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"Shall we get started?" Nero said when she got in front of Choko.

"Yes, yes, of course." Choko locked her tongue when she said, making Jana and Nero laugh.

"Hmm, what do I need to do? Just lower my head near the basin?" Nero asked.

"Yeah. I have a good product for washing my hair, you can leave it to me." Choko hit her chest lightly, showing confidence.

"En." Nero did what was said, knelt before Choko, who was also kneeling in front of the basin on the opposite side.

Nero tilted her head down, letting Choko wash her long pinkish white hair.

Choko first picked up a mug and started to wet Nero's hair, her thin and delicate fingers brushed her pinkish white hair. Nero was very comfortable with Choko's touch.

"Okay." Said Choko: "I'll be putting a product on your hair now, okay?"

"Yeah." Nero nodded.

Choko pulled out of her hunting card, a round white pot, opening the lid of the pot, a viscous yellow honey-colored liquid was seen inside that pot.

Pa.s.sing a little in your hands. Choko started rubbing Nero's beautiful hair gently. Choko asked, "What's it like? Aren't you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?"

"Actually, it's the other way around." Nero admitted, "I really like that."

"Oh, that's good." Choko was happy to hear that.

Finishing using the hair product. Choko picked up the mug again and started to remove the viscous liquid from Nero's hair. If before your hair was already considered beautiful, now it was glamorous!

It was glowing with the light reflection of the kerosene lamp.

Jana and Choko were amazed by this vision, they couldn't help but want to touch Nero's hair. They were even more surprised at how soft and silky their hair became.

"How beautiful!" Jana and Choko exclaimed almost at the same time.

Nero couldn't see, but she also put some hair in front of her face when she saw their reaction. When she did that, Nero was stunned, she herself did not expect her hair to look so beautiful, soft and silky.

Nero was curious about your appearance now. She had already seen it in her dream, but noticing the change in her hair, she began to believe that she could have changed her face too.

"Do you have mirrors?" Nero asked.

"I have one with me." Jana who came out of her stupor reacted quickly and took a mirror of her hunting card, then lent it to Nero.

"Thank you!" Nero thanked it and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

The moment Nero looks in the mirror... She noticed that her skin on her face was as white as snow, with a pair of indescribably magnificent eyes, her two pupils were purple violet solar, clear as crystals, they were as if they did not belong to this mortal world.

Her eyebrows were thin, curved violet-pink, similar to a pair of crescent moons. Her lips were like the most delicate petals in the perfect red world and her nose was the most beautiful white jade carved, tall and proud of an innate n.o.bility. Her soft, shiny pink-white hair fell gently behind her shoulders.

She didn't wear makeup, but it didn't matter, because it was as if heaven itself had done everything in its power to sculpt her face perfectly. Her snow-white skin was a perfect match for her facial features. Even if Nero did not do it on purpose, she radiated an incomparable charm of shaking the soul and had a kind of appearance and proud att.i.tude that transcended this world.

The only thing that seemed to be part of his hybrid lineage, except for her wings, were her two fluffy canines.

"Oh my G.o.d! I'm gorgeous!" Nero was amazed to look at herself in the mirror. She could tell by their reactions but didn't expect her to be so devilishly beautiful.

Nero couldn't help but worry about his own safety now. She could imagine men trying to get close to her wanting to take advantage of the moment they saw her appearance. She was excited about herself; how would it be different for someone else?

Going out on his own stupor. Nero was still impressed with her beauty.

Jana laughed: "I see that since you lost your memories, you haven't seen your appearance, am I right?"

"Yes, totally." Nero admitted and shared her fear: "But seeing how beautiful I am, I think it's best to hide my face with some kind of mask."


Jana and Choko couldn't stop laughing about it, but not because they thought Nero was being narcissistic, but because the expression and way of talking about her were really funny.

But they had to admit that she was right, she would certainly draw attention to seeing her now that her face and hair were clean. Along with her wings, it gave her an exotic and seductive appearance.

Choko, who never thought she'd have to wear this, took off a dark blue mask, covering the region of her mouth. This mask was a gift she received from her older sister, causing her to wear it if she was leaving.

"Nero, I have this mask, it might solve your problem." Choko, offering her the mask to wear.

"Hrm, okay." Nero nodded. Since she didn't mind hiding her appearance, she was actually happy to be able to do that. The thought of having men hitting on her, she...

Even if it's only half your face. Nero thought it was good enough.

But before she uses it, Choko still helps her wash her back.

In the other parts of his body where his hands could reach, Nero did not need her help. Finishing cleaning his voluptuous body. Nero was more satisfied with herself.

As she didn't have any underwear yet, she ended up borrowing one from Choko, while the clothing, she went back to wearing her leather clothing.
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"I still feel weird wearing panties and a bra," Nero said to herself.

But she was always a person who could adapt easily. So, it didn't take long before you didn't care about that.

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