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Saint Mo in danger!

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Chapter 161 (2) - Saint Mo in danger!

Mo Xisheng fled a thousand zhang underground. In his mind, even Ning Fan's powerful Body Refining Technique would not have the means to burrow a thousand zhang deep into the earth and pull him out from within.

Ning Fan was sure that his body could not go underground. However, his spirit sense was able to. The aura of his body changed and his gaze turned even colder. Black marks surfaced on his face and his body erupted into all directions like dark ink splashing against a wall, transforming into millions of dark sword sense. The sword sense all permeated into the earth towards Mo Xisheng's direction.

After witnessing his technique, the other six old ancestors let out exclamations of surprise.

"What was that? He's indeed powerful, possessing a technique similar to what Saint Mo had that allowed him to burrow underground. Now, isn't Saint Mo going to face danger?"

None of the six ancestors had imagined that the best expert in Wei Country, Mo Xisheng, would have no chance to retaliate fighting against Ning Fan. When Mo Xisheng casted the Earth Escaping Technique, everyone was sure that he could successfully make his escape. However, no one thought that Ning Fan was like a maggot attaching to the bone as he still had means to pursue Mo Xisheng!

Their exclamations only gave rise to Hou Lian's mocking smile.

Saint Mo is in danger? He's in a situation which is far more than that. Black Tempest Rupture Art is the ultimate technique that had wiped out tens of demons in mere seconds. Moreover, Ning Fan was a merciless devil that could even capture a Nascent Soul Realm female demon alive. How could Mo Xisheng, a mere Peak Gold Core Realm cultivator, be his opponent? He's a cultivator that will flee by just noticing the shadow of Demon Lieutenant Zhifeng! The bravest thing he did was bullying Yuanjue Valley.

"Mo Xisheng's death is certain!" Hou Lian said with a disparaging smile.

"Nonsense! Saint Mo is the best in Wei Country!"

Just as the old ancestors tried to rebut, their conversation came to a halt upon hearing a scream and slashing sounds of a sword cutting through a man. Their eyes widened in shock!

The ground twenty li away from Yuanjue Valley was blown away by countless dark sword qi. From where the explosion happened, cracks appeared from deep within the earth as the sound of a sword resonated in the sky. Within the vicinity of a few li that was below the sword qi, there were no living life forms at all, not even gra.s.s.

What made all the ancestors petrified was not only the strange phenomenon of the dark sword qi but also the scream that wasn't drowned out by the sound of the sword qi! They knew a person's life had just been ended.

It's the scream of Saint Mo!

Has Mo Xisheng died?

As the slashing sounds of the sword continued, Ning Fan carried a mutilated dead body and teleported back.

It's Mo Xisheng's body. He's really dead!

Dead, dead… The best of Wei Country has fallen!

Everyone could have accepted the result of the battle if it was a close battle for both of them. However, it was a fast one-sided fight!

It only took the period of tens of breaths from Mo Xisheng's ravings to his death. Before this, he was still the wild and arrogant Saint Mo. Tens of breaths later, he was a dead body!

Each of the old ancestors panicked while looking at Ning Fan. This young man is definitely not a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator. He must be a Nascent Soul Realm expert. Only Nascent Soul Realm cultivators have the ability to eliminate Mo Xisheng within seconds!

The abilities that all the six ancestors possessed were weaker than Mo Xisheng. If Ning Fan decided to kill them, the possibility of surviving the ordeal was so little even if the six of them joined forces. Moreover, it was impossible for them to escape since neither of them had escaping techniques that were faster than teleportation nor something similar to the Earth Escaping Techcnique.

Even if they possessed those techniques, they could never flee from the attack of the 'dark sword technique'. It was their first time witnessing such technique.

What should we do now? Neither the experts from the Seven Sects of Wei Country nor the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators from Rain Place can save us in time since the young man is just right in front of us.

If he wants to kill us, can we escape? Can we even resist him?!

"I need an explanation. Before I get a satisfying explanation, none of you will be allowed to leave this place!"

Ning Fan's gaze swept across each of them. The ancestors that met Ning Fan's gaze trembled in fear and immediately lowered their heads down.

Zong Ze had difficulty keeping himself calm from excitement after witnessing Mo Xisheng's dead body. After his death, the six ancestors did not even dare to show their temper in Yuanjue Valley. It was the most glorious moment for Yuanjue Valley. He was very thankful for Yuanjue Valley's Old Ancestor who appeared from nowhere.

"Hou Lian, is he really our sect's old ancestor?"

"Absolutely. He would only return to our sect after travelling for a thousand years. It's not weird that Sect Master is unaware of it!"

"Fine. It doesn't matter what his true ident.i.ty is. He's already our sect's benefactor. Since he claims that he's the old ancestor of our sect, then he truly is.

While Zong Ze was transmitting messages with Hou Lian, the old ancestors from the six sects were fraught with panic due to of  Ning Fan.

Finally, the second best expert in Wei Country who was also Nan Ning Valley's Old Ancestor asked politely, "Your Excellency, may I know what kind of explanation can satisfy you?"

"Immortal Jade."

Ning Fan concealed all his killing intent and let out a smile.

All the old ancestors who survived became speechless upon hearing his offer.

So, this man came to seek wealth.

I see. It's enough to just give him money. If we knew earlier, there would've been no need for Saint Mo to sacrifice himself. Money is such a trivial matter if it's able to exchange our lives! It was such a waste that Mo Xisheng died for such a simple matter. If he knew that he could save himself by just giving immortal jade, he would definitely regret his impulsive action.

"Your Excellency, what is the amount of immortal jade that you want?"

"For Early Gold Core Realm cultivators, it would be twenty thousand per person. Forty thousand for a Mid Gold Core Realm cultivator, eighty thousand for a Late Gold Core Realm cultivator and two-hundred thousand for Old Ancestor-level experts. It isn't too expensive, is it?" Ning Fan asked with a threatening tone.

"What! How dare you blackmail me for two-hundred thousand immortal jade. Do you know what my relationship with Rain Palace is?" Among the old ancestors, the ancestor from Bai Menlou was dissatisfied with the demand. However, Ning Fan's expression turned serious and teleported right in front of him instantly. Ning Fan pressed his finger on him!

Bai Menlou turned pale and immediately activated his Body Refining Technique. His eye sockets became more sunken and his body became as thin as a skeleton but the defense of his body increased to the peak of Eighth Level of Silver Bone! Aside from that, a purple defensive light carrying an evil intent rose around him.

The next moment, that purple defensive light was shattered by Ning Fan's finger. His finger then landed on Bai Menlou's chest. Bai Menlou immediately spurted out blood and suffered serious injuries. He quickly flew backwards and fell heavily on the ground. The first thing he did after getting back up on his feet was not escaping for his life but untying the storage pouch on his waist. Then, he presented it with both of his hands and explained hurriedly as he was fearful that Ning Fan would eliminate him right then and there.

"There are two-hundred thousand immortal jade in this storage pouch. Please stop, Your Excellency! I admit my mistake!"

"Four hundred thousand immortal jade!" Ning Fan replied with an indifferent tone.

"That's a lot. But fine, I understand. I do not have enough immortal jade on me right now. Can I replace the lacking immortal jade with magical treasures?"

"Spirit Vessel Magical Treasures, Third Revolution Pills and Nascent Soul Realm Cultivation Techniques. I don't want any other things! Remember, this is an order. This is not a negotiation. There aren't other choices for the rest of you!"

Li = 500 meters

Zhang = 3.13 meters

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