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Bei Xiao Man Bled
Bei Xiaoman clasped her little fingers behind her back while sauntering towards her room. From the view of her back, she looked just like a thirteen-year-old teenage girl. She still did not have the voluptuous body of a mature woman as her body had yet to develop. Her hair emitted a delicate fragrance which resembled the smell of a rose which had thorns all over its stem.

No. “Cute” was not the correct term to describe her. In fact, she was a rowdy princess who was cruel and malicious.

However, Ning Fan did not regard her in that manner. To him, the blame was on her environment. It was the environment in the Endless Sea that shaped her current att.i.tude, turning her into a stone-hearted person.

But she shouldn't have offended me in the first place.

The reason he came to the Lost World Palace this time was to fulfil the promise he made to Stone Warrior. Despite the unexpected troubles he faced earlier, he still obtained quite a lot of benefits for becoming the tower master of the three towers.

He was greatly interested in the pill recipes of the Fifth Revolution Pills in the Lost World Palace. He wanted to get his hands on them like the Separation and Reunion Pill that could increase the success rate of attaining the Spirit Severing Realm and the Primordial Sh.e.l.l Pill that could enhance his power after he attains the Early Spirit Severing Realm. Those were the pills that he would need in the future.

The memories of Emperor Ancient Chaos did not contain any information about recipes to refine those pills. Not only that, Ning Fan could only rely on himself now for learning the pill refining skills above the Fifth Revolution.

The usefulness of Emperor Ancient Chaos' memories diminished every time he advanced into a higher cultivation realm. Besides, after he attains the Void Fragmentation Realm, the memories of the emperor would not bring him any help anymore. When the time comes, Ning Fan could only depend on himself for further advancement in the path of cultivation.

Ever since Bei Xiaoman was born, she had been granted a Spirit Severing Realm spiritual puppet as a guardian and a Treasure of the Cosmos, the Yuan Yao Jade. Moreover, she was also given a top-notch cultivation method and countless pills for cultivation. She had a high status in the Four Heavens. However, Ning Fan was not scared of her.

Ning Fan thought that he would never lose to Bei Xiaoman even without using the Yin Plucking Finger.

This girl might have killed lots of people but I'm afraid that she had yet to experience any form of life-and-death battles.

They now arrived in a room which looked like a palace in the southern tower.

The room was messy with broken pieces of porcelain all over the floor. Bei Xiaoman seemed to have lost her temper and unleashed her anger on the things inside her room. However, the atmosphere was much different from the last time Ning Fan came. Not even a single maidservant could be seen.

“Mistress Bei's servants aren't here?”

“I've killed them all! Why? Do you have any problem with that?”

Bei Xiaoman's voice was clear but cold.

Although the words she uttered were cruel, her heart had a completely different thought.

Bei Xiaoman : Hmmph! It's all your fault! When I lost control of my Killing Intent of Gui Star, I dismissed all of them to avoid any casualties! It's so dirty and messy here because there is no one cleaning them up! It's all your fault, Zhou Ming! I'm going to catch you and teach you a lesson!

Ning Fan eyes flashed in astonishment. He felt that he had just discovered another side of Bei Xiaoman.

This girl is actually kind to her servants.

Just as Bei Xiaoman stopped in place and turned towards Ning Fan, he held the female corpse's hands and maintained a distance from her.

They would be safe if they stood ten zhang* away from her.

Any less than that, they would face the danger of being sucked into her Treasure of the Cosmos.

When she saw Ning Fan purposely keeping a distance from her, she was secretly shocked. In her mind, she said to herself, “Don't tell me this Zhou Ming has realized something?”

As she tried to take one step forward, Ning Fan held the female corpse and retreated another step, maintaining the ten zhang* of distance between the two parties.

“Hehe. Zhou Ming, I did not know that you were pretty timid as you look ferocious on the outside. Are you scared that I will actually eat you? Why do you stay so far from me?!”

“Yes. I am actually afraid of a lewd person like Mistress Bei. Last time, you spied on me while I was having s.e.x with my concubines. Now, you bring me, a man, to your room… I'm really scared that I will be carelessly tricked and be molested by you… It's going to be a very troublesome matter if that happens.”

“Who wants to molest you?! Do you think you are that appealing?!” Bei Xiaoman clenched her tiny fists. If it was not because she wanted to get closer to Ning Fan and trap him inside the Yuan Yao World, she would not be inclined to have a chit-chat with him.

There were certain conditions in order to successfully capture a person using the Treasure of the Cosmos. If the owner of the treasure's magic power is much greater than their enemy, they could easily pull them inside the treasure regardless of distance.

However, if they are of equal strength, it would not be easy to capture a person with the treasure. It would be even harder if the person was alert and cautious.

Bei Xiaoman predicted that Ning Fan would be letting his guard down because of his pride and arrogance. On her small hand, a ruby thumb ring glowed indistinctly.

Just ten zhang*.

She, a dignified descendant of Gui Vein and also a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert should be confident enough to catch Ning Fan who was just a Mid Nascent Soul Realm expert.

Even if she failed, she could just use her own techniques to defeat Ning Fan.

In the past, she would have directly thrown a punch at someone who behaves like Ning Fan and subdued the latter with the use of force. But now, she resorted to using the Yuan Yao Jade as a way to ambush Ning Fan. In other words, she was filled with dread whenever she confronted him, without her realizing it herself.

She then changed her expression and shot Ning Fan a crafty look, saying, “Zhou Ming! You want the Green Phoenix Flame, don't you? I won't give it to you!”

“Mistress Bei, you seem to be insistent on opposing me. Don't you think it's an unwise action?”

A surge of Violent Qi flashed within Ning Fan's eyes, sending a sudden jolt to Bei Xiaoman's heart. She lost her balance and retreated a few steps to stabilize her footing.

This Zhou Ming sure has powerful Violent Qi. He certainly deserves his current reputation.

However, how does he know that I want to oppose him? Don't tell me that he has actually seen through my plan?!

Come to think of it, why am I doing this to him?

He is a Fifth Revolution pill master, a person whom my mother asked me to treat nicely. He possesses Immemorial Devil Veins, though I'm unsure what the type of his veins is. However, he is the best person to be given a Spot of the Nine Worlds as he was able to become an unrivalled expert among all cultivators below the Spirit Severing Realm.

Until now, I haven't even found anyone qualified enough to be given the Spot of the Nine Worlds… Isn't it good to grant him that spot? Why am I h.e.l.l-bent opposing him?”


Merely because I want to kill him in order to enhance my Killing Qi of Gui Star?

Or is it because I want to take revenge on him for breaking my Heart of Dao?

Why would I feel excited when I heard that he was going to battle against the three tower masters?

Why would I even get up to watch the battle when my body was so weak that I can barely feel comfortable even when I was lying on the bed?

I don't understand…

Anyhow, I hate him!

Bei Xiaoman clenched her teeth in hatred. But she was unaware that all her thoughts were echoing in Ning Fan's mind as well through the Yin Yang Locket.

She might not be able to comprehend why she was targeting Ning Fan all the time but he realized something.

This girl seems to have taken a liking on me…

It was not quite appropriate to say that she actually “liked” Ning Fan. She just had good feelings towards him. Maybe it was because they were both cultivators of the Path of Killing. Perhaps, she did not know how to express her feelings appropriately, causing her to target him all the time.


Now, Ning Fan withdrew all his killing intent and he boldly stared at Bei Xiaoman's body.

That audacious, direct stare made her blush like a tomato. Her original thoughts of using her Yuan Yao Jade was cast aside and she reprimanded, “You! What are you looking at?! What's there to see?!”

“There is indeed nothing to see. However, the ruby thumb ring on your hand seems to be quite an impressive magical treasure. Is it called the Yuan Yao Jade?”

“How… How did you know about it?!”

Bei Xiaoman's heartbeat raced. Her scheme had been exposed.

As she thought that her plan of using the Yuan Yao Jade to capture Ning Fan was found out, her embarra.s.sment turned into anger.

Without any hesitation, she raised her hand and the ruby thumb ring twinkled. A trace of power from the treasure rushed towards Ning Fan and the female corpse.

However, Ning Fan secretly activated his Yin Yang Locket, his Treasure of the Cosmos, to defend against hers. The power of the treasure pa.s.sed by them without affecting them, let alone capturing them into the Yuan Yao World.

“How come?! Yuan Yao Jade, keep!”

She shook her hand once more, sending another wave of force towards them. However, Ning Fan still firmly stood at his original position.

Instead, the female corpse had been nearly sucked into the Yuan Yao Jade by the force. Fortunately, her hand was tightly held by Ning Fan.

Before this, she did not realize the fear she had towards Ning Fan. But now, the feeling of imminent danger struck her, making her be on alert.

“I understand now. You also possess a Treasure of the Cosmos! It is considered rare for a cultivator from the mortal world to possess an Immortal Abode's Magical Treasure. Unexpectedly, you possess a treasure of my kind…. However, I still have others… Ah…”

Before she could finish her words, her body was off-balance, staggering to one side.

She forcefully stabilized herself but her face rapidly turned pale.

Furthermore, the air was permeated with the smell of blood.


Ning Fan's eyes turned clear as if he understood something… The next moment, a weird expression replaced his emotionless face.

“Interesting. It is really unexpected that you, as a cultivator, still has…”

“Don't speak of it! Don't look at it! Detestable, truly detestable! Why does it have to come at this time…”

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