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"We have had a meal here, and you certainly should print a consumer checklist for us. This is the rule of our restaurant. Manager, please do it quickly!"

After Cindy orders her manager to print a consumer checklist, she turns around and takes Sophie's hand. She speaks warmly to her and says, "Sophie, what have you been up to recently? You refused to do a beauty treatment, and you refused to travel abroad either. Why, do you have a boyfriend?"

Sophie doesn't think much about Cindy when she sees that Cindy still is so intimate and pa.s.sionate to her.

Maybe she's a little too sensitive.

Cindy is her best friend, so she will not embarra.s.s her.

Facing Cindy's problem...

Sophie is slightly embarra.s.sed.

Now Anderson's family is in a state of decline. Their company is in debt, and n.o.body knows what to do with it. How does she have so much money to play, do a beauty treatment or travel abroad?

Sophie smiles and tries to make an excuse for herself, "Well, I... I've been feeling under the weather recently. The doctor advised me to take a rest, so I just... "

Upon hearing this, Cindy immediately asks with a concerned look on her face, "What is wrong with you? Is it serious? Shall I introduce you to a very good doctor?"

Sophie waves her hands, "No, no! Nothing serious, it will be good to rest for a few days!"

If Cindy does introduce a doctor...

Seeing a doctor is another unknown expense, but she doesn't have so much extra money to waste.

At that moment, the manager comes over with the consumer checklist and respectfully hands it to Cindy, "Miss Brown, these are the dishes we just served for Miss Anderson."

Cindy takes a look, and sure enough, this is a long list of the most famous and expensive dishes in the restaurant.

Cindy looks at the list and says, "Sophie, I know you've never eaten in a restaurant of our standard before. None of our dishes are worthy of you, and the best is already served. I'm really sorry for you."

Cindy's obviously apologetic words somehow make Sophie extremely uncomfortable.

She does not deny that she has looked down upon restaurants of this size in the past.

But now, she can't even afford to come here to eat, how dare she look down on the restaurant?

Sophie waves her hands, "No, Cindy, please don't say that!"

Cindy smiles and hands the list over to Sophie, "Sophie, the total is 400 dollars."

When Sophie sees the list, Cindy hands over, she looks surprised.

She looks at Cindy in uncertainty and says, "Cindy, this is... What do you mean?"

At this moment, she shows the consumer checklist in front of her, what does she mean?

Cindy looks at Sophie with a smile on her face, and she says in a light tone, "After you eat, of course, you have to pay the bill! Sophie, this is your first time here. I'll give you a twenty percent discount. How about 320 dollars?"

By this point, Sophie is clearly in a hurry.

320 dollars?

She only had dinner, and Cindy wants to charge her 320 dollars?

Cindy is her best friend. They used to be together every day, and Cindy was always polite and obedient to her.

But now, she goes to her family's restaurant to have a meal, she still charges her? And so expensive?

Cindy looks as if she has been polite and warm to her, but secretly she plots against her.

At that moment, Sophie couldn't express her anger.

What a best friend!

It's just hitting someone when he's done!

She is so silly that she has such a friend like Cindy!

Sophie gets a little angry and says, "Cindy, are you kidding me?"

Cindy replies with an innocent face, "How can I joke with you, Sophie? You have to pay for dinner when you eat outside. Don't you want to pay?"

Sophie is furious, "It was you who made the people in your restaurant treat me!"

If Cindy had not told the people in her restaurant to entertain her well, how could she just let the manager serve her so many expensive dishes without refusing any of them?

How could she have come to this restaurant if she knew she should pay for her own money!

Cindy continues to say innocently, "Yes, I asked the manager to entertain you well. After all, you are my friend, and I should let them be more enthusiastic. But, I didn't say that I want to give you free of charge!"

Watching Cindy secretly mercilessly find trouble for her, but pretend to be innocent in front of people, Sophie could not say out of anger.

Originally, the friends she owns before are all this kind of social sn.o.b!

In the old days, when the Anderson family was wealthy, these people would come to curry favor with her every day, follow her behind, and treat her with great enthusiasm.

But since the fall of the Anderson Company...

Her former friends would run as far as they could, they would not answer her call, even pretended to be strangers when they occasionally met on the road.

She originally thought Cindy was her best friend and the most trustworthy friend.

But what she doesn't realize is that Cindy is just like them all.

No, Cindy is eviler than those guys.

After all, they wouldn't bother her again.

But Cindy, she dares to humiliate her!

Seeing Sophie's angry face, Cindy looks at her and casually asks, "What's the matter, Miss Anderson? You can't even take out 320 dollars, can you? Shouldn't 320 dollars be just a drop in the bucket for you? Look, you even have money to buy on this brand of clothes, right? Is this a fake?"

Sophie finally breaks out when she hears Cindy's sarcastic remarks.

As soon as she pats on the table, she stands up and growls, "Cindy, you vile and shameless woman, don't push me too far!"

How dare she speak to her in that tone?

What does she want to do!

When Sophie shouts at Cindy, Cindy explodes, and her face darkens.

Cindy also beats the table and stands up, grits her teeth, and says, "Sophie! I've put up with you long enough! Who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to shout at me here! Do you think you're still the girl you used to be? Don't be silly. Ann's is going out of business! Now, in my eyes, you are nothing! You're just a poor woman who can't afford a meal! No one will put up with your bad temper any more!"

Before, when Anderson Company was strong, Cindy followed Sophie every day, tolerated her bad temper, and satisfied her needs.

The pent-up anger in her heart for so many years finally all vents out.

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