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Heaven Defying Dark Empress Volume 1 Chapter 1.3: The Vast Wilderness


The innards that were scattered all over the floor gave off a rancid smell and Mu Chang Ge immediately vomited out, causing the branch to sway even more.

Mu Tianyin didn't have the time to ask her to shut up as her surroundings stirred and the shrubs rustled. The very next moment, a huge black shadow rushed towards her.


A glint from the reflection of the jagged blades flashed by her face and her pupils contracted. She had been shot in both her legs, not to mention that deadly wound in her chest. It had miraculously missed her heart by an inch and she was still breathing now due to her amazing will power. However, where was she to find the strength to avoid this?

One thing she knew for sure though, she couldn't die here!

She bit her tongue for a moment's clarity as Mu Tianyin struggled to get up as she mustered all her strength and twisted her body and turned quickly!


Fresh blood spilled out and at that moment when that creature struck out its claws and Mu Tianyin's delicate face had a few deep gashes as a result. Her body flew like a broken rag doll into the distance, her back fell right onto a pile of hardened mud and she immediately spit out a mouthful of blood.

She felt as if she was about to even spit her heart out.


Mu Tianyin ultimately managed to sc.r.a.pe back her little life. If not for her impeccable timing to evade, she would have been smashed into smithereens by those ferocious claws!

Another shadow flashed by and she saw a tall beast with the semblance of a tiger. It was covered with strange markings and two long ivory teeth extended out from the upper jaw, making it look sinister yet it reminded her of the extinct creature in her time.

It snorted and two huge puffs of water mist emerged from its nostrils.

After it saw Mu Tianyin, it turned its head and locked its scarlet eyes onto Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye couldn't help as he started to uncontrollably tremble in fear, who could blame him? Whoever saw such a strange series of events unfold before them would have had their souls shaken to their very core.

Mu Chang Ge's eyes were blurry as her tears rolled out nonstop, her teeth were chattering incessantly. This time round, she was much more clever and she could still hang onto the tree branch despite all that. However, at any given time, she could possibly fall into the large mouth of this tiger beast!

The tiger beast swept its claws towards Xiao Ye and how could he avoid this with his skills?

The power of that swipe could easily break a rock into powder, with such a force, blood immediately flowed!


Suddenly, there was another sharp tweet and the black shadow descended.

Mu Tianyin was still in the middle of comprehending the entire situation when she suddenly felt that she had been caught by something and her feet was swept off the ground. The next thing she knew, she was flying in the air.


It's prey had been swept off right by its nose and the tiger beast was extremely enraged as it let our a ferocious roar.

Mu Chang Ge's two hands covered her mouth as her two eyes grew bigger and bigger. With bloodshot eyes, after witnessing what happened to Mu Tianyin, her whole heart almost stopped beating. Of course, she wasn't worried about her but she was simply frightened out of her wits!

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