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Chapter 1051 - Impossible

Compared to the shock in Sikong Jiuzhi's heart, Qin Feng was pleasantly surprised.

The power of this Battle mark of wind had indeed exceeded his imagination. Facing the similarly sharp power of the wind, it was actually able to forcefully break through without even expending too much energy.

"You're courting death!"

Facing the incoming Spirit Breaking Sword Palm, Sikong Jiuzhi was thoroughly enraged. He roared like a G.o.d's roar.

A finger with golden lines on it tore through the air and moved quickly:

"Exterminate the Heavens Finger!"

"This finger attack alone is enough to tear the heavens apart, and it even contains a hint of the Concept of Metal. Even Spirit Realm expert of the same level wouldn't dare to fight against me, much less a junior like you!"

Sikong Jiuzhi was very confident in his finger attack.

He had nine finger techniques, and every single one of them could intimidate anyone in all directions, and could even intimidate the Heavens.

This Exterminate the Heavens Finger could be said to be attacking with all of its strength. The Draconic Python like Qi condensed and the coiling dragon faintly appeared, as if this was not a finger, but a divine column that could split heaven and earth.


The corners of Qin Feng's mouth curled into a cold snort.

At this time, although he still did not have the confidence to defeat this Sikong Jiu Finger, he would definitely not be in a sorry state like before. He might not even be able to resist at all.

whoosh *

With a thought, a knife without a handle appeared in his palm as it flew!

The edge of the blade glittered with a bone-piercing cold, with streaks of blue light constantly circulating within it like dragons and snakes.

"Sizzle sizzle."

With the appearance of the shearless blade, the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to have been intimidated. The explosive power that could not be hidden had been unleashed to its limit.

Even this golden-haired youngster had always been proud and arrogant, and was only slightly shocked by Qin Feng. However, the moment he saw the wind and thunder blade, his expression finally began to change.

Even this proud fellow could show such an expression, let alone Sikong Jiu's fingers.

At that moment, Sikong Jiuzhi was looking at Qin Feng with complete astonishment, as if he had seen a ghost. He had never expected Qin Feng to emit such a shocking presence.

The appearance of that clayless blade caused the surrounding s.p.a.ce to crack unceasingly. Cracks appeared everywhere.

It was as if a peerless divine blade was about to appear in the world!

"This is?" No... "That's impossible!"

All of a sudden, Sikong Jiuzhi saw the strange symbol behind Qin Feng's back. His eyes instantly widened, as if he had seen a ghost, and he started shouting.

"Battle mark of wind? "That's impossible!"

At that place, the rune was like green jade and brought with it a kind of wind aura. As it moved up and down, it clearly drew out many sharp rays of light. This kind of aura, this destructive power, made Sikong Jiuzhi think of a peak that he had comprehended using the power of wind — — war mark!

This Qin Feng actually formed a war mark?


Facing Sikong Jiuzhi's astonishment, Qin Feng didn't even give him the chance to catch his breath. He quickly raised his palm, and the wind and thunder blade turned into an indescribable stream of light as it instantly flew towards the opponent's Exterminate the Heavens Finger …

And it was also at the moment when Qin Feng was fighting against Sikong Jiuzhi.

In the distance, two furious and frenzied roars were suddenly transmitted from behind them. Following which, two crazy fluctuations fiercely rushed out like a awakened devil dragon.

The place they attacked was clearly where Qin Feng's group was …

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