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Chapter 298: Devil King of Fury

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

There was a human in the Winterfell Dungeon Lord Main Hall. It was like a Devil appearing in a Surface Chapel.

The human had a weathered face, and he was wearing a normal set of white clothing. If he was thrown in with the gray stone statues, it would be impossible to figure him out.

Even the gamers knew that he wasn’t simple.

“I thought Andrew would be a BOSS, but he’s now part of the backdrop of a scene.”

“That’s hilarious. The game officials are so mean to Andrew. He has a tough character, yet he can’t be a BOSS in the Instance Dungeon.”

“No, a statue can also be part of an Instance Dungeon.”

“The game officials must hate Andrew a lot.”

“If we complete the Instance Dungeon, will Andrew be saved?”

“Definitely. We are the heroes that are here to defeat the evil characters and save Winterfell.”

“Yes, we depend on them to compliment us as heroes. If the NPCs in Winterfell are all dead, who’s going to compliment us?”

“Are you fools? Just replacing all of the dead NPCs will do.”

“That sounds logical.”

It was a grave situation, but the gamers behind Sherlock weren’t in the mood. They were chattering non-stop in front of the human.

The human looked more and more annoyed.

“Is that an insult, Sherlock?”

The human stood up and walked towards Sherlock as he asked, “Are your green-skinned creatures here to humiliate me?”

The gamers were dumbstruck. They reminded each other to keep quiet.

“Shh, stop talking, be immersive.”

“That’s awesome. Is the Plot created in real-time based on NPC interactivity?”

Sherlock exerted his dominance so that the gamers were unable to speak. Then, he looked casually at the human and said, “Green-skinned creatures? They look green, but they aren’t normal creatures. They are the Underworld’s bravest warriors and the citizens of Eternal Kingdom. They will stop you, Samael. Whatever schemes you have, they will stop you.”

“When did you discover me?” The human didn’t appear shocked, and he said, “Seeing your reaction, you must have taken Michelangelo’s relic. Where is it?”

“Who knows? Do you want to try capturing and interrogating me? Perhaps I will tell.” Sherlock smiled.

A huge rock smashed into the side of Sherlock and cracked as though it hit a wall. The flying rock fragments fell to the ground like a mist.

Sherlock smiled as he stood, unmoving, at his location, a transparent shield flashing by him.

Samael tilted his head. Behind him, Orcs, Werewolves, and even Vampires with strange pupils walked out from the sinister Dungeon Lord Main Hall and the streets.

Their distorted faces were flattened as though they were walking serpents.

“Kill all of them.”

Hissing sounds came from Samael’s mouth.

Those strange creatures came from all directions and charged at Sherlock and the gamers.

A mission notice appeared before the gamers:

[Mission t.i.tle: The battle against Samael

Mission Description: One of the Devil Kings from Hades, Samael, has been spreading plague and is now going after Michelangelo’s relic. He has a plan to conquer the world. As a citizen of Eternal Kingdom, you have to stop him. Only we can conquer the world! Defeat the servants of Samael and stop him!

Mission Reward: The rewards will be based on the number of enemies killed. The highest reward is a piece of legendary equipment.]

There was a huge list of mission rewards, which caused the gamers to scream.

“For Eternal Kingdom Dungeon!”

“For Lord Sherlock!”

“For the equipment!”

“For the Reputation Points!”


The gamers charged at the strange creatures, and a chaotic battle ensued.

Samael didn’t expect the gamers to be courageous. They didn’t know what “Samael” meant.

Because the green-skinned creatures weren’t fearful.

“I must admit that your green-skinned creatures are pretty strong. However, they can’t save you, Sherlock.”

Samael stood up from the throne. His lone, vulnerable, and weak body walked towards the tall Sherlock.

“Samael, if you return to Hades, I’ll pretend nothing happened,” Sherlock negotiated with a solemn tone.

“Do you know what you sound like? The repulsive and pretentious Metatron,” Samael said in disgust.

“You should kneel down to me and beg for mercy. Sherlock, I will forgive your sins and let you be the vanguard in my conquest of the Heavenly Kingdom!”

“I can understand why Metatron expelled you from the Heavenly Kingdom,” Sherlock nodded and said seriously.

“Don’t mention Metatron! Never ever again mention his name in front of me!”

The Mana around Samael congealed as pebbles floated up by his side. He walked towards Sherlock and said, “The mysterious young Sherlock, let me take a look. Are you really as powerful as Satan said?”

“I’m a peace lover, but if you must fight…” Sherlock pinched his fingers and said, “I’ll help Metatron beat you to death. To be honest, I haven’t killed one of the seven Devil Kings.”

Before Sherlock fought with Samael, the gamers shouted.

“Gosh, the dialogue is awesome!”

“Our Sherlie’s background isn’t simple. Even Satan said he’s powerful.”

“Nonsense, in World of Warcraft, which Lord Overseer isn’t awesome?”

“That sounds logical.”


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