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Immortal Jade, Nascent Soul Realm!

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The Immortal Jade that Ning Fan asked for was exorbitant but with the death of Mo Xisheng and the heavy injuries Baimen Sect suffered, Each of the old monsters were convinced that Ning Fan could easily kill them.

Immortal Jades are precious, but life was irreplaceable…

Only a few old monsters managed to pay the Immortal Jade that Ning Fan 'asked' on the spot. The others could not gather the required amount with what they had on their hands. However, Ning Fan allowed them to use Third Revolution Medicinal Pills, Spirit Vessel Magical Treasures or Nascent Level Cultivation Methods as replacement. But even if Gold Core Realm Cultivators had Nascent Level Cultivation Method, they would have regarded it as their trump card. Whereas the Spirit Vessel Magical Treasure are rare and would've been their most prized magical treasure. As for Third Revolution Medicinal Pills… Medicinal Pills are forever insufficient, who would be willing to take it out.

After such comparison, the Immortal Jade would be the 'cheapest' in value. If they don't have enough, these old monsters could forgo their pride and 'ask' from the small sects that are attached to their sects.

This was Ning Fan's original intention. By asking exorbitant price, the Seven Sects would then extort their subordinate sects, one cycle after another.

He did not kill each and everyone of them even if he could do it… The reason being that if he were to slaughter all of the top cultivators of Wei's Seven Sects, Rain Palace would certainly come… Ning Fan was not afraid of Wei but Rain Palace was too powerful and he was not crazy enough to go against the them that had Void Fragmentation Realm Experts in it.

He came here with ident.i.ty of Yuanjue Valley's Old Ancestor. This ident.i.ty allowed him to kill Mo Xisheng after he murdered the disciples of Yuanjue Valley and under the pretense of revenge, Rain Palace could not meddle having such justification. The killing of several hundred Harmonious Spirit Realm Cultivators was for the sake of creating a foundation in intimidating and weakening the foundation of the Seven Sects. It was for the purpose of creating an environment where Yuanjue Valley can develop after his departure from Wei. The Rain Palace only cared for Gold Core Realm experts, hence the reason why Ning Fan had spared them.

There's no enmity between Ning Fan and these old monsters… But in the end, he was there to ama.s.s wealth and minimize the trouble that may be caused after he obtained what he needed.

He stood with his hands behind his back for ten whole days and only released several Early Gold Core Realm Cultivators that paid the required Immortal Jade.

These Early Gold Core Realm Cultivators immediately spread shocking news in Wei after they left!

Six of the Seven Great Sects' Old Ancestors were imprisoned and one was even killed! The perpetrator was Yuanjue Valley's Nascent Soul Realm Old Ancestor that had returned from his thousand year journey!

Many Second-rate sect's old ancestor had joined the Seven Sects, and these sects also wanted to redeem their old ancestors, hence they brought all their Immortal Jade to redeem each of their old ancestor!

Suddenly, a lot of cultivators rushed towards Yuanjue Valley and each of them was exceptionally careful when they've reached the place. After they saw the scene of the Six Sect's Old Ancestors being so timid in front of Ning Fan, they were all in ma.s.sive shock after seeing such a scene!

The Mid and Late Gold Core Realm Cultivators were redeemed ten days later. The ones remaining  was the Six Sect's old ancestors.

Each of them had to pay 200,000 Immortal Jade, and the Bai Men Sect that had enraged Ning Fan had to pay 400,000 Immortal Jade.

Ning Fan's eyes were shut throughout the process. Whereas Hou Lian and Zong Ze handled the exchange process from the side.

One person at a time!

35 early stage, 13 mid stage and 8 late stage cultivation realm, totaling 1.86 million immortal jades and several inventory pouches were filled to the brim with immortal jades.

Zong Ze and Hou Lian had never seen such a ma.s.sive amount of Immortal Jade in their entire lives that even those old monster-level characters would be shaken by this.

If the six old ancestors paid all the required Immortal Jade, then Ning Fan would sweep away 3.26 million Immortal Jade from Wei!

"3.26 million…. But it's probably not enough…" Ning Fan was moved with such ma.s.sive amounts of Immortal Jade, but he also knew that these Immortal Jade was not worth mentioning with his current ident.i.ty, and ma.s.sively insufficient for the Lost World Palace cultivation…  

Not enough, 3.26 million plus the tens of thousands of Immortal Jade I currently possess. It would only amount somewhere around 4 million. But it's probably not enough for me to cultivate in the Lost World Palace for a long period of time.

For Gold Core Realm Cultivators to possess ten thousand Immortal Jade, they would be considered to be rich. For Nascent Soul Realm Cultivators, they had to have several million Immortal Jade to be in the 'rich' category. This was the norm, since each Nascent Soul Realm old monsters had the ability to flatten a Low-Grade Cultivation Country and plunder several millions of Immortal Jade… But there were also many Nascent Soul Realm old monsters that spent all their a.s.sets in the Lost World Palace for cultivation…

The Lost World Palace of the Endless Sea, the rumor was true that ma.s.sive fortune must be spent every single day…

Five days later, the Baimen Sect's Old Ancestor left after paying 400,000 Immortal Jade.

But the remaining five old ancestor had not fully paid the 200,000… as if they were waiting for something.

That amount was their entire a.s.set, they would naturally delay a day or two if they could avoid paying. They were waiting for the Rain Palace's Nascent Soul Realm Cultivator!

But the Nascent Soul Realm Cultivator of the Rain Palace was still busy dealing with the demons within Wei and was temporary stuck at the time.

Hence, the five old ancestors couldn't delay anymore and had to helplessly hand over the Immortal Jades… 200,000… they were officially broke. But compared to the 400,000 of Baimen Sect, they were considered to be lucky and compared to the dead Mo Xisheng, they were extremely lucky.

Hence, Ning Fan now possessed 3.26 million Immortal Jade!

As for Yuanjue's Nascent Soul Realm Old Ancestor -- Zhou Ming, his reputation was spread far and wide in Wei!

This man had became a legend for the cultivators of  Wei.

Zhou Ming left Wei's Yuanjue Valley to journey across the world a thousand years ago. He then came back a thousand years later after he attained the Nascent Soul Realm and he alone subjugated the Wei's Seven Sects during the disaster of Yuanjue Valley!

This person's methods and techniques were extraordinary. He even killed the strongest expert of Wei -- Mo Xisheng in just a few exchanges! The whole Saint Mo Valley panicked and the Seven Sects' cultivators were terrified with just a single word of his!

This person was ruthless in killing, but he was tactful and did not annihilate the Seven Sects. This person handled matters smoothly and only asked for Immortal Jades to write off various faction's enmities!

n.o.body was willing to believe that Zhou Ming took the opportunity to ama.s.s wealth, most people was willing to believe that Zhou Ming setting an example for Yuanjue Valley! Making Yuanjue Valley into a first-rate Sect and even… the number one sect of Wei!

There were endless guesses and rumors about Zhou Ming's ident.i.ty.

There were some cultivators that were curious on the cause of this incident -- the All-Heaven Relic, and secretly guessed that Wei's heirloom was in the hands of Zhou Ming!

n.o.body knew and n.o.body dared to ask. If the All-Heaven Relic is to have an owner in Wei, that person could only be Old Ancestor Zhou Ming.  

Other than the Seven Sects cultivators, many rogue cultivator experts too had come to visit Yuanjue Valley, wishing to join the sect. Furthermore, many second and third-rate influences came wishing to be Yuanjue Valley's subordinate sects!

For this, Zong Ze agreed after gaining approval from Ning Fan. He agreed on their allegiance and subordination!

As for Zong Ze, he continue to hold the post of Sect Leader after willingly letting Ning Fan plant a Mental Seal on him.

Yuanjue Valley became prosperous under Ning Fan's influence in just half a month!

The main hall was being reconstructed but Ning Fan had not left and silently stood outside of the hall.

There was a reason for him staying there.

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