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Chapter 1052 - Rebirth

war mark!

This was a mark that would only appear when one had comprehended a certain type of power or concept to a pinnacle level, a level where water and fire were compatible.

This kind of trace was a form of acknowledgement from heaven and earth, a symbol of glory and strength, just like how when the Shining Light reached the pinnacle, it would evolve into reality, showing signs of weapons, ancient life forms, divine rivers, and so on.

This war mark was exactly like that.

However, to make Sikong Jiufang accept the fact that Qin Feng had comprehended the Battle mark of wind was simply a kind of humiliation, a great humiliation.

He was an absolute genius, an unparalleled king, and even a Most Powerful King. Compared to those Emperor Level Disciple s, it was only a matter of luck, the difference in strength was not necessarily too great.

However, even though he had so much glory, he was still unable to comprehend the war mark. At this moment, Qin Feng, a mere person who was only in the True Spirit Realm, had actually comprehended the Battle mark of wind.

Not only that, the woman he valued was actually on good terms with Qin Feng?

In the blink of an eye, the flames of fury reached their peak.

"Die!" Qin Feng! I want you to die! "

Accompanying the furious roar, his other hand once again turned into a sword finger:

"recurrent finger!"

Before that stream of Exterminate the Heavens Finger could explode, in the next moment, another wave of recurrent finger was released.


As the three words "recurrent finger" appeared, an inexplicable concept swiftly spread throughout the pa.s.sage.

A giant finger began to move in and out of the sky, condensing into a 1000 foot finger. This finger was simple and unremarkable, and its appearance was rough, as if it were an ordinary finger, but it carried a powerful aura. This aura was constantly distorting, giving off an indescribable feeling of suppression.

He pointed toward the reincarnation cycle. The fallen soul!

This was the power of the recurrent finger.

boom rumble rumble *

Following the appearance of the recurrent finger, countless cracks had already appeared in the s.p.a.ce within the pa.s.sageway, and some cracks had even expanded, transforming into enormous, fiendish slits, as if the devil had opened his mouth.

In a short period of time, one Exterminate the Heavens Finger and one recurrent finger appeared.

The two types of finger techniques had nearly evolved to the peak of a type of martial arts.

Even Qin Feng's expression started to change slightly.

The Exterminate the Heavens Finger was one thing, but this recurrent finger clearly carried a kind of indescribable aura, as if it could penetrate deep into the soul, bringing him a kind of soul binding power.

"Earth Ranked Martial Technique …" This must be an Earth Ranked Martial Technique, and it must be at least an Earth Ranked Middle Ranked Martial Technique! "

Feeling the tyrannical power of that finger, Qin Feng's expression turned exceptionally solemn.

Another hand swept up:

"Chi chi chi!"

At this moment, he directly condensed a dozen or so wind and thunder blade.

"Go …"

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

His eyes were focused.

Qin Feng unleashed the power of the Battle mark of wind to its limit.

A dozen or so wind and thunder blade s, without the slightest bit of fear, directly clashed against the two fingers of their opponent …


Between the top and bottom of the dozens of wind and thunder blade, there were layers of wind-blowing. As the wind-blowing expanded, it clearly formed a huge whirlpool.

This whirlpool contained a powdery and fragmented devouring power, quickly devouring the Exterminate the Heavens Finger. Just as the Exterminate the Heavens Finger met this whirlpool, it instantly trembled violently, but in the next moment, following strands of flashing blue light, the Exterminate the Heavens Finger was eventually swallowed little by little by the whirlpool.

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