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Can't Enter?!

It has been twelve years since the last time Yue Lingkong negotiated with Ning Fan. During this period of time, she was constantly in agony as she had to bitterly suppress the extra power within her Sea of Consciousness day in and day out to prevent it from going out of control.

She was urgently in need of a man to copulate with in order to empty out all the excess magic power within her.

“Detestable. That Ning Fan has kept this grandmother here for twelve years and he does not even bother to ask about me. Isn't he worried that I might die in this chiliocosm and cause him to lose such a powerful female cauldron like me?!”

She angrily complained while her expression became more and more dissatisfied.

“This grandmother really is having an unlucky year! Firstly, I was betrayed by my second primordial spirit who seized my original body. Then, when I borrowed the power of the moon using 'The Wheel of the Moon' and reconstructed this female child's body, an unforeseen problem occurred in my Sea of Consciousness which caused me to be picked up by someone else who treat me like a cauldron! Fine! It doesn't matter if I have to become someone else's cauldron. I can put up with that! No matter which pervert's hands I fall into, they would definitely do 'that' with me since I am a precious Divine Transformation Realm cauldron… Anyway, I just need a male cultivator to unleash my excess magic power. Even if I have to get f**ked by a man, I will just think that I am being penetrated by a cuc.u.mber and put up with it. When I regain my power after doing that, I could just kill that f**ker… But unfortunately, I fell into this little brat's hands!”

“He must be waiting, waiting for my cultivation level to collapse and pitifully beg him for help. He must be waiting for me to present myself to his doorstep for him to pluck… In that case, the cultivation level that I would be able to recover will be lesser whereas the benefits he is going to get will be more! Unluckily, I am trapped within his Treasure of the Cosmos. There's no other way other than pleading him to have s.e.xual intercourse with me!”

“Argh! This is just too much! I have been guarding my chast.i.ty for 4000 years and now I have to beg him to destroy it?!”

As she was wearing a face of anguish, she was brazenly interspersing her protest with curses. All the words she said and the tone she used were not supposed to be coming out from a woman's mouth at all.

If one wants to find the most suitable vocabulary to explain her character, there was probably only a single term that could perfectly describe her – a cowgirl!

Treating the matter of being defiled by a man as insignificant as being penetrated by a cuc.u.mber. Perhaps in the entire Four Heavens and Nine Worlds, there would not be any other women other than Yue Lingkong who could spit out those words.

However, it was indeed a fact that Yue Lingkong could barely hold on any longer.

The excess magic power acc.u.mulated in her Sea of Consciousness, causing her who has a child's body to hold her head with both of her hands while squatting on the ground with a distorted expression due to the unbearable pain. However, this girl was one of the Venerated Seven within the Internal Endless Sea. As she had gotten used to being a female ruler, no matter how painful the pain she felt was, she did not shed a single tear. Instead, she just furrowed her brows and continued swearing…

Actually, Ning Fan had already entered the Yuan Yao World. However, he activated the All-Heaven Relic and hid his presence. Standing unnoticed next to Yue Lingkong, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He really was not sure whether it was an appropriate time to reveal himself at this moment.

“This Yue Lingkong is indeed shrewish. But it's only normal to have her behave in that manner. As a woman who was the strongest ruler of the Internal Endless Sea which is notoriously known for its danger and as someone who ruled above groups of cultivators, I would truly be surprised if she has a weak and delicate character…”

After contemplating for quite a while, he decided to show himself in the end.

As the power of the relic receded and his shadow emerged right before Yue Lingkong, that shrewish little girl was stunned!

She had no idea exactly when Ning Fan entered the Yuan Yao World!

In other words, the technique Ning Fan displayed to conceal himself was undeniably more than enough to hide his presence from her Half-Step Void Refinement Realm spirit sense!

“You stinky little kid, your methods aren't to be underestimated. Apparently, your power has improved quite a lot after twelve years. However, as long as you have yet to attain the Divine Transformation Realm, you are just an ant in this grandmother's eyes…”

The girl panted with rage. Her face turned pale, signaling her inability to continue to endure the excruciating pain within her Sea of Consciousness.

Without uttering a single word, Ning Fan took a step forward and directly leapt into the formation where the little girl was imprisoned.

As soon as the formation came into contact with Ning Fan's body, it would immediately be eroded away by golden-purple smoke.

As for his speed, even without summoning his Fu Li demon wings, he was already moving at a speed comparable to a Mid Divine Transformation Realm expert's!

Especially when he performed Instant Shift, the qi of the demon power he displayed obviously belonged to an Early Divine Transformation Realm expert who had already completely stabilized his cultivation level!

Shock was plastered all over the girl's face and she choked on her half-spoken words.

She had never expected that Ning Fan would be able to break through to the Divine Transformation Realm in just 12 years. Besides, the sudden appearance of the golden-purple smoke gave her an extreme sense of danger.

Even if I recover my cultivation level to Half-Step Void Refinement Realm, it isn't easy for me to withstand that technique.

Moreover, right now I just have the body of a little girl…

She reckon that she would not be able to take that technique head-on at all. If she is attacked by Ning Fan using that technique, she would probably be killed in a flash and perish forever!

It's just twelve years and this kid has already successfully completed his Divine Transformation. Furthermore, his power has improved to such a level! If my senses aren't wrong, the Baleful Qi on his body is extremely immense! He must have killed more than ten Divine Transformation Realm experts at the very least!

To be exact, if we start counting from when the vice sect master of the Black Buddha Sect died, there were a total of 15 Divine Transformation Realm experts or Wild Beasts who died in Ning Fan's hands including the miserable black dragon and blood dragon.

Therefore, the Baleful Qi he had was of course out of the ordinary! Now, even Yue Lingkong did not dare to underestimate Ning Fan even a bit.

This kid is a monster….

“Yue Lingkong, I seem to have come at the right time. I suppose that you can't hold on any longer, right?” Ning Fan spoke with an indifferent look.

“Hmmph! Cut the c.r.a.p and come and f**k this grandmother! This grandmother is almost stuffed with magic power to the point of exploding!” The girl blew her top.

Why the h.e.l.l is he being so extremely talkative? Isn't it just having s.e.x? What's the big deal about it?! It just involves the piston motion of push and pull. What I need is speed. Speed!


Ning Fan was speechless. When he, a flower thief1, met a cowgirl in the body of a little girl, it seemed that he had really met his match.

To be honest, this wild and aggressive Yue Lingkong who only had a seven or eight years old body really did not arouse the slightest interest within Ning Fan.

Compared to the female fox demon Lu Wan'er who had a myriad of flirtatious expressions, the two of them were really as different as heaven and earth.

“Quickly make out with me! I still need to refine my magic power and recover my cultivation level after that! Quickly! I guarantee that within three breaths, I will f**k you until you're in denial…”


Ning Fan inwardly swore that he had never seen such rude cowgirl in his entire life.

However, looking at her from a different angle, Ning Fan really admired Yue Lingkong's character.

Not being meticulous, being bold and decisive in her actions, staying strong and heroic, and killing without hesitation… If this girl is at her peak state, she would certainly be a tyrannical female ruler in the Internal Endless Sea.

“Fine, Fine! Ning Fan, you win! Tell me, what benefits do you want so that you will make out with this grandmother?! I only escaped from the Divine s.p.a.ce Island with this broken body. Therefore, there is not a single immortal jade left on me. Hmm. Wait. I was wrong. There is actually something good on my body… These pairs of shackles on my hands and feet were forged using the Secret Universe Silver. Although they are only as large as one's fist, they weigh ten thousand jin*. If you make out with me, I will give them to you. When you return, you can then refine them into the essence of Universe Silver in the size of a carapace. It could then enhance the suppression power of your magical treasures which uses runes and seals…”

Ning Fan's eyes flashed with interest. He of course knew that the metal shackles on her hands and legs were good items. The Immemorial Stars might have the ability of attacking the illusory avatar of the owner of the Immemorial Divine or Devil Veins, but when it comes to hardness, it was not any stronger than Universe Silver.

Aside from that, Ning Fan also knew that the Old Devil's Dan Fragmentation Cauldron was built using the Divine Sc.r.a.p Metal of the Devil World. However, the Divine Sc.r.a.p Metal was actually relatively similar to the Secret Universe Silver. But the hardness of the aforementioned metal was far weaker than the Secret Universe Silver.

All in all, the shackles were indeed excellent items, but the problem was that the quant.i.ty was too few.

“Yue Lingkong, I'll go straight to the point with you. Now, you are in my hands and I am quite confident that I can forcibly pluck your cultivation level until it's clean and empty. In that case, I will at least be able to improve my magic power by one thousand units. However, I also know that you are the strongest among the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea. The Divine s.p.a.ce Island stores all of your lifelong reserves. Besides, you also have quite a lot of Divine Transformation Realm female disciples there… I want everything in the Divine s.p.a.ce Island! You can choose to be plucked by me now or try killing me to vent out your dissatisfaction by temporarily boosting your cultivation level to the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm with a great price. But let me be frank with you. Even if you recover your Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivation level, you still can't kill me!”

With a single thought, Ning Fan released a trace of his black dragon refined corpse's aura. Gradually, a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm qi began to fill the air, making Yue Lingkong be astonished for the first time.

“A Half-Step Void Refinement Realm refined corpse?! You… You actually have a refined corpse of that level?!”

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