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Translator: Kitty G.

Editor: Arikimi

Did the Dean treat him exceptionally compared to others? It’s no wonder Zhao Qiang wasn’t close to Lin Xinyu. If she encountered someone like him, she would also distance herself from such a favored person.

“Oh, it looks like the two of you are hiding food behind our backs.”

A voice suddenly rang through the air, interrupting Lin Xin’s train of thought.

She looked around and saw Zhao Qiang walking towards them while staring at the apple core on the ground.

Lin Xinyu instinctively backed two steps away out of fear. He hid behind Lin Xin, who was looking calmly at the approaching bully. Seeing her fearless stance, the timid boy’s fear reduced a bit. He appreciated Lin Xin’s kindness and took the courage to stand by her side while waiting for Zhao Qiang to come over.

Previously when Zhao Qiang oppressed Lin Xinyu, the weak boy would sometimes get knocked down, but it was never as serious as his condition two days ago. Lin Xin had to give the boy CPR. For the past couple of days, Zhao Qiang was afraid of being scolded by the Dean, but unexpectedly, the Dean didn’t look for him. Since he didn’t have much to do today, Zhao Qiang mustered the courage to venture outside. The weather was fair so he thought of playing soccer in the yard. When he walked past the small courtyard, he found Lin Xin and Lin Xinyu talking in a corner.

As Zhao Qiang approached the pair, he noticed residues of an eaten apple. Once again, he felt jealous of Lin Xinyu’s preferential treatment, but now he also added Lin Xin to his list. The chubby boy’s face twisted to a scowl and asked them where they got their apple.

Lin Xin folded her arms across her chest and asked condescendingly, “Why do we have to tell you?”

Last time, Zhao Qiang tried to slap her while Lin Xinyu bit him fiercely in return. Now the two parties were even. Even if this chubby kid continued to look for trouble, Lin Xin had her principles; if people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. There was no way she was compromising. Lin Xin intended to teach Zhao Qiang some lessons so he won’t take the initiative to mess with them later.

When Zhao Qiang noticed Lin Xin’s confident posture, he couldn’t help but to think back to her viciousness that day. There was also Lin Xinyu who usually bowed down timidly; today he actually stood straight while his eyes were firm and fearless. Zhao Qiang suddenly felt as if there was an invisible wall in front of this pair that isolated him.

Their threatening tone and unyielding bearing created a momentum that almost overwhelmed him. Zhao Qiang suddenly felt ashamed inside. He stopped a meter away from Lin Xin and Lin Xinyu and screamed loudly, “I am the boss in this orphanage!”

Lin Xin wasn’t very familiar with a child’s psychology, but this time she realized that Zhao Qiang’s hostile appearance was merely a facade to cover up his own weakness. She originally wanted to teach him a lesson, but now she lost interest. Lin Xin replied in a low voice, “The Dean is the boss in this orphanage.”

Although Zhao Qiang had brute force, his mouth wasn’t as useful. He was rendered speechless for a while after hearing Lin Xin’s refute. Finally, he shouted, “The Dean isn’t here right now. I’m not afraid afraid of him.”

Lin Xin smiled in ridicule, “Are you? But if you hit me, I will go to the Dean and tell him that you bullied Lin Xinyu.” She hooked her arm around Lin Xinyu’s elbow and gave him a playful smile. “Zhao Qiang tried to hit us, right Lin Xinyu? If you tell the Dean, he will call you and me to report, and then we can let the Dean cast him out of the orphanage.”

Lin Xin raised her chin and smiled triumphantly. She looked like a good student who dutifully reported someone’s misconduct to her teacher.

Zhao Qiang’s usual ruddy face now paled in apprehension. Not wanting to give in to fear, he retorted in a louder voice, “Well then go ahead Lin Xinyu. I dare you.”

Lin Xinyu lowered his head, and his originally upright posture bowed down like timid dog. The confident momentum between Lin Xin and Lin Xinyu collapsed instantly.

Zhao Qiang was keen on using Lin Xinyu’s cowardice. Every time the boy was bullied, he would never report to the Dean. This time should be the same.

Zhao Qiang raised his fist and continued to threaten the boy through gritted teeth. “You’re just a coward. If you dare to report me, don’t regret it if I beat you half to death!” He held up his fist tightly to remind Lin Xin how badly he was battered a few days ago. Zhao Qiang felt as if his hands were filled with strength, that he could conquer the world without fear.

Lin Xin wasn’t afraid of meeting any of the supporting male lead’s enemies. What she was afraid of was having a brainless teammate.

Lin Xinyu was being a fool! He stood up like a man, and with just a few words, he crouched down as if he would die?!

Lin Xin turned a blind eye towards Lin Xinyu. She relaxed her breathing and finally said, “This kind of issue doesn’t have to be reported by him. I can go myself. Anyways, since the Dean favors him so much, I’m sure he will believe what I say. If you beat me and leave injuries on my face or body, I won’t need anyone else to prove my words.”

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