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Year 202 centuries 2, March 22nd, Sat.u.r.day.

"It's been a month since Nero's collapse." The sadness was visible on Choko's face: "I'm very worried about her."

"I'm worried too." Jana said, "The doctor said she could wake up at any moment."

"If you want, we can go see how she's doing," I suggested it, Breno.

"Yes, I want to do that," I said Choko.

Since Nero fainted. The four of them were very worried. Choko and they visited her every day. Because of that, they're not hunting these days. They spent most of their time in the school of "Esfin Hunter", located in the west of the city of Esfin.

"Sister Choko?"

A gentle, soft voice reached Choko's ear and them. Turning around, they saw a beautiful young lady.

She was 1.65 in height, wearing a beautiful sky-blue dress. Just like Choko, she has blue hair. His hair was stuck in a tall c.o.ke. Although she is not very tall, her body was quite voluminous and full of curves and charm.

"Maia." Choko said happy, "What a pleasant surprise to see you here."

"I didn't expect to see you, sister." Said Maia with a touch of a smile on her face. Her gaze was kind. But inside she was thinking, "Why didn't this savage die that day..."

Two other girls who were on Maia's side nodded their heads saying h.e.l.lo. But the look of superiority and disgust was stamped on both their faces.

The two of them weren't as good at acting as Maia at pretending what she really wasn't...

Maia acted like a good sister for a long time, which was hard for other people to know how much she hated her sister Choko.

"Are you going shopping?" Choko asked.

"Yeah. That's why I'm not going to take up too much of your time." Maia smiled. Her smile was bright and gentle. Inside the smile, an extremely cold death attempt was hidden. However, her face did not expose her.

Choko hugged her sister Maia and said goodbye to her. Maia also returned the hug, she even kissed Choko's face which made her smile happy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Choko liked her sister very much, although the two of them did not see each other very much lately, because of that "accident", but seeing how her sister did not change with her. Choko was happy.

After they left, heading towards the commercial center of the city. A blonde with long hair next to Maia mocked, "Did you see how they were dressed?" She laughed, "Totally inelegant!"

"Maia's sister is so weird." Another one with short black hair laughed: "Maia must have inherited all the good genes in the family."

Maia sighed. She had a helpless expression when she said, "Don't talk bad about other people behind their backs. Besides, my sister is prettier than me."

Of course, she didn't believe what she was saying.

"How can that be?" The short black hairy girl said surprise: "There's no way she's prettier than you. Besides, I know Maia has a gentle heart, but I bet your sister is very jealous of you. She's just a farce!"

"Yes, Maia. Laila's right. You need to open your eyes." The blond hairy girl said, "Didn't you notice the jealous look your sister had when she looked at you? She was just pa.s.sing for a good girl. But you really have to be careful. Don't you remember that she had destroyed all your toys when she was young? Besides, there was that time she almost killed you...

Even if she denies it, saying it was an accident when she almost hit a punch in the head when you two were training. That was just an excuse. She's means and jealous of you."

"That..." Maia had a helpless look. As if she didn't know what to say to refrain and "defend" her sister.

"See? You don't even know what to say now." Laila warned, "She's a snake. You have to be careful!"

Tears began to flow into Maia's eyes and she said: "But, but what can I do? Even though she's like that, she's still my dear little sister. I love her, even though I know what she did it to me. But I want to believe it was an accident. That my sister wouldn't do that to me."

Laila consoled her with a soft voice and caressed her head. She also helped wipe away her tears.

"I'm not giving up." Said Maia shaking her head: "Even if that is true. Didn't you see it? She hugged me. I think she's changing; I want to get along with my sister."

The blonde girl called Nina sighed and said, "Maia... you're really very kind. I hope you won't regret it later; I'm warning you; your sister has no good intentions."

"I don't believe that." Maia said, "I'll go, I'll prove she's not a bad person."

Seeing their eyes in the direction of helplessness... Maia smiled inwardly, seeing that her plan had worked. Before, these two were Choko's best friends. But when Choko "tried" to kill Maia. The two turned against Choko and became "best" friends of Maia.

Little did they know that this was all Maia's plan to isolate Choko and make her unhappy. But, to her misfortune, her sister decided to enter the hunter's school and made new friends there...

"I need to "show" the real Choko to them too." She laughed inside. She's already thought of a plan to make them turn against Choko. But it's hard to get close to them without Choko being around.

Edited By: Loki

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