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Ninth Grade Demonic Intent!

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She couldn't have known, let alone even guess it. However, the only thing that's clear was that she was not a match for Ning Fan!

Therefore, she had no choice but to display her trump card which was given to her by the demon general for the very purpose of fleeing.

She pressed the blood red rune between her eyebrows to activate its power. However, to her horror, she discovered that she lost the ability to use her magic power!

She did not know when a trace of the power of enchantment went into her body. It surprisingly made her to also lose control of her own demonic power!

Apart from sealing her magic power, her body began to feel soft and powerless!

Her expression was filled with shock. Currently, she was aware that Ning Fan had used a bewitching technique on her!

She was actually good at bewitching technique herself. She even used her bewitching technique to captivate female cultivators and plucked them. With her current realm, it was almost impossible for a Mid-Grade Nascent Soul Realm bewitching technique to work on her her. Even so, she had no idea what Ning Fan had casted on her.

In fact, there was only a single reason for her to be in that situation. Ning Fan's bewitching technique was beyond her current level of comprehension!

Yin Plucking Finger!

This technique was one of the secret arts from Ancient Chaos Grand Emperor's cultivation method, Yin Yang Transformation. There were only a few secret arts recorded in the scroll of the cultivation method. However, every one of them could bring upon devastating damage to female cultivators. Apart from that, the power of each technique would increase according to the realm of the cultivation method.

Previously, when Ning Fan was still a Harmonious Spirit Realm cultivator, he did not have much understanding of the method. Even so, he was still able to sneak attack the Nascent Soul Realm female cultivator, Yun Ruowei from Orchid Temple, causing her to suffer. At that time, she even begged for mercy from Ning Fan.

Currently, Ning Fan's magic power had increased by a great deal. His understanding of the cultivation method improved and his technique became even stronger. After beating the female demon, he secretly infused the power of Yin Plucking Finger in his attack. Otherwise, that strike would have been a killing blow to her!

Ning Fan did not intend to kill her. For him, it would be such a waste if he missed the opportunity to make this Nascent Soul Realm female demon his cauldron!

He would need her in order to break through the second realm of Yin Yang Transformation!

When the power of the enchantment technique went into her body, her legs became soft and weak, causing her to lose her balance. She fell on the floor and her face was filled with shame and anger!

"You dare to cast a bewitching technique on me! You're so despicable!"

"Fine. I concede defeat. I will promise to fulfill anything you want if you relieve me of the bewitching effect," said the female demon as if she had already surrendered. Upon hearing those words, Ning Fan just sneered at her, without speaking a single word.

"What are you laughing at!" The female demon shouted with a hint of rage.

Although she could not use her magic power in her current situation, she still had her trump card, the blood-red rune.

In reality, she was just acting to try to deceive Ning Fan. She wanted him to come near her so that she could activate the power of the rune and kill Ning Fan!

However, it turned out differently from her expectation as Ning Fan did not respond to her while sneering at her at the same time. It appeared as if he had already seen through her evil intentions.

"Aren't you going to activate the demonic intent between your eyebrows? Judging from the blood-red colour of the rune, it is a powerful demonic intent. It seems to be not of the common type "Non-Grade Demonic Intent". Is it a Ninth Grade Demonic Intent?"

After hearing Ning Fan's words, the female demon was stupefied for the first time.

Demonic intent! This term has already been lost since ancient times. Other than her who belonged to the ancient demon race, there should not be anyone else who knows about it. How did the little cultivator in front of me know about it?

Aside from that, Ning Fan knew that it was a Ninth Grade Demonic Intent at first glance!

Cultivators possess Divine Intent. Sword cultivators possess Sword Intent and demon cultivators possess Demonic Intent!

There were grades for Divine Intent and Demonic Intent.

Divine Intents that normally originated from inheritance did not have any grades. They could only a.s.sist the cultivators to break through to the Spirit Severing Realm. However, cultivators were unable to cast the divine ability using this type of Divine Intent.

The Ninth Grade Demonic Intent was the Demonic Intent of Carp! It was the Demonic Intent condensed by the demon general who was her companion. In fact, this rune was a method to control her and it was also a divine ability to save her life from danger.

She could borrow some power from the rune, temporarily increasing her magic power. If the rune was fully activated, it could even release a strike on the level of the Spirit Severing Realm.

It would be a fatal blow to Ning Fan.

"You tried to ambush me. Unfortunately, I have already seen through your plan. You have not yet tasted the power of my Yin Plucking Finger. If you are unable to force that power out of your body, it will be more and more terrifying. You have already lost. From today onwards, you will be my cauldron. As for the blood red rune between your eyebrows, it will become my trump card now!"

Ning Fan kept disturbing her state of mind using his words. After that, he shouted with a deep voice, fully activating the power of the Yin Plucking Finger within her female body.

She was in great terror after Ning Fan knew about her Demonic Intent. Hence, her mind was already in a mess. Therefore, she was easily invaded by the bewitching effect of the Yin Plucking Finger. In the end, she even lost the strength to activate her blood-red rune.

"Detestable! Truly detestable! Despicable human! How dare you, this low-level creature make me your cauldron…"

After tasting countless humiliation,she completely became soft and slept on the ground. Even so, Ning Fan did not step down from the air.

His expression became more serious as the blood-red rune activated itself even without a command from her.

A cold b.l.o.o.d.y light came from the rune and transformed into the shadow of a man covered with crimson scales and had red hair. He grabbed the female demon and ran away to flee from the Purple Light Grand Formation.

"Human, you have severely injured one of my twelve concubines. I will make you pay someday!"

"Hmmph! You will not have a chance! I do not fear your shadow. Your Ninth Grade Demonic Intent shadow may be hard to damage using magic power. But I have the Divine Intent!"

Ning Fan's eyes flashed and dark clouds started to form within the deep valley. Droplets of rain were coming down ceaselessly. Apart from that, there was also the glowing light of the moon. It seemed as if the moonlight sprinkled down with the raindrops.

Within the droplets of rain, the shadow of the b.l.o.o.d.y scaled man was terrified. His Demonic Intent shadow was gradually disappearing!

"This is Divine Intent of Rain! It's an Eighth Grade Divine Intent!"

Eighth Grade Divine Intent ranked higher than his Demonic Intent. However, even though both of the intents differed only one rank, the power of the Eight Grade Divine Intent was immeasurably stronger than the Ninth Grade Demonic Intent.

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