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Chapter 2226 - Prelude to the Final Battle

"Fishy, how did you meet your Big Brother Lin Ming?" Sheng Mei asked Fishy.

Fishy related her experiences about how she met him in True Martial City, and also told Sheng Mei how she ended up here. When Mo Eversnow tried to cross into the Dark Abyss in the past, she had been sucked into this place.

From that point on she had stayed in here. She didn't know how many years she had been here for but she slowly discovered that she had completely merged with the amethyst s.p.a.ce around her. She was able to control this s.p.a.ce, as if doing so was a part of her most natural instincts.

Fishy's words startled Sheng Mei. She realized that this amethyst s.p.a.ce was the inner s.p.a.ce of the Eternal Wall. In other words, the inner s.p.a.ce of the Amethyst Origin Crystal!

The little girl in front of her could control the Amethyst Origin Crystal. Just how was she related to the Amethyst Origin Crystal?

As Sheng Mei was left confused by all of this, she suddenly felt this amethyst s.p.a.ce tremble around her.

The fierce trembling continued, leaving Sheng Mei and Fishy shaken. Immediately, a violent and evil strength came pouring down onto them.

Soul Emperor!

Sheng Mei's complexion paled. Fishy opening and closing a s.p.a.ce channel into the amethyst s.p.a.ce had all been done in front of the Soul Emperor. Although the three divine tools were powerful, they were by no means invincible. Upon reaching the level of the Soul Emperor, one already possessed the ability to resist the strength of a great world.

As the amethyst s.p.a.ce wished to seal itself again, the Soul Emperor poured his strength within to forcibly prevent it from doing so.

Not just that, but the Soul Emperor was trying to slowly rip open the s.p.a.ce channel a bit at a time!

"This is bad!"

Sheng Mei's heart sank. Once the Soul Emperor tore open the s.p.a.ce channel and entered the amethyst s.p.a.ce, the consequences would be inconceivable!

The Soul Emperor continued to pour in his strength, becoming increasingly formidable. But, his actions also aroused the resistance of the Eternal Wall.

Sheng Mei sensed that the Eternal Wall's energy started to gather from all around; it wanted to push out the Soul Emperor's energy!

In a moment, both sides reached a mutual balance, neither side able to take an advantage.

However, Sheng Mei was increasingly worried as she saw this.

It had to be known that the energy of a great array formation tended to be self-circulating and insulated. Although it could absorb energy from the outside, in normal situations the energy it absorbed was only sufficient to continue revolving the array formation.

For a grand array formation to achieve perfect energy balance, this was a splendidly amazing array formation. Such an array formation could continue for billions of years without fear of lacking energy.

The Eternal Wall was one such grand array formation. It had a balanced level of energy and even had a little bit extra. In addition to a divine tool as its foundation, this grand array formation could stand tall for 10 billion years without breaking.

But no matter how perfect a grand array formation was, once a flaw appeared then it was no longer perfect. It was like a bag of air with a small hole stabbed in it, slowly deflating.

Time pa.s.sed, a minute and a second at a time. The energy within the Eternal Wall was like a vast sea smashing forwards again and again. However, the Soul Emperor's evil energy within the s.p.a.ce channel was incomparably tenacious and refused to disappear.

This process continued for many days. The Soul Emperor's energy was slowly compressed into an energy mark within the amethyst s.p.a.ce. At this time the s.p.a.ce channel finally sealed itself back up.

The amethyst s.p.a.ce fell quiet once more, its calm restored.

However, Sheng Mei didn't feel any joy at all. She could faintly feel that the Soul Emperor's energy mark had already melted into the Eternal Wall's grand array formation, and was blending into its energy structure.

It was like a malignant tumor, slowly absorbing energy and growing stronger.

The Soul Emperor had finally found a breaking point through the Eternal Wall!

The Eternal Wall had already existed for 10 billion years. The Soul Emperor had studied it for an incredibly long period of time and likely understood the energy structure behind it.

An array formation was inanimate but the Soul Emperor was alive. Sooner or later, the Eternal Wall would be broken through by him.

But the Soul Emperor didn't want to wait. What he needed was one final straw to crush the camel's back.

His original choice had been Sheng Mei. Even though his plan had failed… the result would not change.

In the past, when the Asura Road Master and Sheng Mei's previous life laid down the Eternal Wall, they had already expected that it would be impossible for this Eternal Wall to block the steps of the abyssal race for eternity. There would come a day when the Eternal Wall was torn down and the 33 Heavens would face the invasion of the Dark Abyss once more.

This was the destined flow of history. Although it might be delayed or hastened by one or two accidental events, the final result would still move towards an established direction.

It was an accident that Fishy rescued Sheng Mei, and it was this accident that allowed the Soul Emperor to plant a seed within the Eternal Wall.

With a flaw in the Eternal Wall, it was no longer indestructible.

This was just like an adult male being unable to crush a complete egg in his hand. But once there was a crack in this egg, even if it were a small crack that one couldn't even see, then the integrity of the egg would be compromised and even a small child could crush it then.


Sheng Mei looked at Fishy, her gaze filled with guilt. Fishy had rescued her, yet all she brought to Fishy was nothing but bad luck.


Asura Road, Amethyst Heavenly Palace.

Lin Ming sat in meditation for several days within this s.p.a.ce. His injuries had already healed by a great deal. Normally, when a martial artist overdraw their life force like Lin Ming did then they would have already dropped boundaries. Yet, Lin Ming actually didn't suffer many losses. This terrifying resilience and regenerative ability was all thanks to the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

In his battle with the Soul Emperor, it was unavoidable for his cultivation to be reduced. But in the final moments, he had fused together his inner and outer universes, becoming one with the heavens. He had made great strides in his Laws, and these harvests surpa.s.sed the losses to his blood vitality and cultivation.

During these days, Lin Ming worried over Sheng Mei. He had a faint spiritual connection with her and could sense that she had yet to die…

Lin Ming didn't know what was occurring but he was left impatient and anxious. But he also knew that trying to rescue Sheng Mei in his current state was impossible.

"Lin Ming, I can feel the Amethyst Origin Crystal's energy weakening… the Demon G.o.d's Tomb Master should be attempting to break through the Eternal Wall… your wife has not died, but as for what happened specifically, I do now know…"

Asura's voice suddenly echoed in the void.

"Senior, what should this junior do?"

Lin Ming knew that once the Eternal Wall opened, then the Soul Emperor, Deep, and Flood, would fuse together as one, perhaps even finally thoroughly refining the Demon G.o.d's Tomb. At this time, it was unimaginable how strong the Demon G.o.d's Tomb Master would become.

That moment would be the apocalypse for all life in the 33 Heavens.

The Asura Road Master fell silent for a long time. Then, he slowly said, "It is time to start the arrangements that I've planned for all these years. It is only that the day came far sooner than I thought it would…"

"The arrangements you've planned in these years?" Lin Ming asked, stunned.

"10 billion years ago when I and the previous life of Sheng Mei joined together to lay down the Eternal Wall, I had already been considering this day.

"My Asura Road and Immortal's Akashic Dream Universe had both been prepared for this day… I split apart my body, divine soul, and inner world, and fused together with the Asura Road and Akashic Dream Universe, and the reason I did all of this was in order to protect these two lands.

"For all these years, under my protection, the Demon G.o.d's Tomb Master was not able to destroy the Asura Road or Akashic Dream Universe. But at the same time, I was also unable to prevent the Demon G.o.d's Tomb Master from slowly restoring his strength. All I could do was quietly wait…"

Listening to the Asura Road Master's words, Lin Ming was left stunned.

Asura Road, Akashic Dream Universe…

When Lin Ming first stepped into the Asura Road, he had already been speculating about the reasons for why the Asura Road Master had spent so much effort and energy to create the Asura Road. If this great world was merely created so that the Asura Road Master could choose his descendants, then it seemed a little bit overdone.

This world formed a complete system and there were also many unique Laws that existed here. There were guardians that tended to this world as well as the final trial that was wrapped in mysteries. All of these things were planned so that the Asura Road Master could resist the Demon G.o.d's Tomb Master's schemes?

As for the Akashic Dream Universe, Lin Ming had once entered that place too. He knew that after the Demon G.o.d's Tomb Master had seized the body of the Soul Emperor, he had slowly obtained the complete Holy Scripture from the Akashic Dream universe.

This was also an inevitable matter. After all, for the last 10 billion years, all parts of the Holy Scripture had been slowly searched for and collected by spiritas martial artists. With the Soul Emperor's time and energy, it wouldn't be difficult for him to piece together the complete Holy Scripture.

But Lin Ming also knew that many trials in the Akashic Dream Universe had corresponding rewards that were various golden pages of the Holy Scripture. But when he went into the Akashic Dream Universe, many of these golden pages had yet to be taken by others.

When Lin Ming had learned of the Soul Emperor's true ident.i.ty and his plans, he had also been left a bit puzzled. With the Soul Emperor's absolute strength, it shouldn't have been difficult for him to forcibly seize these golden pages. But now he understood that all of this was prevented by the protection of the Asura Road Master.

10 billion years ago, the two peerless characters of the past had created two great worlds in order to resist the Demon G.o.d's Tomb!

Of the two of them, one had perished with nothing left but a remnant soul. Even then, he had waited in silence within the Emperor Bone Sea to give the Soul Emperor one final heavy strike. As for the other person, he still lived and had been quietly protecting these two great worlds for 10 billion years, waiting for the final battle to arrive!

Lin Ming's heart was shaken beyond words. He didn't know what he could say or what expressions he could make to describe what Immortal and Asura had done. All he could do was inherit their legacies and face this final great calamity.

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