find clues, everything would just remain theoretical.

A normal human being would've definitely been found inside the building, especially if he had been hiding a whole day. There had to be marks unless he was made of air.

Xie Miao initially wanted to prove that he was smart; he hadn't thought that Mu Yi would immediately point to the problems in his explanation.

Xie Zheng glanced at his nephew angrily but said nothing.

"There's one possibility. The murderer has been in this building the entire time and didn't hide. However, we didn't think of her," Xie Miao said. He sounded quite firm, and Mu Yi understood what he meant.

"This is the portrait I found," Su Jinlun said while opening a picture scroll before Mu Yi.

There was a man who looked like a Prince in the picture. He looked slim and n.o.ble. No wonder Peng Songlai's daughter had fallen in love with him. Unfortunately, he had died two months after their wedding. What a tragedy.

Mu Yi looked at the picture, ignoring Xie Miao. Xie Miao's face reddened because he was angry.


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