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Chapter 380: Third Young Master Ye, Do You Still Want Your Wife? (II)

Chu Wuyou was willing to give in slightly as long as Ye Lanchen did not force her to go on the business trip with him.

Third Young Master Ye was fl.u.s.tered by her response. His heart skipped a beat.

He always knew the woman was adorable but he was not expecting to see her in this way.

Her acting in a spoilt manner was unrivalled.

His heart almost melted at the sweet, soft voice.

He almost agreed to her plea for a split second.

“But I prefer to have you by my side every day and night.” However, the man knew better than to be misled by her.

Her eyes darkened and she really wished she could bite him at this moment. How could this man still heartlessly reject her after all this?

How could he be this hard-hearted? She reckoned it must be made out of stone.

Her darling Zhimo would have agreed to every demand she made without hesitation.

She was sure he emphasized that every night…

F*ck. Something was definitely wrong with this sentence.

Third Young Master Ye was no longer the indifferent man he used to be.

Chu Wuyou threw him a murderous stare.

“Come on and get changed. We have a flight to catch.” He completely disregarded the deathly glare as he forcefully tried to lift the woman out of the bed.

The latter was as stubborn as a rock. Instead of cooperating, she protested silently.

“Do you need my help in getting dressed?” Undoubtedly, he understood her little scheme but he teased her intentionally upon remembering she was a shy person.

However, this time around, she did not respond at all. Without even throwing a quick glance in his way, she sat there motionless after he helped her up.

He seriously tried to threaten her? She hated being blackmailed.

Did he not think that he was behaving too childishly?

The two of them had slept with each other more times than she could count. He had seen every part of her body thus how could that threat possibly work?

Chu Wuyou reckoned she could waste more time doing this. It would naturally be best if they could not make it to the flight. He might even be annoyed and leave by himself then.

She was surely optimistic.

Ye Lanchen felt like laughing but he knew he had to avoid doing that. As it turned out, this was the way she threw a tantrum!!!

Hmm, so different from the common run.

“My wife, I'm more than delighted to help you get dressed but we're running out of time. Secretary Liu is waiting by the door. What about you put this nightgown on first and I'll help you get dressed when we get into the car.” In the meantime, he retrieved a night gown made with not much cloth and put it on her.

The man had asked her to put on the night gown before but she refused to do so. Wearing nothing would be a better option than that. She would be a fool to put that on for his pleasure.

However, the man had just put the nightgown over her.

What did he say again? That she should wear this for now until he helped her get dressed in the car later?

He who had already dressed up by now put away a change of her clothes in a bag before coming over to lift her into his arms. It appeared that he was actually planning to carry the woman to the car like this.

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