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Chapter 572: Biding His Time And Waiting For The Best Opportunity To Strike

Lin Shuwen had treated her foster daughter reverently just like the way her chauffeur did to her. Could the so-called misunderstanding Lin Shuwen mentioned have anything to do with her foster daughter?

Perhaps Lu Corporation stood a chance at winning the bid, but her foster daughter had said something against them to make Lin Shuwen change his mind and drop them from the bid.

The more He Xiaoman thought about it, the more she felt she was right.

After all, her foster daughter had just disregarded her completely and acted like a total stranger when they b.u.mped into each other earlier.

He Xiaoman got into the car frustratedly with her mind in chaos.

Meanwhile, in the car.

“Is there anywhere you want to go in the afternoon?” Min Yu turned his head to ask Huo Yao.

Huo Yao leaned into the seat lazily. She went quiet for a moment before she raised her brow and replied. “Didn't you say that I was going to the library?”

Min Yu pursed his lips into a smile. “Are you sure?” He had simply used it as an excuse to leave the private room earlier.

Huo Yao contemplated before she answered. “Since I have no plans in the afternoon and it is on the way for you, you can drop me there.”

It just so happened that she wanted to do a bit of research.

Min Yu glanced at her before he told Zhuo Yun. “To the library.”

Twenty minutes later.

Just as Huo Yao was about to open the car door, Min Yu's voice came from behind. “What time will you be done?”

Huo Yao's hand paused and turned to look at him.

Min Yu cleared his throat a couple of times. “I will be handling something nearby and will probably be done around 4:00 pm.”

Huo Yao caught on to his offer and nodded. “Then why don't you send me a text when you finish with your work?”


Huo Yao got off the car and headed to the library entrance slowly.

Min Yu only told Zhuo Yun to drive off after she had disappeared out of sight.

Zhuo Yun looked into the rearview mirror and said, “Yang Yi is already there.”

Min Yu crossed his legs and placed his hands on his knees and nodded. “Okay.”

“I wonder why Huang Yin wants to meet you privately today,” said Zhuo Yun.

Min Yu leaned into the seat languidly and closed his eyes. He looked slightly less distant that way. “We will know when we get there.”

“Huang Yin is one special man. He spent years living outside, completely beyond his brothers' radar. If their father did not pa.s.s away, no one would have come to know of his existence.”

Zhuo Yun tutted a couple of times.

If Huang Yin had not reached out to the Min family, he might never have known of his existence either.

“Perhaps he was biding his time,” said Min Yu mildly.

Zhuo Yun recalled the details that came from his investigation and said, “His background seems pretty clean and he isn't connected to the Huangs' underground alliances.”

Min Yu finally opened his eyes and looked out of the car window. “If he was truly clean as a whistle, he would not have reached out to me.”

“That is the reason why I find him unique. Perhaps you are right. He was merely biding his time and waiting for the best opportunity to get what he wanted.”

Zhuo Yun looked somewhat intrigued as he spoke.

Min Yu did not go on talking.

The car arrived at the rendezvous point 30 minutes later.

It was a private villa.

Yang Yi was already waiting there. He walked over when Min Yu got off the car. “Hi, Young Master Min.”

There was a rather discreet communication device pinned under Yang Yi's collar.

Min Yu acknowledged gently before he straightened his jacket with a cold expression on his face.

“Huang Yin is already inside waiting for you,” said Yang Yi as he followed closely behind Min Yu and entered the villa.

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