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You Weiwen was embarra.s.sed only for a second before smiling and said, "Lin Chu, don't put it that way. It's all a misunderstanding. Why didn't you tell us that you are Master Yan's girlfriend? You're being so low profile by coming here quietly to our little temple here. If Yao Xingzhi did put his hands on you last night, I would definitely have protected you."

Lin Chu did not hide her sn.i.g.g.e.r. "Manager You, do you see the word 'stupid' printed on my face?"

"Huh?" You Weiwen was taken aback by her words.

"Since my face is not displaying the word 'stupid', then stop playing me around like a fool. Don't you think I've long been aware of your att.i.tude towards me ever since I joined the company? As for last night, you knew very well if you were really protecting me or pushing me into that abyss of trouble. Do you really think I am a naïve schoolgirl who does not know anything? If it wasn't for Yan Beicheng, would you have taken the effort to ask me to stay so nicely? If it wasn't for Yan Beicheng, you would have fired me this morning and not the other way round with me resigning, you would have probably taken the time to malign me with different accusations. Even if you don't dare to do anything to me in the future and try your best to b.u.t.ter me up, it's still loathsome for me to stay in this company. The two of you disgust me. I may need a job, but I'm not going to work for someone awful like you."

Lin Chu had made the decision to resign and had no plans of giving any respect to You Weiwen. She did not clarify her relationship with Yan Beicheng. When facing someone like You Weiwen, it was best not to explain things, or he would take the opportunity to push her around.

She might be a fresh graduate who did not know the game of dirty politics, but she was not so naïve as to be blind to any benefits she stood to have. If You Weiwen thought he could gain something from her, then let him continue to think so. After all, the words were from the mouth of Yan Beicheng, she was not the one who started that rumor.

She pointed to the resignation letter on the table, and said firmly, "The letter is here, I'll be leaving with immediate effect. If you don't approve of it and start delaying my resignation, I don't care about my reputation anymore and I will bring this to court. From what I gathered, there has been quite a number of people that have been taken advantage of by Yao Xingzhi. There will be some who won't take this lying down like I am. The case may prolong but the longer it lasts, the worse it is for your company's reputation. Think about that."

You Weiwen could no longer maintain a gentle expression, he stood up abruptly. "Lin Chu, do you need to turn the situation into a deadlock? I'm discussing this very nicely with you, what kind of att.i.tude are you displaying?"

"I'm resigning and all you need to do is approve it to avoid anything unnecessary." Lin Chu had just finished her sentence when she heard a ruckus outside the office.

You Weiwen frowned and went out of the room to find out what is happening. Zhu Jingjing and Lin Chu followed behind him.

They saw a middle-aged woman in a chiffon blouse and long pants. She had on reddish-purple lipstick and had a fierce look on her face. She was shouting, "Where is Lin Chu? Get her to come out here!"

It looked like she came by looking for trouble.

Lin Chu frowned and stood facing her asking, "Madam, I'm Lin Chu. How can I help you?"

"You're Lin Chu?" The woman stared angrily at her and suddenly threw her bag viciously at Lin Chu's face.

The bag had a golden chain that hit Lin Chu at the side of the head. She felt a sharp pain and felt her ears were ringing loudly.

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